Gordon Setter dog breed

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  • Country: Scotland
  • Group: Sporting
  • Weight: Male: 25-36 kg Females: 20-32 kg
  • Height: Males: 61-69 cm Females: 58-66 cm
  • Colors: black-brown
  • Training: relatively easy
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: alert, loyal, confident, fearless
  • Health: Possible sensitivities hereditary
  • Litter size: 6 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Gordon Setter dog

Gordon Setter dog

Gordon setter is the largest, most massive and most of the breeds setter slow. This dog is tenacious built to work all day.

Gordon setter site known as Gordon Castle setter inital, was originally created in Scotland in the 1600s and named setter the black and tan, or fire points. Gordon setter site was used as a hunting dog to track the Scottish and hunting Point on small birds.

They have gained popularity when in early 1820, the race has aroused the interest of the fourth Duke of Gordon. Shortly thereafter, the dogs became known as the Gordon setter ii. Gordon setter is a methodical and skilled hunter.

The first pair of Gordon setter and was imported to America in 1842. Eventually, the race has become a beloved companion dog, besides the fact that it was already an excellent hunting dog.

They were originally known as the Black and Tan Setter (Setter black and brown) color of the coat pregnant later as Gordon Castle Setter. This last item, as the modern name of the race is because of the 4th Duke of Gordon, Sir Alexander (1743-1827) who showed a special interest for these dogs in kennels developing race on his estate.

But weather records outlines that the Dukes Alexander Gordon kennels are found quite a few copies with tricolor coat, placed outside the standard today. The first pair of Gordon Setter was brought to the United States in 1842 by George Blunt and Daniel Webster and came from a kennel on the Gordon. AKC officially recognized the breed in 1892 under the name Gordon Setter Castle, and in 1924 the UK Kennel Club officially adopted the name Gordon Setter.

Food Gordon Setter

Perhaps the best indicator for the health of a Gordon Setter is where its fur. When hair falls nicely on the wing or rich, form a rich and silky robe with a pleasant glow, it means that your dog is receiving oo good balance of vitamins, oils, protein and fat in food.

By contrast, if matted fur stand, it seems always fills and displays a matte tint, "tired", is a sign that something must change in dog food and, consequently, a Gordon Setter you have a health condition not very good.

Gordon Setter breed experts recommend granting smaller portions of food 2-3 in return for a hearty midday meal alone. Being a dog with chest deep in the hull, Gordon Setter is prone to gastric torsion, especially when large amounts of food ingurgiteaza (especially dry food) in a short time.

Even if a large dog, avoid them place the bowl of food on lamps, as you might be tempted, because such a position contributes significantly to increasing the speed of ingestion and thus the risk of triggering a crisis expansion and gastric torsion.

Like any hunting dog, Gordon Setter is always alert, always sensitive to stimuli and indicators around him, proving too little patience for activities "obedient" such as feeding. These dogs are impatient when they feed, "Hapa" fast food and this predisposes them to bloating and various intestinal problems. Returning to the bowl of food, it is best the steel, which allows good hygiene and is resistant.

In this category of vessels feeding it highlights a particular type: that jar with an elevation pronounced in middle cavity storage form which prevents your dog to grasp too much food at once in the mouth and forcing him to eat with sips less .

Never change suddenly and totally one type of food to another, that will trigger unpleasant reactions forthwith. It is normal and such a phenomenon, taking into account that the body adapts slowly and gradually a certain formula feeding and remains dependent for longer or shorter specificity by interdependent processes that are triggered in the wider context digestion.

Description Gordon Setter

Gordon setter site differentiates itself from Irish and English setter them through the body more robust, more massive head and through his wavy and silky coat color. Gordon setter is slender, tall with a massive head, long with rounded lines, chiseled.

The nose is black with nostrils obvious and a pronounced stop and oval eyes are brown with an intelligent expression. The ears are wide, pendulous and sharp at the tip and the tail is straight and bushy, thicker at the base and thinner towards the top.

Deep chest reaches to the elbows, but not be very wide. The feet should be like the cat with arched toes and well coated with hair. Spurs must be amputated.

Gordon setter fur has a rich and silky, smooth or slightly wavy, dark black color, glossy patches of tan to reddish mahogany. The hair is longer limbs, the inner body, ears and tail.

Gordon setter adult site can reach a height at the withers of about 61-69 cm and 58-66 cm from male to female and weighs around 25-36 kg and 20-32 kg male to female.

Behavior Gordon Setter

Gordon setter hunting dog is an agile and highly intelligent, yet his family and loyal subject. They are affectionate dogs, the great companion. Brave, friendly, cheerful Gordon setter site behave irreproachably with children.

May become jealous towards other pets, but is generally tolerant of them. This breed ii palce to roam in search of adventure, so it would be a good idea to have fenced yard.

It needs an owner who is at the same time firm, but patient. Overall, it is a tolerant dog that is willing to adapt to any situation to be around.

Gordon setter is an excellent dog for both sports people and for active families. Hunters qualities are impressive, with a very fine sense of smell, it is apt to recover, get back and hunting ground. Gordon setter loves to run and play with children. Dogs are loyal and trusty, but reserved with strangers.

It's the most docile of all ii setter, acomodandu themselves with greater ease in rural areas where it can run freely in the meadows. They get along well and are tolerant of other pets, but they need to be educated to fugaresca.

Gordon setter can be grown in an apartment. It is relatively inactive inside the home, such as yard size is absolutely necessary.

Training Gordon Setter

With a fine smell, patience, tenacity and a good capacity to cover the land, Gordon Setter can identify nests, colonies or individual birds, hold them position, to indicate quietly to wait for the hunter to approach and take initiative, and finally hunted intake reached.

These characteristics behavior betrays an animal largely autonomous, which is used to take one most decisions of action, to do its job - as they say - according to its senses collaborating with the man in a relationship of interdependence.

So one can benefit from a Gordon Setter shares, but it should not turn it into a simple executor of orders. It takes malleability, a good interpretation of the instinctual traits and their controlled stimulation.

Even if you do not use a Gordon Setter as hunting dog, you really need to go through with it certain training exercises. The dog must acquire the necessary training elements in urban, inner containment training, social interaction (social multiple). For anyone who loves dogs wants a partner behavioral modeling, non-destructive and socially adapted.

The first training exercises should be started early and their focus should be directed equally to the rules of life inside the house and the good interaction with other animals existing in the home or property. Even if life dedicated outdoor dogs, there will be very difficult to teach them to obey specific rules of life in the house. Some early socialization exercises for introducing children and other small animals in the dog's attention are again welcome.

The first orders to be learned in training (and most difficult in memory for a Gordon Setter) are "Here-Come!", "Stay", "Sit!" And "Wait!". Dogs curious, energetic and able to independently configure their actions, Gordon Setter will teach something harder to undergo training commands with restrictive impact in this area.

Every time their exquisite nose will catch an interesting result, difficult times will occur, that will be very tempted to go to "stroll" to give the source of that smell and explore the surroundings. Using leash in the first lessons is vital (even later in the life, when you travel in large spaces, unhampered and little known).

First of all, people dealing dressage must wear exclusively positive ways, often using rewards (food supplements and caresses small). Methods rough, negative background, even too harsh tone of voice do not lead to good results.

Characteristics Gordon Setter

Gordon setter's needs daily exercise may otherwise find ways destructive to consume energy.

Gordon setter site requires daily brushing to remove eventual thistle or tangled hair.

Special attention should be given to the coat during moulting periods.

Gordon setter's moderate and seasonal shed. Also, hair from the limbs must be trimmed and nails must be trimmed monthly.

Bathing or grooming with dry shampoos, powder will be made only when the situation requires.

Health Gordon Setter

As with other races, Gordon setter is not exempt from certain sensitivities medical, so it is recommended regular checks at the veterinary clinic. Increased frequency of diseases have been reported following conditions:

Torsion (dilation) is a disease gastric sudden life threatening animal stomach filling associated with air and twist it.

Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint that results in pain, lameness and arthritis in a row.

Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system that occurs mostly in the age of 2-5 years.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not work properly. In the absence of sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone can cause illness.

In addition, Gordon Setter various eye diseases are predisposed them (progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts).

The average life expectancy of Gordon setter is 10-13 years.

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