Spanish water dog breed

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  • Country: Spain
  • Group: Shepherd and Cattle
  • Weight: Males: 18-22 kg Females: 14-18 kg
  • Height: Males: 42-52 cm Females: 38-48 cm
  • Colors: white, black, brown and white, brown, black and white
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: agile, loyal, intelligent, active
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 4 - 6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 14 years
  • Other names: Perro de Agua Espanol, Turco Andaluz, Turkish Dog Spanish Water Dog, Perro of Lanas, Patero Perro, Perro Rizado, Churro

Spanish water dog

Spanish water dog is an ancient breed of dog. Currently there are several theories about its origins, the exact origin is unknown. One theory says that Turkish merchants brought the dog in southern Iberian peninsulii. Another theory says that the animal has North African origins.

The breed has been known by various names: Perro de Agua, Perro Turco, Laneto, Perro of Lanas, Patero Perro, Perro Rizado, Churro, painters, Spanish Water Dog and most recently Perro de Agua Espanol.

In Spain water dogs were used mainly for flocks of sheep and goats. As time has spread across the country and was used to catching and bringing waterfowl hunting and game trails.

Fishermen in the north of Spain Bicol chose dogs because they were easier to see in the water, and farmers preferred specimens black or dark (brown) observed them easier for the field.

Currently contemporary are used in various activities such as searching various objects, detecting bombs, herded cattle, etc.

Food Spanish water dog

The dog has 70% body consists of water. Fasting pretty much lose weight but if losing only 1/10 of the amount of water does not survives.

For a healthy diet is recommended as a water dog to be changed frequently so that he can benefit from the fresh water when thirsty. Water helps digestion, helps maintain body temperature, is converted into energy, etc.

About solid foods are not big secrets. The dog can be used both on home-cooked meals and the food bought (dry, canned, envelopes, etc). What is not allowed and must be closely is chocolate and sweets like ice cream, toffee, to

Eat a balanced diet that some individuals tend to become over weight (fat, obese).

Description Spanish water dog

It is medium sized, athletic, robust, is slightly longer than tall. The head is strong and wear with elegance. The skull is flat and the top is parallel to the top of the muzzle.

Nose, eyes and claws from the paws are the same color as the darker side of fur or color and darker. The eyes are expressive and place pretty much out.

They color brown, light brown or dark brown, depending on coat color. Ears are set at medium height on the skull, and are triangular. They created a coat with woolly texture that can form cords when long.

The coat can have a variety of colors: black, brown, beige, white or bicolor can be second is where the color white (brown and white or black and white).

The male weighs 16-20 kg and has a height at the withers between 41-50 cm, and females 12-16 kg and 38-45 cm.

Behavior Spanish water dog

Spanish water dog is a dog highly intelligent and well balanced. It is an excellent companion, family dedicated, caring and happy, showing strength and endurance in what is required.

Although animals are not suitable for family leave it unattended with small children. Dogs are highly intelligent and have to be in shape as always to have something to do.

They are used for search and rescue persons, bomb detection, drug detection and similar powders in water sports, in flocks, therapies, competitions, etc.

Training Spanish water dog

Spanish water dog is a dog highly intelligent, well-balanced, versatile and powerful. It is an excellent pet, dedicated to family, attentive, showing both strength and agility excellent work.

It is easy to train, easily fulfills its duties, competence and demniate. It is reserved with strangers but do not show shyness.

It is a medium sized animal that should be trained and taught other animals and people at a relatively young age. Make sure that you are leading the pack, just so you could make a dog trained and to listen.

Although it is a docile, intelligent dog should not be left alone with children (like any other dog for that matter).

After they confirmed were sent work teams, if necessary, in Turkey, Colombia and Mexico to detect people missing after earthquakes.

Characteristics Spanish water dog

They are used as sheepdogs (sheep, goats, cows, pigs, horses). Despite what the average size they are very shrewd and productive: one is able to drive a herd of 500 goats and sheep.Search and rescue work in disaster due smell fine that you possess At sea, going from one end to another in the boat, as it would be on land.Mining - for fired coaches, Watch dogs, Pet dogs - are ideal.

Require minimal care, it should not be brushed again.Requires a haircut a year, maximum two.

If a person tells you that needs to be trimmed often means that the person is a barber.

Health Spanish water dog

Life expectancy of the breed is about 14 years. Diseases common: Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, Addison's disease, pancreatic insufficiency, Allergies, Cataracts.

Average life expectancy is 10-14 years.

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