Jack Russell Terrier dog breed

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  • Country: England
  • Group: Terrier
  • Weight: 6 - 8 kg
  • Height: 25-40 cm
  • Colors: black, brown and white
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: needs daily exercise
  • Temperament: athletic, active, energetic, stubborn, fearless, intelligent
  • Health: healthy and longevity
  • Litter size: 4 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 13 - 16 years
  • Other names: Jack Russell Terrier dog Russell Terrier, Terrier Rebel

Jack Russell Terrier dog

Rasa Parson Russell Terrier first appeared in southern England mid-century, these dogs were used for hunting foxes. Fox hunting was a noble sport, practiced with passion in England, which explains the need for the emergence of a particular dog breeds dedicatte this activity.

Englishman John Russell, an Anglican pastor (reverend) born in 1795, received the parish Swimbridge, Devon in the county. In parallel with the activities submitted by commitment to the Church, the pastor was a talented rider and a great lover of hunting.

Since adolescence, the pastor was passionate Terriers, which then started to grow and it's selected by their own criteria, focusing mainly on hunting skills. It was he who founded, in 1873, the Kennel Club English.

Because of hunting lines were excellent to work, this type spread between passionate and began to be called Pastor Jack Russell Terriers, Parson Jack Russell Terrier meaning.

Food Jack Russell Terrier

Besides exercise, diet is the key to having a healthy dog. It is important to know that citrus fruits and vitamin C supplements similar animal does not do well.

They lead to liver damage. Dog is not picky when it comes to the type of food. As long as he gets his necessary and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, fresh water will have the discretion and space to make the move will be a happy dog.

You can give them both home-cooked food and bought food (beans, canned, etc.). The menu changes should be followed.

They are gradually over a few tables in a few days, during which dogs pursue if allergies to certain foods.

Description Jack Russell Terrier

It is a small dog, powerful, muscular. It has a flat head, flat between the ears, stop well defined, muzzle is the same length as the skull and a black nose.

The eyes are medium and dark almond. The ears are medium sized, triangular and folded top and front. The tail is short, in continuation of topline and carried slightly raised.

The coat is wiry, thick, thick and can be soft or rough.

The color is predominantly white with brown spots, yellow, black or tricolor most common on the head and the tail.

Behavior Jack Russell Terrier

It is an intelligent, active, courageous (and sometimes reckless), bold, watchful, skilful, with a great power of work. It's a bit naughty and can gently bite.

They like to play with children. It is devoted to the family.

Foreigners will be announced. They are generally sociable with other dogs and when they were small socialized with other animals in the household may accept even have a tendency to runaway cat dodges or runs.

Training Jack Russell Terrier

This dog is easy because dreseaza learn quickly, but be trained by someone with experience because it has a tendency to independence and wants to do by his will.

The training must be firm, consistent and more varied because it has multiple possibilities and energy.

They are very good at agility and flyball races. Urge to run, to stir daily to dig.

Characteristics Jack Russell Terrier

The coat during shedding brush and the fur will be sent occasionally rough.

Feels better outdoors much room to move and difficult to accommodate in an apartment.

It is a very good and skillful hunting dog for small animals and a cheerful and lively companion.

Health Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier breed generally has a reputation as a breed health and longevity because breeders have protected it in time.

Jack Russell Terrier will live between 14 and 21 years if cared for properly. Although it is mostly healthy life were observed health problems in certain genetic lines.

The most common problems are: cataract is hereditary dislocation, deafness, patellar luxation and von Willebrand disease.

Some genetic diseases are not observed when the animal is less than 2 years. A good breeder will give notice to replicate line that if genetic diseases from one of the copies.

Advantages Jack Russell Terrier of the female castration is that it will go through periods of "heat" that are twice per year and decreases the chance of mammary tumors or cancer. Another advantage is that you will not have to worry that a male female will come after you.

Pictures Jack Russell Terrier


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