Maremma Sheepdog dog breed

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  • Country: Italy
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  • Weight: -
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  • Colors: -
  • Training: -
  • Grooming: -
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  • Litter size: -
  • Lifespan: -
  • Other names: Maremma Sheepdog dog

Maremma Sheepdog dog

Maremma shepherd dog is a native of central Italy, specifically in the regions of Abruzzo and Maremma.

Manat it has been used for centuries to guard herds of cattle and sheep from wolves. Currently plays an important role in the rural economy remains a reliable guard.

Similar races are Kuvasz , Shepherd of the Pyrenees and others.

Food Maremma Sheepdog

When young puppies need food to grow. Organs and bones are growing and need to develop properly.

Occasional meals for adults may contain meat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, fish and dairy products to recommend, especially eggs, milk and cheese. Remember grain.

It is best to avoid usturoil, mushrooms, nuts, cooked bones or avocado. Chocolate, ice cream and caffeine are banned. Ii hurt in large quantities can even lead to death.

Fresh water should be provided daily at the discretion that their thirst when needed.

Description Maremma Sheepdog

Maremma is a solid and powerful dog with white fur. It has a large head, black nose. The jaws are also strong, scissor bite is. The eyes are large and have an intelligent expression.

Standard males weighing 35-45 kg and a height of 65-73cm and 60-68cm females with 30-40kg.

Some specimens grow can grow above average. The coat is long and wiry. All copies are usually white, but shades of yellow and accept.

Behavior Maremma Sheepdog

This dog is friendly and balanced. Lately she began to have success as a pet. It is affectionate, courageous and does not bark much.

Gets along well with other dogs and other animals, but can be reserved with strangers. Defend both home and owner and is careful with children.

As animal Coman is not a race that attaches a lot of master is quite independent.

Being a shepherd dog likes to be put to work, to have something to do and to show their qualities.

Prefer the mountains where winter waiting with pleasure.

Training Maremma Sheepdog

It is an intelligent dog who can train with mutual respect and soft-spoken. It has an iron will and is not easy to train.

Owners who like pet dogs large or very large need to know they are seen as a leader of the flock. In these circumstances they need to impose themselves because otherwise the dog tends to take the lead. If any disagreement arises possible to disobey orders some.

Characteristics Maremma Sheepdog

Italy is a popular dog in appearances in various publications.

Not recommended for apartment life, but if it is taken twice a day to make movement will not be enough. It needs plenty of exercise and jogging.

Being a large dog can bring damage to the apartment. They prefer instead a large yard where it can move and can stand guard at night.

The female gives birth to 6 -9 chicken.

Health Maremma Sheepdog

It is generally a healthy dog ​​that has no health problems.

Being a large dog can live up to 13 years.

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