Irish Wolfhound dog breed

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  • Country: Ireland
  • Group: Hound
  • Weight: 40 - 70 kg
  • Height: 70-90 cm
  • Colors: white, black, red, gray, brown, brindle
  • Training: patiently, trainable
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: loyal, patient, stubborn, gentle
  • Health: beware of genetic diseases
  • Litter size: 2 - 12 puppies
  • Lifespan: 6 - 10 years
  • Other names: Cu Faoil, Irish Wolfhound dog

Irish Wolfhound dog

It is considered a very old breed. It was first identified in Rome when, in 339 BC, the Roman consul Quintus received seven such dogs gift. In Ireland they were brought by the Celts who used to hunt wolves.

Oliver Cromwell gathered many dogs of this breed and organized killing of wolves that hunters big napadisera England and attacked the population.

After the disappearance of wolves began to decline and disappear and dogs. In the nineteenth century thanks to English Captain Graham, who dealt with the development and improvement of race, were obtained specimens strong, used for hunting large animals.

In 1885, Captain Graham, along with other Irish Wolfhound founded the club grow and breed standards were drawn.

Food Irish Wolfhound

Being a large dog at large needs proper nourishment.

Given that it has some problems should be strictly adhered to these little habits. Before and after meals is good for Irish greyhound to rest, not to be subjected to the effort.

Meals should be divided into at least 2-3-4 meals a day.

He needs the discretion of fresh water every day.

Description Irish Wolfhound

It is a large dog, muscular, solid but supple movement. It has a long head, the skull not too broad, long snout, moderately sharp, black nose. The eyes are oval, medium size, dark. Small ears are folded in the form of rose, fine.

It has a long neck, muscular, powerful. The tail is long, slightly curved, of medium thickness. The coat is double with a first layer and a short fluffy outer layer with a medium length hair, thick, rough, sharp, wiry and a little longer on the head where it forms a little eyebrows and beard.

It may be gray, red and black mixed with white, red, black, light brown and white.

Standard dimensions of race are 85-95 cm in males and 50-80 cm in females. The weight is within the range of 46-70 kg.

Behavior Irish Wolfhound

Not a dog recommended for people who until now have not had an aggressive dog or one large. They are quite stubborn, though not as stubborn as other races.

Because hunting instinct may be more difficult to train, but with a little patience and attention can quickly learn tricks. It is a very gentle dog that attaches easily to family members, being very tolerant with children.

However it is not good to be left unsupervised around young children, since it can unintentionally hit the corner or he can get out of the desire to play.

Because the hunter instinct that this dog it is, it should not be held in a house where there are cats or other rodents, such as rabbits. There is a very good guard dog. He rarely barks, not a noisy dog.

Training Irish Wolfhound

Responds well to training, which is an important issue, given the considerable size.

Is a dog that is easily dreseaza that is intelligent, easily understand what is required.

With a dressage gentle, quiet, friendly but can get consistent results.

Characteristics Irish Wolfhound

Is a dog that adapts to current conditions offered but feels best in a fenced yard where he can make the move.

Held in the home or in a spacious apartment (a dog is tall and large) needs frequent and long walks.

Health Irish Wolfhound

Unfortunately breed is often affected by various diseases. The most common are dilated cardiomyopathy and bone cancer.

Gastric torsion is another condition often seen in specimens of this breed. Because of this, doctors recommend that animals do not move after eating.

Also, another important thing is not to be given large portions of food at one meal. It is best that the dogs would be given to eat smaller amounts of food several times a day.

Life expectancy of a dog breed Irish Greyhound is 6-10 years.

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