Greater Swiss Mountain dog breed

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  • Country: Switzerland
  • Group: Shepherd and Cattle
  • Weight: Male: 60-70 kg Females: 50-60 kg
  • Height: Males: 65-72 cm Females: 60-68 cm
  • Colors: tricolor (black-brown)
  • Training: Medium
  • Grooming: needs daily movement
  • Temperament: devoted, protective, alert, fearless
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 5 - 20 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 11 years
  • Other names: Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Large Swiss Mountain Dog, Great Swiss Cattle Dog, Bouvier Suisse

Greater Swiss Mountain dog

It is thought that this breed is the oldest breed created by crossing local Swiss mastiff dogs Romans. The breed might be an ancestor of St. Bernard.

It was used as a guard and versatile traction cainc farmers and merchants, but their numbers declined after the invention of the automobile. It was used as a military dog ​​during the Second World War, but afterwards was almost extinct.

It is also found under the names: Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog or Berner Sennenhund (in German).

Food Swiss Mountain dog

Each owner has the right to choose what kind of food to feed their own animals. About this there is information on the quantity and quality of food we have to receive it.

Swiss Cattle Dog is a large dog that is prone to bloating and stomach torsion up to 8% of the race.

Your dog will eat, hunger, and cheap food and possibly as soon not get hurt anything, but in time this will cost much more when you have to go with him to the veterinarian that will cut receipts much higher than a bag of food quality.

There have been very few researches and brands of pet food stores meet the requirements of dogs in terms of nutrition.

Do not forget that you can feed your dog with homemade food as long as you know what and how much to offer. Like most dogs can be prone to obesity if you gobble easily. Instead of fresh water and I did not have to miss. Like the rest of the herd Shepherd dogs or Swiss chocolate is allowed, which is almost like a poison for him, and no similar products.

Description Swiss Mountain dog

It is a large dog, rather long than tall, strong, solid. It has a head proportional to the body, wide, flat skull with a wide muzzle, powerful.

The eyes are oval, dark brown. The ears are medium sized, set high, triughiulare and left.

The tail is high, long a gate and little left to stand Wholesale top back on alert. The coat is double with a first thick, short, woolly and an outer layer often, short, coarse, black with white spots and rust.

The height at the withers is 65-72 cm for males and 60-68 cm for females.

Behavior Swiss Mountain dog

This dog is intelligent, friendly, eager to work, careful, reliable, which is not easily fooled by "bribery" and has a protective character.

Other good points are that his dog is balanced, sociable and obedient. These dogs barking only when necessary.

This race means well with other dogs and other animals in the house.

Under your care can become a great companion for children, but remember that you will protect children from their friends if they believe they do not let alone.

They are in excellent watchdogs that will protect your family and property.

Training Swiss Mountain dog

Although this breed attaches to the family to which it belongs, dogs are not suitable for everyone. Swiss Shepherd large and has a very strong character needs an owner with a character at least as.

Must have the chance to grow into a well-balanced, clearly understand what is allowed and what is not, and be able to attach family. Make sure that you are consistent in his approach.

A severe approach will only destroy the character of the dog. In the growth phase supervisor it and you control it carefully so that energy is focused on developing harmonious.

For the same reason you do not make dog food economy.

Characteristics Swiss Mountain dog

It is a dog who likes weatherproof outdoor life with the opportunity to do more exercise, to always be busy with an active master and experienced in raising dogs. It needs socialization and training.

It is an excellent guardian of herds, farms and homes, a good dog operating a devoted and pleasant companion dog. It can be used by police and army to take ago.

The coat does not require too much care. Brushing occasionally with a rubber glove to collect dead hairs is enough.

Health Swiss Mountain dog

Given that it is a large dog we could say, in general, it is a little dog with health problems.

Next we will enumerate the most common health problems: epilepsy, gastric dilation and torsion, elbow and shoulder dislocation.

Average life expectancy is 10-11 years.

Pictures Swiss Mountain dog


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