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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • Order: Blattodea
  • Infraorder: Isoptera
  • Conservation status: Least concern
  • Areal: Tropical Regions
  • Habitat: Forests and areas with high humidity
  • Length: 5 - 12 mm (1/4 to 1/2 an inch)
  • Diet: detritivores:Organic plant matter, Wood, Grass
  • Color: Red, Black, Brown, White
  • Predators: Birds, Reptiles, Mammals
  • Lifespan: 1 - 2 years
  • Reproduction: 1,000 Eggs
termites insect

Termites are a group of social insects included in the order Isoptera. They are widespread in the south of Europe, Asia and South Africa. Very many are in Australia, South America and southern North America. They are present on all continents less antarcticele.

Furnicarele their reach heights up to 15 m, with a diameter of two times the width, thus approaching the size of a human constructions 4-5 floors.

The buildings have termites in tropical regions and the basement, which is deeply 4 to 5 meters. In other regions of the globe grouped their homes, creating whole cities provided with streets and underground passages. These cities are in India for tens of kilometers and lasts for centuries.

Standing inside the house termite maintains a certain temperature, achieved through the construction itself. Lineu said Termes utriusque Indiaâ calamitas summa (ie: Termites are the super divine beat India).

Food Termites

Termites fruit everything that comes your way, but especially like wood. The only wood I can not off is teak, which is extremely hard. In regions not at hand red wood, they attack buildings of any kind. In US exemlu damage termites bring about 150 million dollars a year.

So also in Burma, Mexico, Argentina, Angola etc. It says that in an African village came one evening several trucks, and in the morning, these trucks lacked wooden bodies. Been eaten by termites.

Except the damage they can bring buildings, termites are useful creatures. They made about a permanent hygiene natural forests in tropical regions.

They also fruit trees fallen, rotting wood, leaves and herbs rupte.Nenumaratele galleries and walkways in their locuitele loosen soil, aerate it and help form the fertile soils.

In Africa and Indonesia, termite eating is part of the lifestyle of people. Termites gather at the beginning of the rainy season, when the other protein sources are low and consume little fried.

What then is why termites invade human settlements? People moved habitats termites and alienated most of plant resources used by them. To live, termites need to eat and they usually feed on dead plants. If they are taken, termites eat wood constructions created by man, such as houses and barns.

Features Termites

Termites are divided into workers, soldiers and fertile individuals. It is the body of the white, 10 mm in length. Eyes are reduced or absent. Individuals who participate in breeding have brown body and two pairs of wings.

They boring galleries beneath the ground, the 'dark until the walls of houses or storerooms, here descends straight down to the ground beyond, from passing under the ground, and then went up right inside the wall.

Acolyte 'have embraced ne'nfranta aupra forth place. Some pounce on wood building, the furniture and supplies of any kind; other fruit and boring ever before; attack the ceilings and the floors above the roof to get to it and the fruit guy.

But working with a lot of unbiased mind, not somehow give light, and carefully observe the objects surface appeal, settling it to hollow them. If instead they feel good, it remained there still fairly sacked, without leaven plaster dust or debris earth and their drooling, and gradually replace parts that destroy wood.

They have seen, from their posts in the entire wood changed so concrete columns. When you no longer like the place because I have exhausted, then do not even bother with the trainer; work of destruction starts with such rapidity that in seven to eight weeks, a great European house is the foundation coptorosita pana'n top; then a village of poor black Africans in and no time to do lots dust; no trace of Bordeiu no longer sees.

As was seen in Rochefort, in one night, termites surged through a table leg, d'sitting on suitcase engineer, have scooped up my leg went through the tabletop, from the bottom of the suitcase inside where gnawed all; So the next day he was not found piece of clothing or garment neciuruit. And poor paperwork and plans engineer, and cerusele lead and all, all disappeared without a trace.

Toughest wood can not resist termite attack. Chancelleries scale prefecture, was a thick oak beam Vechiu; prevented a sliding scale, to give prop in hand and get half his arm in the beam in a gun that brambles. Immediately he researched and scraped beam into several parts and saw there was only one left over in front skim the sheet of paper.

What people have not tried, to eradicate that kind of gas cursed! ... Finally, after many trials and studies scholar Quatrefages said that if they would give him the cure. Following his experiences proved that touch of pure chloride gas, termites currently fall crazy; Then one volume of the mixed air and the tenth part of that gas across a choked die half an hour.

Termites are able to build the highest building in the world living in relation to their own size and weight. A group of these insects, each having no more than 10 centimeters in length, can build a tower, with a diameter of 7.5 meters and 12 meters. Such a tower can weigh hundreds of tons of thousands of times more than the weight of each insect has worked to build it.

But what we see is only the surface of the iceberg seen. Architectural masterpieces of termites are underground, sometimes to depths of 70 meters and extend galleries tortuous, sometimes kilometric lengths are difficult to measure.

It seems like a surreal sculpture. Galleries are at the upper levels. "Ground" is built solid construction for weight not crush him. A principle which, to us, is learned in college.

Central African Republic, the termite prepared a traditional remedy that has bactericidal properties. Australian Aborigines know and medicinal virtues of these insects. They prepare ointments of termites that stop bleeding wounds and scars. The liquors prepared from the thermal fight infections.

Inside termitierei there is a complicated maze of rooms and tunnels. This bustling metropolis is equipped with an effective drainage, ventilation and even air conditioning. The hot air escapes through the top of termitierei using ventilation windows. Fresh air enters through the bottom. Additional cooling is done through a simple vaporization: termites sprayed with water spitting on her walls.

As the water evaporates, it cools the air, ensuring ventilation. Thus, dwelling termites remains pleasant temperature of 30 degrees C for 24 hours in 24. Some termitiere host a productive community or colony count of five million residents. Far from being chaotic, it is an example of the efficiency of the colony.

Reproduction Termites

The royal room, completely immersed in darkness, living breeders: king and queen. Regina is huge compared to the tiny partner.

Her abdomen full of eggs is extraordinary proof of her reproductive capacity. An estimated 30 000 daily may deposit eggs. No wonder some have called the queen "an automatic machine of deposited eggs."

However, the royal couple did not enjoy too much intimacy, as it is served by a team of working termites. They surround the queen, her concern for the immediate needs and supplying it with food.

As eggs are deposited Worker transporting them between their jaws to camera-incubator.

Did you know that:

Termites are one of the hottest architects in the world, their construction being studied as models for future cities in the world.

There are 2,300 species of termites worldwide. Some attack certain types of wood, others do not eat wood.

Termites maintain ecological balance, playing an important role in maintaining the health of rainforests. Help yields, due to the digging tunnels that help oxygen and nitrogen fixation in soil.

Even if they live on all continents except the polar regions, yet we know very little about them.

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