Weimaraner dog breed

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  • Country: Germany
  • Group: Sporting
  • Weight: Male: 30-40 kg Females: 25-35 kg
  • Height: Males: 62-67 cm Females: 59-63 cm
  • Colors: silver, silver-gray
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: needs exercise
  • Temperament: alert, energetic, stubborn, intelligent
  • Health: resistant to diseases
  • Litter size: 6 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 14 years
  • Other names: Weimaraner Vorstehhund, Grey Ghost, Gray Ghost, WeimWeimer Pointer, Weimaraner dog

Weimaraner dog

This breed was created at the court of Duke of Weimar KA around 1810 by German shorthaired Brac mating with Bloodhound and French greyhounds.

At first it was grown and used in Germany only the nobility but later spread throughout Germany after 1930 and in the US.

Initially, these dogs were used to hunt large animals (bears, boars, deer) in the major parties attended by representatives of the German nobility.

As the hunting has depleted Weimaraner dog has been "reinvented" for hunting small animals (rabbits, badgers, foxes) and especially wild birds. It is an excellent assistant for hunting birds on any terrain (pool, camp thicket) used pointer and input.

Food Weimaraner

Dogs of this breed are not big eaters, nor raise issues regarding the chosen menu so that she can feed and what to eat your meal.

Although not eat very much, in cold winter days it is not a bad idea to supplement intake of solid food he gets, because it helps to go better over a time of year that does not love particularly.

Description Weimaraner

It is a large dog, muscular, powerful, robust. Head is medium length, snout nose and skull equal skin color (gray or brown).

The eyes are medium sized, oval, distance and gray or brown. The ears are set high, long and wide, round tips.

The tail is cut short and worn high, nearly vertical. The coat can be shorter or longer (there are two varieties) and have silver-gray or brown.

Short hair is fine, thick and well attached to the body. Long hair (more rare) is silky and slightly wavy, velvety ears and longer on the neck and chest.

A Weinmaraner can reach 69 cm tall and 27 kg, but there are copies that can overcome these odds sensitive, although they fall into the category of exceptions.

The variety with short hair brushing occasionally with a rubber brush is enough. The variety with long hair brushing and comb should be done regularly.

Behavior Weimaraner

It's a dog with a high level of activity that likes to do more exercise and have permanent occupation.

Active and is recommended for people who can make time for the dog.

Has ambitions for canine sports, loves to swim, to run into open space to fetch, to make long rides.

And it can be kept in an apartment if there are conditions for it is a large dog and if you do need daily exercise we physically and mentally, but it feels better in a fenced yard where it can move freely. It needs socialization and training.

Training Weimaraner

To ensure peace in the house, Weimaraner site must be removed daily long walks, which exceed two hours.

In cauzl in which they make these hours will be unhappy, and will turn inside the house, in very destructive beasts.

They love to swim and bring things thrown your back, so these two activities should not be overlooked when making plans for them.

Their training should start early, to make sure that the house will not have a dog chewing, digging and run all day, trends that are likely if you do not really care for them.

Characteristics Weimaraner

It is an intelligent, energetic, hardworking, friendly, with a great physical endurance, watchful, sometimes stubborn. It is obedient and devoted master, protector and friendly with the children, watchful and cautious with strangers. Socialized with other dogs and other small animals will not have problems.

A good hunting dog on any terrain (land or water) for any game. It is a good steward of the house and a pleasant companion.

Lifespan is 9-15 years, 12-13 years being the average existence and birth a Weimaraner can give birth to six or seven puppies.

Health Weimaraner

Cana comes to frequent illness Weimaraner their owner is away to create problems.

It, however, two problems facing most often: ear infections, which contracted slightly, and problems that occur sometimes with spine problems that make them bend and look coconut as the spinal nerve is pressed column.

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