Romanian Raven Shepherd dog breed

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  • Country: Romania
  • Group: Shepherd and Cattle
  • Weight: 50 - 60 kg
  • Height: 65-75 cm
  • Colors: black
  • Training: easy
  • Grooming: fur must be brushed regularly
  • Temperament: calm, protective, strong, friendly
  • Health: healthy and resistant
  • Litter size: 6 - 10 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 14 years
  • Other names: Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog, Shepherd Raven, Raven Shepherd, Romanian Corb Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd dog

Romanian Raven Shepherd is a breed of large dog, powerful and robust country that developed on the land, in the Southern Carpathians and Sub-Carpathians.

A guard dog Shepherd Romanian Raven owes its name predominantly black coat color.

Romanian Raven Shepherd is a natural breed which formed in the Carpathians and Sub-Carpathians, in Dambovita, Arges, Prahova and Brasov. The breed was always used to herd sheep and cattle, and housing.

Although the area is restricted or spreading, ravens Romanian shepherd dog population is quite large today.

The breed was recognized by the Kennel Romania on 14 November 2008 after drafting standard in accordance with the model established by the FCI General Assembly in Jerusalem in 1987.

FCI included Romanian Raven Shepherd in Group II Pinscher-Schnauzer, Molossoid dogs Swiss Mountain Cattle and other breeds, section 2.2 mountain type, without working trial.

Food Romanian Raven Shepherd

Raven Carpathian dog is not a dog picky about food. How is a dog used more peasants at the moment it receives its food from them, but that does not mean it can not be fed diversified food.

Whether you fed home-cooked food for him (personally recommend this dish), either buy them or canned beans at the store, the dog will be pleased if he would get the required amount of vitamins and protein.

Dog survives with one meal a day, but it is recommended to offer him at least two meals for better digestion.

The feed should be placed in a bowl because it is not required to have bird earth or sand. If you throw a dog a bone in the sand you will see that it shakes before I eat to get rid of as much sand. Water should be fresh and always at hand for the animal to quench his thirst.

After lunch it is good to give it teeth cleaned bars, believe at least one day or two days is ok. Are found in all new specialty stores and only cost a few dollars.

Description Romanian Raven Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd is a large dog, towering, strong and robust. Solid body is rather long than tall, with a broad chest and tall. Sexual dimorphism is well marked. The males are stronger, the larger and more robust than females. Its fur, which earned him the name "Raven" is in 80% black, with white spots on the chest.

His head is massive, with well-defined shapes and chiseled. Is proud port or over the back line. The skull is wide, square, length and width approximately equal. Seen from the front, the skull is slightly domed and in profile, almost flat. In males, the width of the skull is 16-18 cm, and in females, 15-17 cm. The stop is moderately marked.

Nose well developed, black muzzle is conical and narrows progressively without becoming sharp and lips are thick, slightly drooping. Romanian Raven Shepherd is equipped with powerful jaws and teeth, white. His cheeks are not prominent. The eyes are small, relative to head size, almond-shaped and oblique, amber. The ears are trapped above the eyes and the shape of a "V" with the tip slightly rounded. The neck is fit, strong and thick, with a discreet necklace.

The body is vigorous, with horizontal top line, well marked withers and muscular back. Curpa is muscular and lower body line, slightly raised.

The tail is set relatively high, and the rest hanging down. Romanian Raven Shepherd skin is dark gray and is covered with short hair on the head and front of the arms. The flesh, fur is dense, thick and strong, with a maximum length of 10 cm.

Height at the withers for males is between 70 and 80 cm, the ideal being 75 cm. In females, the shoulder height is between 65 and 75 cm, the ideal being 70 cm. Weight is in proportion to the size.

Behavior Romanian Raven Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd is an intelligent, cheerful and active.

Proud and calm, obey his master and his family, establishing a good relationship with children. It has a highly developed protective instinct, so you treat strangers with suspicion approaching the house, flock or family.

Prove courage in facing predators - wolves, bears, lynxes - and barking is very strong and can be heard from great distances. Therefore, Romanian Raven Shepherd is an excellent companion for hiking in the mountains.

When it comes to relationships with family is a breed friendly. Romanian Raven Shepherd is loving and friendly owner and his family. Establishes an excellent relationship with children, who are playing, but who and protects.

Training Romanian Raven Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd dog is relatively easy to train, as it is obedient and willing to respond to the commands of his master.

It can be trained, so with gentleness and perseverance.

For best results, we recommend training begins early in the first months of life.

Characteristics Romanian Raven Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd prefer living in open spaces, which gives freedom of movement. For the rest, arranging prefer nesting in an area bounded by fences.

Successfully cope with adverse conditions of temperature and humidity. It can be grown in small spaces (apartment), provided it is allowed to do plenty of exercise every day.

Black fur and a thick Romanian Raven Shepherd needs a constant brushing to not get tangled. Regarding bathing, it should be performed periodically, with a frequency of moderate order not to favor the installation of skin problems caused by excess sebum removal.

Health Romanian Raven Shepherd

Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog is a sturdy and durable, not prone to diseases. Resistance is due to natural selection, over time, led to the elimination of defective copies or a weak immune system.

Regular deworming and vaccinations are essential, and if bringing a copy of Romanian shepherd raven rural urban environment, they are even more important.

Among the problems confronting breed can include genetic diseases such as Musculoskeletal disorders - hip dysplasia, hypertrophic osteodystrophy and others.

Also, being a large dog breed with a deep chest, Romanian Raven Shepherd may face gastric dilation and torsion that require emergency interventions. In addition, during development of the offspring, they may experience problems due Musculoskeletal growth momentum.

In this case, nutrition and mobility are two very important factors that determine adult health ravens Romanian herding. Special scheme lasts until the age of approximately 1 year and a half, after which dogs can return to a diet and regular exercise.

Pictures Romanian Raven Shepherd


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