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Nike Roshe One Review

  • Nike Roshe One
  • Style: 749422 102
  • Basketball Shoe
  • Glender Women
  • Colour Shown: White

Nike Roshe One Shoe

Nike release the Roshi one to get a unique kick with a lower price point that was both stylish and functional.

The designer Dylan Rash didn't have to worry about meeting performance standards held two running shoes.

So he started by stripping the shoe the court by running shoe quarter support, heel support and some cushioning.

One he removed all unnecessary parts he began sculpting a sneaker centered on the idea of meditation.

The word Roshi is the name given to a zen master. So the Roshi wanted we know it is inspired by the practice of meditation and reflects the tranquility of a zen garden.

This can be seen in the waffle out folder resemble stepping stones or the different widths of the mid soles that represent the serious and playful sides of the belief.

The sneaker had over 15 outsole revisions and over 50 upper changes settling on the silhouette that's been delivered since 2012.

The only technology that rash to use were materials and machines that would make the shoes simpler. Therefore the Roshi eliminates need for rubber molds of the outsole is just a one-piece injection.

The final product is a Roshi one consists of a full mesh upper and injected unit midsole which allows for breathability and lightweight impact protection. The sneaker features a solar soft sock liner that makes the shoe it will be worn with or without socks and offers superb comfort.

If you're looking for a kick with sleek style that can complement nearly any outfit and the Roshe One is the sneaker for you








10 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Roshe One delivers in terms of comfort. Many users attested that it can be worn all day long without hurting the feet.
  • It has a minimalist but very stylish appeal to the general public, which is one of the factors making it one of the most hyped sneakers to date.
  • The overall lightness and materials of the shoe have impressed heaps of users.
  • There were few comments appreciating how the materials used in the shoe allow breathability for the feet.
  • What also makes the Roshe One highly desirable for some buyers is that it is available in many color options, hence providing versatility when it comes to styling.
  • Many users received a lot of compliments whenever they strut their pairs.
  • The shoe looks a lot better in actual, as mentioned by some purchasers. Few even wanted to buy more pairs in different colors.
  • It is a highly-recommended shoe.
  • The Roshe One is an affordable Nike model.
  • Several purchasers were delighted that this Nike model conforms perfectly to the feet.
Official link: Nike Roshe One
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