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1. Origin

It is believed that the Rottweiler today is a descendant of dogs from Roman times, probably the Italian Mastiff. As the Romans extended their domination over the whole of Europe, the Rottweiler stood with them having the role of shepherds and herds of cows on soldiers and protect them from predators such foods.

Historical data recorded that Roman troops, eventually, came and settled in Germany in the year 74 BC At that time, the roofs of shingles (tiles) red representing the architectural style used and the colony was called Rottweil, a translation of the German words for red tiles. This colony has given rise to the name of the breed, which contributed to the development of loyalty and courage and Germanic Roman civilizations.

This region Rottweil eventually became an important cattle fair, where descendants of the Roman cattle dogs proved their usefulness both in management and in guarding their flocks against thieves and wild animals. Rottweilers were used by butchers who traveled through the Middle Ages fairs related guarding money bags around their necks.

However, the sizzle of the nineteenth century when railroads became the main mode of transport, race numeric fell so much that in 1900 there was only one female in the town of Rottweil, in addition to only a small number still around. Revival race until the first World War was achieved due to demand increasingly higher police dogs, increasing interest Rottweiler dogs. During World War I, Rottweilers were used in various roles, including as messengers, ambulance and guard dogs.

Basically, almost destroyed around 1800, race back to the early twentieth century, through the great efforts of some enthusiastic breeders Stuttgart. Rottweiler is framed in working dog class and was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1931.

2. Food Rottweiler

Nutrition Rottweiler is not a specific one can be fed with both dry food and the food prepared (preferably boiled rice with beef or chicken and less carrot and yoghurt mussli, chicken broth, and barley boiled and seasoned etc. .) in no event pork fat.

3. Description Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a medium sized dog, black with rust spots on the cheeks and nose, paws and legs. Breeders Rottweiler targets a dog of great strength, black coated with markings clearly defined, so-called points of fire, whose power and appearance does not lack nobility and which is particularly well suited to be a companion dog, service or work. There are a variety of red Rottweiler (redhead) with brown spots.

Its fur is made from hair of medium length, straight and rather harsh. Dog's head is wide with a rounded snout, well developed and triangular ears, drooping. Nose (nose) is big and black. The eyes are dark, with an expression of loyalty and goodwill. The lips are black, and their lining is pigmented. The body of this dog is solid and strong, muscular and athletic.

Rottweiler possesses considerable force and shows a deep chest and wide. The tail is cut (shortened in length) coccigiene remaining one or two vertebrae (bones of the spine parts). If this is stumpy tail. Docking is forbidden in Germany, Britain and several other countries. Rottweiler them are often born with spurs in the hind limbs that are amputees, usually with the tail.

It is claimed that there are two types of Rottweiler dogs: 1.Rottweiler the German seems to be shorter more stocky and has a head bigger and stumpy; 2.Rottweiler the American is taller with longer legs and less stubby head. In any case, the selections are breeders who are chasing German standard, which is outside the recognized AKC, while others make selections following the American standard, accepted by the AKC. Adult Rottweiler has on average 61-69 cm and 56-63 cm in height from male to female. Body mass is 43-59 kg and 38-52 kg male to female.

4. Behavior Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a dog with a strong personality. It is calm, trainable and educated, courageous and devoted owner and his family. This dog is very protective, fiercely defending his family. They are strong fighters that seem immune to pain. Sober, moderate, loyal, confident, Rottweiler require owners who can dominate and manipulate.

Firm training and meticulous is essential for this dog, otherwise you can end up with a dog extremely strong, independent and overly aggressive. Native is a guard dog with a gentle nature and easily carved. They are highly intelligent and have proven skills in the institutions of police, military and customs over many centuries.

This dog requires a lot of time for socializing company and to have truly managed copy. Friends and family are relatives generally greeted with enthusiasm. Foreigners can not move closer to the sidewalk. Barking is often reserved for unwanted intruders. According to FCI standard, Rottweilers are gentle, calm in the basic stage, lovers of children, very devoted, obedient and eager to learn new things and work.

Their appearance is natural and rustic, their behavior confident, balanced and fearless. They react to their environment carefully. American Kennel Club says the dog is basically a calm, confident and courageous, provided that not easily befriends strangers.

A Rottweiler is always confident. Show a great desire to protect home and family and is an intelligent dog with an extreme hardness and adaptability with a strong willingness to work, making it particularly suitable as a companion, protection and working dog. Rottweilers are a powerful breed with good genetic development of guarding instincts. As with any breed, potentially dangerous behavior is usually the result of irresponsible owner education, treatment full of abuse, neglect or lack of socialization.

Experts recommend that these dogs benefit from extensive training and socialization, things essential for all Rottweilers. According to the AKC, Rottweilers love people in their entourage and may behave in a comedic manner to the delight of family and friends, but also very protective of their territory and do not like strangers. Rottweilers need attention in training and much, much socializing. Rottweiler'd better not stay tied long time. They are working dogs and require an occupation, so the dog does not recommend this to anyone.

Rottweiler is a companion dog suitable for people who are looking for a loyal friend and a faithful watchdog. Owners share a strong bond with their pet dogs; However, race is not known for its ability to achieve fast friendships with strangers. Often seen as a threat by Rottweilers, foreigners can be welcomed with an aggressive reaction.

This dog is not really indicated families with small children due to possible strength and intolerant of children's antics. Rottweiler enjoys to be the only dog ​​in the family. Can be aggressive with other dogs, so they must be kept on a leash in public places. When a Rottweiler dog is fully educated and trained, will be a good playmate for children. It accepts cats and other pets as long as they had a positive experience with them during childhood. Rottweiler will accommodate live in an apartment, if he is given enough time and space to move. Dogs are relatively inactive inside the home, such as a backyard it is enough to make you happy.

5. Training Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs are highly intelligent and are used for centuries due to their bravery recognized as guard dogs. Since the early twentieth century, the dog of this breed was used as a police dog. Rottweiler them are eager and willing to learn. Unfortunately, some people have chosen to take advantage of Rottweiler's enthusiasm to learn and train to be aggressive. This has resulted in a reputation for bad race, reputation owners and dog breeders Rottweiler tried desperately rehabilitate it. With appropriate training, the Rottweiler can be a family member, loved and devoted.

Because of their size, the training must be established early on, since the dog is small and should be taken seriously so you can ensure that your copy will not become aggressive. Training can be easy if done by someone with experience. Rottweiler can sometimes try to take the lead. If you have a strong hand to guide a dog will become very good in all respects.

6. Characteristics Rottweiler

Some Rottweiler dogs snore while sleeping and as a result, occasionally coughing. This does not imply a health problem for dogs. However, if coughing is a common phenomenon, especially while your pet dog is sleeping, it may be indicative of the presence of heart disease or lung. These are serious problems that should be dealt with immediately. Rottweiler should be brushed with a brush bristles, about twice a week.

This is a general rule for all breeds of dogs with short hair. A glove brush is suitable for conducting a thorough brushing. Brushing stimulates new hair growth, hair healthy and removes worn, ready to fall. This activity will establish a bond with your dog.

Starting this regime while your pet dog is still chicken is an effective way to start a close and trusting relationship. Bathe him only when absolutely necessary. Rottweiler is a dog that sheds seasonally and not excessive. Rottweiler is a dog that needs a sufficient amount of movement.

Running in open spaces (forests or fields not enclosed) will make him very happy, having no intention to depart from you. Swimming and cycling are activities besides running perfect for consuming energy this dog sport of birth. Rottweiler will always enjoy to catch the ball that you throw him. Rottweiler female dogs are very prolific, frequently giving birth to 12 puppies. The race had a negative publicity.

In the US, a 1997 CDC report, Rottweiler was considered as the second race with the probability of deadly attack on humans by Pit Bull, although these attacks is half compared with Pitbull breed. Rottweiler dogs portrayal as bad in several feature films and TV series, notably in The Omen, and negative press articles to add to their negative advertising.

This led to their banning in some cities and are sometimes targeted as dangerous dogs by law, such as in the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. On the other hand, not all the media portrayed race in a negative light: For example, some gentler personality Rottweiler was observed in Lethal Weapon 3 movie in which using a Rotweiller an operation to smuggle weapons It was annihilated by the main character, played by Mel Gibson. The dog was later rescued and adopted by de facto protagonist. Also in the HBO series Entourage a Rottweiler named Arnold is a nice pet for the main characters.

7. Health Rottweiler

Common diseases are hip and elbow dysplasia (if not controlled Montee), stomach torsion, demodecosis (just as, if not controlled Montee) and liver problems.

There are dogs that can cause problems with calcium (calcium absorption problems).

8. Pictures Rottweiler

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