Norwegian Buhund dog breed

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  • Country: Norway
  • Group: Spits / Working / Herding
  • Weight: Males: 14-18 kg Females: 12-16 kg
  • Height: Males: 43-47 cm Females: 40-45 cm
  • Colors: black, red, cream, white-yellowish
  • Training: intelligent and very trainable
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: devoted, agile, loyal, confident, intelligent
  • Health: generally healthy and strong
  • Litter size: 4 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 13 - 15 years
  • Other names: Norsk buhund, norwegian farm dog, the dog Norwegian firm, the entlebucher mountain dog, The Entlebucher Sennenhund, Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Norwegian Buhund dog

Norwegian Buhund dog's name derives from the word "bu" which means firm and "hund" meaning dog. In free translation means buhund dog farm.

Norwegian Buhund breed of dog is used for many activities: herding dog, watchdog, he gets along well with children.

Norwegian Buhund national dog is declared in Norway.

In the 9th century, specifically in our era 800 years the Vikings were buried with the most valuable things including dogs to protect him in the next life.

The first exhibition attended by Norwegian Buhund dogs took place in 1920

Food Norwegian Buhund

Buhundul is a very active dog and needs a diet based on protein to give him the energy he needs.

It is recommended to be given at least 2-3 meals a day. Water should be freely available to quench your thirst when needed.

Beware of forbidden foods such as chocolate, caffeine and sweets.

Description Norwegian Buhund

It is a small-medium sized dog. It has a height of 40-47 cm and weight of approximately 12 to 18 kg. May have several colors, from white to yellow to increase, brownish gray or black.

The ears are medium in size, shape and rounded edges triunghioulara. Tail curled behind a gate on it.

It has a well-developed athletic body. The legs are strong. Fur is Buble.

Behavior Norwegian Buhund

Buhundul farm is an active dog who easily gets tired and needs a lot of movement. It is very loving and caring with children.

Tight the ties with the owners and they are very good guard dogs.

The coat is short to medium length. A weekly or occasional brushing is enough to remove dead hair strands. Shed annually.

Cautious with strangers. Apparently tolerate them, but keeps them under surveillance and is always alert in case something happens.

Training Norwegian Buhund

The high level of energy makes to need a little brisk pace training. It is an intelligent and loving quick learner.

Not recommended for very long sessions that may tire and loses focus. The best sessions are 15-30 minutes.

Is a dog that wants to master multimeasca. It works very well with praise. Do not forget to reward him every time he does something good.

There are cases in which the training can be a burden sometimes because Norwegian Buhund is independent and stubborn.

They like to be busy, is pleased to fetch and with the right approach, can excel in various canine sports.

They are trained to assist people with total or partial hearing loss and are fit for certain activities of police work.

Characteristics Norwegian Buhund

Buhundul is a dog farm with many positive qualities. It is preferable to life on the farm and natural qualities as a watchdog.

It has an enviable energy and is recommended for active people. It can be taken to running, jogging or other similar activities.

He likes to communicate very much with the owner and other "friends" in the yard. Yard is ok, but the apartment can be considered noisy neighbors that all dogs love.

The conclusion is very active, likes to jump and bounce when little, if left alone for a long time may barking, chasing other animals, bicycles or cars, barking and sheds in every season.

Popular dog names in Norway Buhund breed dogs:

· Masculine: Aksel (Father of Peace); Baldur (Old Nordic god of light and love); Bjorn (Urs); Brokk (Midget); Einar (Warrior); Gunnar (fighter); Steinn (Rock); Skadi (god of winter and hunting).

· Feminine: Aleksia (guard); Halva (elf); Benedikte (Blessed); Birget (Strong); Dagny (playfully); Freya (goddess of seduction old); Kari (wind and symbol of purity); Valkyria (Valhalla guardian angel, Land of the Gods).

Health Norwegian Buhund

It is generally healthy and has a long and beautiful life. The package that is genetically endowed is recognized as healthy and resistant to disease.

The most common diseases in this breed of dog is hip dysplasia and eye problems.

Life expectancy is relatively high. Exceed age 15 if properly fed and cared for.

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