Glen of Imaal Terrier dog breed

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  • Country: Ireland
  • Group: Terrier
  • Weight: 5 - 7 kg
  • Height: 30-36 cm
  • Colors: cream, blue, brindle
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: needs brushing and socializing
  • Temperament: gentle, agile, courageous, active
  • Health: robust and strong health
  • Litter size: 5 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 13 - 14 years
  • Other names: Irish Glen Imaal Terrier of Glen of Imaal dog

Glen of Imaal Terrier dog

This dog is grown for centuries in Wieklow county, city gleen of Imaal hence the name.

It was recognized by the Irish Kennel Club in 1933. It was used for hunting foxes, pests, badgers.

Food Glen of Imaal Terrier

In terms of food we can say that Glen Imaal Terrier is of appetite and metabolism effectively.

Food should not be too rich or too much. Movement and exercise is recommended to prevent the deposition of fat (obesity).

This will keep your dog healthy, will prolong life and help in disease prevention.

Description Glen of Imaal Terrier

It is a small dog, rather long than tall, strong. The head is proportional to body, prominent forehead, nose shorter than head, black nose.

The eyes are medium sized, spaced, round, dark. The ears are small, spaced folded back to rest and fully raised or half when carefully. The tail is short, carried high up or cut.

The fur is double, with a first coat fluffy and soft and an outer layer consisting of a medium length hair, thick, thick and shaggy. The color can be dark gray with lighter stripes, straw or brindle.

Behavior Glen of Imaal Terrier

It is an intelligent, less irritable than other Terriers, courageous, balanced, playful, lively.

It is affectionate and devoted to its master, gets along well with children. Foreigners are welcomed with loud reservations.

Some dogs may have a tendency to dominance towards other dogs, but do not have problems with other animals if they have been socialized with them.

Training Glen of Imaal Terrier

Dresaza is a dog that is easy even if sometimes stubborn and dominant.

The training must be consistent and play alternate with training exercises.

Characteristics Glen of Imaal Terrier

This dog is versatile and can live both outdoors and in an apartment.

It has a low activity level and feels good and near a master less active. It needs socialization.

The coat should be trimmed 2 times per year to not get tangled. It is rarely used for hunting and more as a pet.

Health Glen of Imaal Terrier

Generally breed is strong, robust and healthy. Hip dysplasia affects about 30% of the representatives of the breed. One of the few other problems encountered in this breed is the gradual loss of vision or blindness.

With age you should take your dog for regular checkups at the veterinarian. Last question: it is the dog's front legs.

By the age of one year it is better to avoid the animal to put pressure on the front legs to avoid the appearance of problems in bone formation. Matter if he goes down the stairs, jumps out of the car, on the table, etc.Lifespan is 10-15 years.

Pictures Glen of Imaal Terrier


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