Malinois dog breed

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Group: Shepherd
  • Weight: 25-34 kg
  • Height: 56-66 cm
  • Colors: bicolor, gray, black, brown
  • Training: strong, they need socialization
  • Grooming: easy, short coat
  • Temperament: intelligent, agile, energetic, dedicated
  • Health: No health problems
  • Litter size: 4 - 6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 14 years
  • Special features: Holds the record for the high jump 2.8 m

Malinois dog

Malinois dog breed is one of four breeds Belgian (with Tervuren, Groenendael and Laekenois). It was named after the city Malines (Mechelen).

Amid concerns notable existing in Europe mid-nineteenth century in selection and promotion on a national basis some dog breeds, Professor Belgian Adolphe Reul has completed a study on the identification of at least one dog breeds origins Belgian to become representative and accepted international canine competitions and exhibitions.

Food Malinois

When it comes to food needed Malinois breed needs a high protein diet that has high activity level.

Unlike other races where cabbage is less recommended, or forbidden, in this case it is recommended with confidence, but done without excess more days.

Seen in fur dog's health and activity levels generally.

Description Malinois

Malinois dog can reach adulthood at a height of 56-66cm and 25-35 kg.

The body is strong and well proportioned. Triangular ears are worn up. The muzzle is slightly tapered, and the nose is black.

The legs are parallel and straight and strong tail is long and bushy.

It differs from other races through the length and coat color and is said to be superior in speed, agility temperament and intelligence.

It is one of the breeds for which no natural barriers represent an obstacle. It has a high bounce and can be carried with ease.

They are preferred and used by police in several countries to stable temperament, agility and ability to make decisions fast.

Behavior Malinois

Malinois dogs are working dogs herding dogs called by locals. They are used in various activities of which the most frequent were surveillance, security and management of herds of domestic animals.

Most specimens are affectionate and good-natured, but lack of socialization and dog training can also be aggressive.

Dominant character is a dog that needs a firm master experienced in raising dogs. Not recommended for beginners, the elderly and persons with low activity.

It's ok if socializes with small children and is trained. Instead hardly tolerate pets. An increase his yard instead of aprtament. This dog is very active and you are not getting enough room for movement can become destructive when bored.

I love long walks, walks in the park and cool climates.

Training Malinois


Characteristics Malinois

It is a very active dog recognized for your ability to jump and to carat vertically. It holds the record long jump of 2.8m.

It is said that after she arungi ball 100 times, waiting to drop the 101st time. It has an enviable energy and far exceeds Duracell batteries.

We recommend brushing twice a week to remove dead wires and massaging the skin.

Health Malinois

Malinois is a breed of dog healthy with few health problems.

However, they are susceptible to hip dysplasia - infirmity inherited - so it is important that when you buy a chicken, make sure both parents have been tested and certified hips with good or excellent rating. In general, farmers will tell about some ancestor or a dam that would OFA OFA excellent or good (OFA - orthopedic canine organization). If you do not submit this certificate, ask the cause.

Pictures Malinois

malinois-dog-family-in yard

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