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1. Origin

Wetterhoun is a breed native Dutch. It was developed by breeders in the province of Friesland at least 400 years ago. Now the breed is rarely seen outside the Netherlands.

It can be found under the names: Frisian Water Spaniel Dog or olandese.

2. Food Wetterhoun

Wetterhoun a dog is not picky, but may have some allergies to certain foods that appear on the skin.

For him to be healthy diet must contain all of the nutrients that it needs.

Whether you give home-cooked meals or packaged food is good portions are divided in 2-3 meals. Pay attention to the amount of food that may tend to obesity.

Apart from dog food needs fresh water to discretion in order to serve when thirsty.

3. Description Wetterhoun

It is a medium sized dog, solid without being heavy. It has a strong head in proportion with the body, the skull is slightly domed, more wide than long, strong nose, straight nose, black or brown.

The eyes are medium sized, oval, slightly oblique, dark hazel or dark. Medium length ears are wide, left near the head with hair long and curly at the base, and short of everything from ear tip. The tail is curled spiral curved above the thigh.

The coat is made of curly, oily, dense, thick. Per coat is short and smooth. Can be completely black, brown, black and white, brown and white and tricolor.

4. Behavior Wetterhoun

It is an intelligent, brave, curious, want to know and see everything, sensitive, alert, friendly acquaintances, somewhat independent.

It is obedient and devoted to its master, loving and patient with children if you do not bother, vigilant and cautious with strangers. Accept other dogs and other animals in the household.

Dogs of this breed need a lot of physical activity. The ideal situation for these dogs is to ensue access to a large area where they can run free, they will defend with power and cleaned of pests.

There tend to leave the area because the breed has no instinct to wander from place to place.

5. Training Wetterhoun

Dogs of this breed are indicated for beginners.

Dogs are intelligent and learns quickly, but independent enough to refuse orders.

A consistent approach, but friendly, is absolutely essential. Depending on each dog in hand, corrective action may be appropriate.

6. Characteristics Wetterhoun

This dog is weather resistant and feels best outdoors in a fenced yard where it can move freely and they will defend with pleasure.

Difficult to accommodate in an apartment. It is a dog who likes to have occupation, to move, to run, to swim.

7. Health Wetterhoun

Wetterhoun is known as a healthy dog ​​who suffers from health problems.

But as any dog ​​can occur while following diseases: hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (knee dislocation), progressive retinal atrophy, skin allergies, digestive problems.

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