Lagotto Romagnolo dog breed

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  • Country: Italia
  • Group: Sporting
  • Weight: Males: 13-16 kg Females: 11-14 kg
  • Height: Males: 43-50 cm Females: 35-40cm
  • Colors: white-brown, orange and white, brown, cream
  • Training: easy to train, intelligent, sociable
  • Grooming: Minimum
  • Temperament: Loyal, active, friendly, sociable, intelligent
  • Health: healthy and resistant to disease
  • Litter size: 4 - 6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 15 - 17 years
  • Other names: Lagotto Romanyolo, Lagotto Romagnolo dog

Lagotto Romagnolo dog

Lagotto Romagnolo breed is old, rudimentary and authentic. His story is outlined in the mists of time somewhere in the sixteenth century, in the central regions of Italy (Comacchio and Ravenna). The marshes here, these dogs were used for hunting small intake of water (especially waders). Sharp smell and agility helps in this regard.

For the eighteenth century, they began to be drained marshes to make way for farmland. Thus our dog ran out the work that made him famous and was reshaped by breeders who were inoculated another talent: finding truffles.

The smell highly developed allowed to feel precious mushrooms hiding deep in the soil. Consequently race has come to increase further in the eyes of enthusiasts at that time. People in Italy, the dog began to be exported in the neighboring countries, throughout Europe and even overseas.

However, breeders have not done anything for drafting the breed standard and official registration. Only in 1995, at the initiative of FCI (FCI), Lagotto Romagnolo was officially recognized as a purebred.

In 1900, breeders began to make a counter-selection race trying to build their two lines: one fighter and one of truffles sought. Why this ?! Lagotto was very easy to train to look for mushrooms, but got into the woods, hunter instinct made to be easily distracted by the surrounding dog is more difficult to control.

So it tried inhibition hunter instinct in favor of the seeker. But whereas it has not succeeded; it is very difficult to be able to remove a dog that accompanied instinct for 400 years and replace it with a fresh one assigned (truffles).

It is known under the name: Italian Water Dog

Food Lagotto Romagnolo

As with other races start with what is not allowed. Perhaps the greatest poison is chocolate. And not because they are not more toxic foods and the simple fact that most often come into contact. Many owners of dogs offers sweets, ice cream and other foods like dogs not knowing that makes them sick.

If you have a dog whose future is important to you to know how to take care of it. That, besides the food, include exercise, care, training, etc. Turning to food can not give him what you eat. Besides chocolate and sweets dog has different needs than a man. Diet many dogs, and I refer here to a proper diet, we can not fix the house.

A proper diet is determined based on race, dog's age, activity level, average daily effort, etc. It is recommended both cooked food and dry food, canned or in other forms as long as the store has in its nutritional foods necessary and sufficient dog.

Note that I specified sufficient food, if you put in dog food bowl "to be" the most times it will tend toward obesity, and this can lead to health problems.

As you probably know this dog water in Italy it is a good scout truffles.

Description Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium sized dog, well proportioned, muscular, with a body that can be framed in a square. The head is relatively large and is supported by a thick neck and powerful.

The eyes are round and large, being generous palette: different shades of brown and even dark orange, depending on coat color. Scissor bite. Triangular ears have rounded tips and are worn fell on his head.

Fur is a feature of the breed. Like poodles, Lagotto does not shed and is considered a hypoallergenic dog. The fur is dense, soft and curly.

Thick hair protects it from potential stinging barbs are in the bushes they roam in search of truffles. Many color options are supported, from white to completely rusty, shades of brown, rust and white, etc.

Males: height (43 to 49 cm); weight (13- 16kg)

Females: height (36- 41 cm); weight (11- 14 kg).

Behavior Lagotto Romagnolo

Undoubtedly it is a working dog, who give their full attention thank lord. A dog is affectionate and loyal, friendly, making it a genuine family dog.

It is relatively easy to train. It is an intelligent dog to be nailed busy all the time. If it is not sufficiently stimulated bored and can gain destructive. Get along with other pets if socialized small.

It has developed senses, even at the property, so that will signal when someone stepped territory, making it a good watchdog. Most are good swimmers and love the water.

They love to dig and destroy your garden. Give your dog a special place for digging and you get rid of problems. Even if you do not use your Lagotto looking for truffles, though not failed to games like "Search object discovery." They like to be stimulated in this way.

Lagotto needs plenty of exercise, having a natural instinct to look for things. He likes to walk besides the master, having required walk every day. Also loves to swim is a water dog.s.

Training Lagotto Romagnolo

Whether chicken, young adults, all dogs that belong to the breed must be trained. Sessions should be just 5-10 minutes due to short attention spans. The training must take place in a free zone without distractions.

It is preferable to carry out a reward system using modern training, a technique used by trainers for most breeds. Eating used as a reward must be made of small pieces and extremely tasty animal to enjoy every time he gets a piece.

For an effective training your dog should get a piece every time you give a correct answer or execute a move, accompanied, of course, words of praise.

patience is essential for proper formation of the dog. If you are angry, frustrated, etc., it is recommended that you do not do training. Dogs are sensitive to emotions and you may be wrong orders.

Punishing your dog or hitting not only not recommended but may catch your dog afraid of you and this makes the training difficult or impossible in some cases. Use a friendly voice.

Do not scream. Always use clear and simple commands, spoken firmly. No change gives orders and does not give wrongheaded because the animal will enter into a state of confusion and will not know what to do.

Characteristics Lagotto Romagnolo

This dog does not shed, but that does not mean they do not care needs. Periodically brush curls must, otherwise it may break.

Twice a year, the hair is cut. Curly hair tends to accumulate dirt more easily, the bathroom is necessary from time to time. Ear hair regularly takes care to prevent infection.

Because waist Lagotto dog can be an excellent apartment, but one yard because it is not very picky. It feels good apartment if walked 3- 4 times daily (short walks) or 1-2 long walks.

Flower Garden can suffer if the dog does not have a sandbox only his. In summer, give them the pleasure of bathing in the lake or pool.

Health Lagotto Romagnolo

Old breed, Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog healthy, resistant, living up to 16 years or even more.

Hip dysplasia and epilepsy were more common in the breed.

Pictures Lagotto Romagnolo


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