Manchester Terrier dog breed

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  • Country: England
  • Group: Terrier
  • Weight: 6 - 10 kg
  • Height: 30-40 cm
  • Colors: black, black, brown, blue, brown
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: needs movement
  • Temperament: devoted, active, intelligent, elegant
  • Health: beware of skin burns
  • Litter size: 2 - 4 puppies
  • Lifespan: 14 - 16 years
  • Other names: English Toy Terrier, Black and Tan Terrier, Black and Tan Manchester, Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier dog

It was created by breeder John Hulme, the late eighteenth century by crossing between Highland Terrier and Whippet.

Developed in the region around the city of Manchester, hence the name.

Food Manchester Terrier

Diet is very important for the Manchester terrier. It is a small dog and active and if not properly cared for eczema skin can occur.

Like many other breeds can use store bought food and cooked food in the house, since it contains all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Note that is a energetic dog who, despite his small stature, consume more energy.

Avoid giving your dog chocolate, cocoa, ice cream or other similar sweets. Not recommended corn and lettuce in large quantities. Instead they must have access to fresh water whenever i get thirsty.

Description Manchester Terrier

It is a small dog with short body, elegant, graceful, like a Doberman Pinscher dwarf. The head is long and narrow conical nose equal in length to the skull, with black nose.

The eyes are small, dark. The ears are small, triangular, wider at the base, pointed at the top and you can high or left. The tail is wider at the base and sharp at the tip, carried a little high but not back.

The coat is short, straight, shiny and soft. The most common combination is black and tan at the eyebrows, muzzle, the lower legs, under the tail, chest and inside the ears.

Behavior Manchester Terrier

It is an intelligent, bold, eager to learn, lively, alert and vigilant, brave, barking only in case of danger. Affectionate and devoted family, is cautious with strangers.

Gets along well with children. He likes to dig at all terriers and can be aggressive on small domestic animals if not socialized small.

Training Manchester Terrier

This dog is trainable so easily learn and wants to please his master.

The training must be consistent, gentle, varied.

Do well in canine sports like: fly-ball, racing agility even in training exercises.

Characteristics Manchester Terrier

Is a dog that adapts to conditions of life which are offered: outdoor or block but needs daily exercise by jogging and play.

It does not require much experience in raising dogs. It needs socialization.

The coat does not require much care. During moulting dead hair can be removed with a rubber brush.

It is a good hunter of foxes, badgers, rats. It is a devoted companion dog.

Health Manchester Terrier

Some specimens may suffer from glaucoma. Von Willebrad disease characterized as a genetic blood can also be seen in specimens of this breed.

Doctors recommend that animals of this breed is not kept in the sun in summer.

Because of the short coat and skin sensitivity, Manchester Terriers may suffer skin burns and even sunburn.

The life expectancy of a Manchester Terrier is 12-15 years.

Pictures Manchester Terrier


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