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1. Origin

Greyhound Whippet is a pure-blood with low body profile line purity and elegance and an enthusiastic hunter. This breed originated in northern England, was originally a hunting dog efficient, fast and persevering for small game.

When the first copies actually occurred is not yet well established in history, but dogs very similar profile are found in mosaics and frescoes dating from the Romanian. The first written record of the word "whippet" in relation to a breed was registered in 1610.

The name comes from English. The verb "to whip" means "go faster", "making moves chili", "move in the chase". There are two paintings of painter Jean Baptiste Oudry (1688-1755) in which you play a dog matching the actual specimens Whippet (hosted by the National Gallery in Washington and the National Museum of Fontainbleu).

Whippet inherited race on the one hand elegant movements and speed of reaction from Greyhound (they resemble and, just as significantly different waist), and on the other hand liveliness and tenacity ancestors Terrier breed.

In the nineteenth century the breed is distinctly stabilized and is very popular in speed races. In fact racing greyhounds were the most popular sporting event in the British Isles at that time, long before football fever to be felt. The miners in the North of England cherished dogs easy to maintain and affectionate, from which income realized significant times when their favorites win a race.

Greyhounds Whippet racing is traditionally a distance of 300 meters, as opposed to "summer" their larger Greyhounds Greyhound, whose sample measuring 900 meters. A nickname often used in those times addressed race Whippet was "horse racing to the poor". English Kennel Club Recognition Association was made official in 1891, since then race being accepted and thus promoting gender competition series specimens pedigree.

Recognition by the American Kennel Club has occurred even earlier, in 1888 (PH dog fancier Jack Dempsey belonging Hoffmann, Philadelphia). Qualities admirable hunting dog (rabbits, foxes, gophers), amazing speed, intelligence, sociability and attachment people have caused this animal to be very popular and preferred as companion.

A pleasant appearance is that greyhound Whippet behave very well in tandem with other canine (of the same race or of different breeds). Currently specimens of the breed Whippet are still used widely broadcast by hounds, they are effective in the role of watchdog, competing with tremendous success in the speed races but are both highly valued as pets. In other words are dogs with a wide range of expression and their popularity remains at very high levels, currently being spread almost all over.

2. Food Whippet

In this chapter it is clear that dry food of the highest quality, according to size, age and activity level, or home-cooked food.

Remember, breed Whippet is good for dry food to be dipped in a little water before being offered to avoid dangerous phenomenon of gastric torsion. Home-cooked food is, in many respects, healthier and easier to "balanced" the needs of the moment the dog, its formula can be shaped appropriately (content of vitamins, proteins, fats).

In addition to preparing food at home you will definitely use of fresh ingredients, with certain sources and you will avoid the presence of preservatives. Occasionally, when "wet look" intensely theatrical that "burn" in your dog's eyes can no longer be ignored Whippet (and we know that this may happen with high frequency) can offer them table scraps from the family.

It's about small amounts of red meat, chicken, eggs, cheese or boiled rice with vegetables. To not form a "professional beggar", this supplement provide always put in bowl of food after you have finished eating, not directly on the table.

Boiled bones. It's hard to resist in the face of big eyes moist Whippet, agreed. But it's even harder to look convulsions, suffering and agony. Remember that by boiling the bones become fragile, brittle, will break into the chewing and biting sharp in chips. The risk of perforation of the stomach and / or intestines is huge. No sentimental and you will give up your dog away from a major danger.

Attention to mejaner trash. Disgusting smell exhaled household garbage waiting to be evacuated sanitation services or bags with various debris that have not yet reached these bins is absolutely intoxicating for a Whippet. In England Whippet has a less honorable nickname for this custom, "Whipper scavenger". You Gotta monitored closely to correct or prevent (the case) such unhealthy manners. And this will further enhance domestic skills.

Chocolate. Here not only Whippet "sins" Valid for almost all breeds, chocolate is poisonous to dogs food. Note that this sweet dessert very appreciated by us humans, was used in the southern United States to exterminate "mild" to coyotes.

We recommend you to be selfish and regardless of the pressure put by the lovable Whippet, keep chocolate just for you. In the particular case of these dogs very lean, no fat-and potentially very low of accumulate over time because of the level of internal combustion (have a digestive process quickly, specifically dogs athletic vitezisti), even very small amounts of chocolate ( or other harmful foods and substances) take effect very quickly. Symptoms of poisoning harmful substances (for dogs) contained chocolate will manifest very strong and can get them life threatening.

3. Description Whippet

Whippet dog presents a good combination balance of motion, muscle strength and elegance exterior forms. Whippet race has always been appreciated for speed movements, focusing on objectives and power of work. At all the shows canine exhibitions and harmony of forms Whippet dogs is considered to be special. The English say about this dog that would "head of the snake, swan neck, back over, paw cat and rat tail".

His body is arched at the bottom, but without creating the impression of being brought back. The hair is short, can have any combination of colors in white, black, brown. Whippet site has a long neck, elegantly arched. The chest is deep, with a well-defined depth, and the back is robust. Long thin tail is carried arched between the legs at rest.

Whippet is uncaine midsize with moderate shedding. It has a height of 44 to 51cm and weight of 11-18kg. The colors most common are any model in combination with white.

In the 70s, an authorized American AKC breeder, Walter A. Wheeler Jr., made public its success in promoting a new breed actually developed a variety of specimens Whippet longer and wavy fur. The dogs, named longhaired Whippet, have the same physical characteristics as the standard race, with the only difference that fur is long, silky and slightly wavy, modifying them look easy.

Wheeler argued (and continue to do) that managed to "reactivate" a gene recessive genetic pattern existing in the race Whippet, responsible for longer hair and curly. His statement has found faster opponents.

They accused him that, in fact, longhaired Whippet specimens were obtained by crossbreeding with dogs of breeds Barzoi and Shetland Sheepdog. The dispute continues today, but to note is that, in principle, can be considered a longhaired Whippet Whippet variety, which shares all the defining traits of the breed, except length hair.

4. Behavior Whippet

Whippet breed dogs denotes a natural attachment to people and feel great in their immediate vicinity. Indoor dogs are very good, a little noisy, clean, loving and obedient.

Tenderness they put forth these animals is often highlighted by connoisseurs race and, even if he prefers independent thinking (especially females) breed dogs Whippet exhibit kindness is happy to spend most of their time lounging on the couch or on the floor of lobby.

On the other hand there is more eager than a Whippet companion for exercise including jogging in particular. This dog is smart and patient and be friendly even to strangers, that will signal only.

If you will be encouraged to bark will do with ease (sometimes emits a thin scream, jerky), but this attitude can be controlled and modified. Are sociable with other dogs, instead small animals will not escape rabbits, guinea pigs or cats will definitely know their hunting instinct.

5. Training Whippet

Charming and gracious Whippet dog is a wonderful companion, beyond bias. Inside the house will not occur noisy and will prove a calm behavior. Whippet owners notes that are almost as elegant and pretentious like cats. He prefers to stay close to the owners and to be involved in all major actions that take place in the family.

Will not react well if they will be isolated from family and many suffer from separation anxiety copies. As outlined in the article about the health of the breed, Whippet dogs are hardy and robust, beyond the fragility and delicacy silhouette. And even if sometimes a shiver passing them body graceful, courageous and volunteers are like animals. As it is normal for a hunting dog. A Whippet will face challenges with bravery what will be addressed by other dogs and will hunt ruthless cats and other small animals.

So pay attention to this kind of behavior. In cats "resident" family, if you receive early socialization, will learn to live together with them and will be permitted in the presence of other dogs belonging to the family, especially those of his race.

It all depends, I say, early socialization and general attitude of the owner who has to make differences in affection shown for each dog. Whippet dogs interact better with children ages medium that lends itself to games not too hard and not be bothered and teased supports permanent. Especially in the puppy stage must be protected and "handled" carefully.

Around strangers dogs are pretty book. They will signal the presence and we will study carefully intentions and behavior. But if family permission will notice and will receive attention and sympathy, will become fast friends.

Because of their very strong instinct to hunt small animals that move across its visual, you must be very careful when you let go in the garden. High fences are necessary, because they are capable of spectacular jumps thanks to long leg and thigh muscles.

It is also well to keep them under observation and temeperati, because they devote so intense that act hunters injure themselves in an attempt to overcome some obstacles. Also to prevent situations where they can find "moving targets" should not be moving in public places, in open land in crowded etc. without the leash with you. Such a dog can be lost easily.

A Whippet will be happy and idle dozing on a couch in the house during the day, but for maintaining good mental state and physical form must perform maintenance walks and exercises to develop your dynamic with him 2-3 times day. A safe space in which to be able to run free is ideal for dogs, and a few visits a week in such a place would be a wonderful opportunity for them, from all points of view.

Games like catching a ball or disc (Frisbee), sports agility, flyball, overcoming obstacles, sprint races will highlight the outstanding capabilities and will keep them mentally stimulated the benefit of all. Beyond the particular aspect that you dressage interior that reveals a level better response in females than in males (which may be more stubborn even picky), education of this dog is not difficult. Everything is based on the intensity of an established relationship with the dog owner and the debut early in training.

A Whippet will be able to acquire numerous commands and perform training exercises with high levels of difficulty. Also attending this race with a very high success rate in competitions that focus on obedience training. Trainer and owner must take into account breaks recovery after exercise and of course effective ways of rewarding and recognizing accomplishments for the Whippet is a breed sensitive and sentimental.

Harsh methods, which involve Jarring, physical assault or reproaches made the tough tone will only contraefecte, making dogs become nervous and insecure. Such behaviors are totally against, because they erode the basis for the affection and trust existing between master (instructor) and animal and it is, in fact, the key to success in dressage breed dogs Whippet.

6. Characteristics Whippet

They are generally healthy animals without many specific diseases and more resistant than foresee the elegant silhouette and delicate.

The amazing thing is that even though dogs are very dynamic, willing to effort and "subscribers" virtually racing running, are not threatened by hip dysplasia or the shoulder.

The most important element that must be considered is that the breed Whippet is a breed inside. These dogs can not resist in good condition if they are kept in pens outside, exposed to weather and cold season.

7. Health Whippet

Cryptorchidism It is manifested by the absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum (these organs do not descend into the "bag"). It is a common disease among this breed. Most often defect may be noticed at birth, especially the pups born prematurely. Statistics reveal that approximately 3% of the time Level Breeding dogs and up to 30% of those born prematurely are affected by mono or bilateral cryptorchidism in shape.

However about 80% of copies diagnosed with the disease at birth will record a recovery process in the first 3 months of life, making the true incidence of the disease to be less than 1%. Rarely, the disease manifests itself in young dogs, meaning the withdrawal of a testicle in the abdominal cavity. The disease is associated with reduced fertility of males affected, but the risk of torque producing seminal channels and inguinal hernia. The cases can be stabilized, in many cases, surgical correction.

Heart disease Heart Whippet dog breed is large and somewhat lower pace of activity. Often may record arrhythmic or intermittent operation when the dog is resting. They should not be considered red flags for owners of such dogs that are normal aspects. Heart rhythm exercise these dogs normal beat.

But on the other hand, the real heart disease can endanger health and even life purebred dogs Whippet. Canine Association in the UK Kennel Club has published statistics according to which heart disease is the second major cause of mortality in the race Whippet. Experts have not clearly established whether the size and pace of change operation is unique due to asthma and heart disease, but, generally, they are grouped under the name "athletic heart syndrome" (bradycardia athlete).

As is normally the case reported and in human subjects, the heart of an athlete involved in intensive training and competitions demanding (and here fits dogs Whippet) pumped additional quantities of blood brisk pace to prevent oxygen decrease in skeletal muscle .

This leads, in time, to change the overall volume of the heart (especially the left ventricle), they enlarge it, as a natural adaptation. Amid increasing the overall volume of the heart coupled with a natural thickening of the walls Chambers, the imbalance of functioning between the left ventricle and the other rooms, there is an arrhythmia distinct and, in time, the age at which exercise lessen, can produce complications and trigger heart disease.

The myostatin mutation Gene responsible for producing the substance called myostatin was discovered in 1997 by geneticists Alexandra McPherron and Se-Jin Lee during experiments conducted on mice. Myostatin, in principle, is a protein that controls muscle development. A study completed in 2007 identified a mutation of this gene specific to breed dogs Whippet. There are two such genes in dogs body.

The mutation results in the inactive myostatin protein, the body's muscles no longer "control" // development processes. Individuals with one copy of this mutation are capable of athletic performance above average, while those with two copies recorded a spectacular muscular development, far beyond the standard layout of the race, without it affecting their temper.

Affected dogs (called Bully Whippet) shows a head wider, more pronounced snout, feet and tail shorter, thicker, is also smaller. Also, the body's muscles appear much crisper. This mutation was not registered to other breeds or to those characterized by pronounced muscle mass, such as Boxer and Mastiff, even the nearest relative of race Whippet, Greyhound Greyhounds. As a curiosity, the mutation has been reported in cattle and even humans.

Other diseases with reduced incidence

Barbiturates intolerance Like other breeds greyhounds and dogs Whippet have lowered resistance to anesthetics. This is a feature justified by the low concentration of fats present in their bodies, which leads to the inability of the liver to metabolize compounds of these substances effectively. It is good to know that dogs react strongly and insecticides, so you give more attention to this issue, in order to protect their contact with such substances.

eye diseases Without recording a frequency too high, most often detected cataracts.

skin affections Alopecia (hair loss progressive on certain areas of the body, inherited condition, it seems, the Italian Greyhound, which is a specific disease), ectodermal disorder (copies are born hairless). Diseases in this category are usually incurable and have a wide range of triggers.

8. Pictures Whippet

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