Spanish greyhound dog breed

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  • Country: Spain
  • Group: Greyhounds
  • Weight: 20 - 30 kg
  • Height: 60-70 cm
  • Colors: many (brindle, black, gold, yellow, white, red, etc.)
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: intelligent, inquisitive, playful, alert
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 6 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Spanish Greyhound dog, Galgo Espanol

Spanish greyhound dog

Greyhounds This breed is descended from Asians like Slough, brought from Spain by the Moors. By interbreeding with indigenous hunting dogs appeared this hound used for hunting rabbits.

Later breed was improved by repeated selections and the intake of blood from Greyhound greyhound, yielding a dog with performances in racing jogging. It was a favorite of Spanish and kings used to hunt in packs.

Food Spanish Greyhound

Spanish greyhound meals are important as for any other dog. A healthy diet and activity seen in the dog's coat. Proteins that the pet needs daily meat can be taken, but it is not the only source of protein. It is best to avoid sweets and foods as sweet or very sweet dog does not make good health. Under no circumstances do not give your chocolate. Many agree that chocolate is poison for dogs.

There is a Greyhound picky, so can be fed dry food or canned and cooked food in the house.

Description Spanish Greyhound

The standard of the breed has elongated head, solid skeleton, deep chest and the back of very muscular body. The head has stop very smoothly, narrow skull between the ears, strong jaws and long, fine lips, teeth strong, scissor bite.

The eyes are large, dark, with piercing eyes and intelligence. Ears are pretty thin, inserted into the top of the head, they look fine, are directed sit back and hang half.

The neck is delicate, seems right, is long and slightly flat. The thorax is deep, if viewed from the front seems very broad and roomy enough length to the last ribs. Loin is muscular and vigorous, less prominent and tight.

The ribs are quite prominent, loins are slightly arched and countries, belly fat is high and missed.

Forelegs are straight, long, muscled and parallel. Shoulders are oblique, hair elbows released, paws are tight, little round and elongated fingers tight, slightly arched and rounded. The soles are hard and thick, which makes it easy to hit and not withstanding any terrain.

Hind legs are very muscular in the upper thighs are wide and long, well muscled labeled under the skin. The tail is long and thin, sharp tip is when the dog is at rest, is crooked down. The hair is fine and quite short, some specimens shows seem harsh.

Hair color vary widely, can be brown, rust, black, reddish, white or combinations of these colors. The male has the size of 65 cm and weight of 25-30 kg, and the female has a waist of 60 cm and weight of 20-25 kg.

Behavior Spanish Greyhound

It is an intelligent, inquisitive, playful, sensitive, alert.

It is affectionate and devoted to family, caring and protective of children, cautious and aloof with strangers.

Gets along with other dogs, even he likes to play with some, but strong hunting instinct urges him to hunt everything runs, and is therefore not reliable in a home with cats.

Training Spanish Greyhound

This dog is very obedient and learns quickly what is required and is therefore not difficult to train. Just ignore commands you put your eyes on prey.

It is used for hunting small animals or large racing or dog as a pet.

The coat does not require too much care. An occasional brushing is enough. It will keep the ears clean.

Characteristics Spanish Greyhound

Is a dog that adapts to current conditions offered, but the best feels free in a fenced yard where it can move freely.

I like long walks, running, jogging along a bike. Should avoid the company of cats or other small animals because it tends to hunt everything that moves quickly.

It is not recommended to be worn in public places without a leash. It needs a socialization and proper training.

Health Spanish Greyhound

Like many Spanish greyhound dogs have a relatively healthy life, but are sensitive to anesthesia.

He has gone to the vet regularly, even annually for inspection.

Although a fairly large sized Greyhound is a dog of work and few kg to them helps them to suffer from hip dysplasia.

Pictures Spanish Greyhound


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