Shikoku dog breed

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  • Country: Japan
  • Group: Hunting
  • Weight: 16-25 kg
  • Height: 43-55 cm
  • Colors: reddish brown, reddish black, red
  • Training: medium (is stubborn)
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: agile, loyal, energetic, courageous, intelligent
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 3 - 4 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Kochi-ken, Shikoku-Ken, Shikoku dog

Shikoku dog

Shikoku breed can be seen as one of the names: Kochi-ken, Mikawa prisoners or japanese Wolfdog.

Shikoku breed was born by crossing breeds Akita and Shiba.

This breed was created especially for hunting deer and wild boar.

Food Shikoku

Shikoku is not picky when it comes to food. Accept bought both food (beans or canned) and home-cooked food.

Personally I recommend homemade food for your dog so you can control and provide protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids he needs at every meal.

The amount of food from each food and the dose is calculated depending on the level of activity and age. Puppies and dogs growing, generally those between the ages of 0 and a year eating more in relation to their body.

It is best to avoid foods that cause loose stools or flatulent in large quantities, or which causes discomfort (cabbage, corn, beans, etc.).

Attention to the amount of food that can suffer from obesity. Apart from dog food should have a bowl of fresh ala constantly to drink water when thirsty.

Description Shikoku

The standard for this breed has a height of 43-53cm tall.

Dogs can also be found in various colors, some falling stard, others who do not fit in standard (red-black, black-brown, beige).

Besides these colors can be seen white color in the lower body, near the eyes, muzzle and legs. The animal tends to molt once or twice a year.

The fur is quite thick, sharp ears and tail curved.

Although it looks similar to the husky, Shikoku dog is physically unique, differ primarily height and color. It is a medium sized dog.

Behavior Shikoku

Shikoku is a prudent and courageous dog. Sometimes it is allowed to run wild boar hunter instincts to keep.

This dog is agile, adapted mountain regions, ideal for the energetic and active. Despite the large amount of energy that can be simultaneously it is calm and quiet.

Learn quickly because it is intelligent. It's as stubborn as the other Japanese breeds. A dog is not recommended for anyone with an emphasis on those who have no experience in raising and educating dogs.

Training Shikoku

Training must be done by someone with experience and authority because although Shikoku is an intelligent dog, he is stubborn.

A training session should not be long because the dog can get bored.

Characteristics Shikoku

Brushing your dog's excess skin dries it. A few months washing is enough especially as the animal does not have a strong smell of dog.

If they do daily exercise is a happy dog.

It should not be left unattended because they can turn hunter instinct and can go to watch various birds and animals.

Health Shikoku

With a lifespan of up to 10-12 years Shikoku must be part of proper care. Dog's health directly affects longevity.

Can suffer from common diseases if not properly fed or not makes mandatory daily movement. In the category of common diseases can arise bone diseases, joints, ears, muscles or nerves.

There may be different traumas or infections. More serious diseases of the animal, which may suffer are those affecting the heart, lungs, digestive tract or kidneys.

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