Karelian Bear dog breed

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  • Country: Finland
  • Group: Working
  • Weight: 20 - 23 kg
  • Height: 54-60 cm
  • Colors: black 30% White 70%
  • Training: relatively heavy, must be firm and consistent
  • Grooming: Weekly brushing, do not tolerate extreme temperatures
  • Temperament: courageous, intelligent, dominant, independent
  • Health: resistant, without medical problems
  • Litter size: 2 - 4 puppies
  • Lifespan: 11 - 14 years
  • Other names: Dog Karelian, Karelian Bear Dog, KBD, Karjalankarhukoira, Karelsk Bjornhund

Karelian Bear dog

Nordic breeds indigenous descent, and it was raised and developed to hunt bears and moose.

After the Second World War almost disappeared, but lovers of this breed have made efforts to revitalize it.

Finland is a national treasure.

Food Karelian Bear dog

Many breeders recommend home-cooked food. If you do not have time and choose the food of commerce is good to see what vitamins and minerals it has.

If not up to the required standards of dog it is best to fill the example with a chicken breast with rice, soup or other food appropriate.

Chickens until 10 weeks can feed and cow or goat milk, cheese, boiled white rice, boiled chicken, was

Do not forget to make sure that the animal always has fresh water to quench thirst.

Description Karelian Bear dog

Dog is a relatively large, strong, muscular, rather long than tall. The head is proportional to body, tapering triangular snout, short and thick with a big black nose.

The eyes are small, light brown. The ears are medium sized with slightly rounded tips, triangular and raised. The tail is carried over the back lugime medium.

The coat is double with a first coat fluffy, short, thick and an outer layer made of a coarse hair, dense, medium length, straight, long neck, back and bottom. It is black and white.

The height is 49 to about 60cm and weigh between 20 and 23 kg.

Behavior Karelian Bear dog

It is a very brave dog with excellent sense of smell, with a power instinct hunter, intelligent, dominant, independent (hunt alone, not in the pack) is pleased to roam. It is devoted to the family.

It is generally friendly with people (not recommended for security) on foreign announces a barking but without being aggressive. It is dominant with other dogs.

If socialized small animals in the household will not have problems with them.

Training Karelian Bear dog

Be trained by an experienced independent because it is a dog and not blindly obey all orders.

Training must be firm, consistent, balanced without being harsh or severe.

Characteristics Karelian Bear dog

This dog is weather resistant. It feels best outdoors in a colder climate Besides a master experienced and active. He loves movement, to roam after the game.

If kept at home, it should be well fenced yard to go there, to have the opportunity to make moves (for lack of occupation can grab objects corrupted).

In the Nordic countries it is used for hunting large animals and even been introduced in suburban areas protection programs that are visited by bears.

Health Karelian Bear dog

Bear Dog is a dog that has adapted well in time. It is know as a dog resistant without medical problems.

Pictures Karelian Bear dog


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