Sloughi dog breed

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  • Country: North Africa
  • Group: Hunting
  • Weight: Male: 22-28 kg Females: 18-23 kg
  • Height: Males: 66-72 cm Females: 61-68 cm
  • Colors: black, cream, brindle, gray
  • Training: with patience and perseverance
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: Alert, faithful, intelligent, sensitive
  • Health: healthy and robust
  • Litter size: 4 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 16 years
  • Other names: Sloughi dog

Sloughi dog

It comes from North Africa and it is considered a descendant of Egyptian greyhound Aboker that existed in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Berbere is the dog population in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, the Bedouins who use animals for hunting small and medium enterprises.

Compared with other dogs that are viewed by Arabs as "impure", this dog is the animal they most noble and most precious being loved and cared for very carefully.

In Europe penetrated only the middle of the twentieth century, but it is not too prevalent.

Food Sloughi

As with other greyhounds any Arab greyhound is no exception. It does not require much food, but it must be rich in terms of nutrition.

A healthy diet is important for greyhounds in general. Most owners and breeders know that owning a dog picky and choosy.

It is not easy to lay down a greyhound diet, but when you did this you got rid of an important issue. Like the rest of the animal is preferred animals to be fed 2-3 times a day instead of one big meal.

Description Sloughi

It is a large dog, muscular, slim, elegant, vigorous, has long head, flat skull, wider between the ears, slightly marked stop, long snout, tapered nose black or dark brown.

The eyes are oval, medium and dark. The ears are triangular, slightly rounded at the top, not too big, left near the head. It has a long neck and strong.

The tail is long, thin, tapered, arched at the top, one you left at rest or moving higher.

The coat has short hair, soft, dense and can be sand-colored, red mixed with white and black, with or without mask dark or white spots on chest and toes.

Behavior Sloughi

This dog is physically very strong, proud, independent, pretty stubborn, energetic. It is affectionate and devoted to its master, but vigilant and distrustful of strangers.

If socialized little with different people, anywhere, accept children, other dogs, even some household animals such as cats.

It used to hunt small animals or large (gazelles, wild boar), guard house and as a pet. The coat does not require much care. An occasional brushing is enough

Training Sloughi

Training this dog should be done by an experienced person with much patience.

With consistent training, firm without being harsh and creating a bond of respect between dog and handler, I can get pretty good results.

The dog must train consistently without orders hard to get good results you must create a connection based on friendship and respect between dog and master.

This dog is recommended as a companion dog and guard dog especially people with experience in raising dogs and are very active.

Characteristics Sloughi

It is recommended to be kept at home, where they move freely in a fenced yard, he having need of physical movement.

It is not recommended to be left free in public spaces because it has innate tendency to chase after various animals moving, so be trained small to be taught to socialize with other dogs and with different people.

Health Sloughi

Slough is largely unchanged from what it was in ancient times, and keeps such a robust health genetics.

Only a few genetic conditions were observed in this race, in particular, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Fortunately Slough is one of the races this condition can be tested with a blood sample and the test after workers tried to eliminate PRA from the gene pool.

Like all hounds, Slough is very sensitive to anesthesia, and can be sensitive to vaccines, heating, and other medications, so these routine treatments should be given separate break instead of being given a date.

If all the steps are followed, the breed tends to enjoy excellent health in old age.

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