German Shorthaired Pointer dog breed

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  • Country: Germany
  • Group: Sporting
  • Weight: 35-60 kg
  • Height: 55-65 cm
  • Colors: white-brown shades of white, black, liver color
  • Training: intelligent and stubborn
  • Grooming: Minimum, needs daily movement
  • Temperament: intelligent, brave, affectionate
  • Health: generally healthy with no major medical problems
  • Litter size: 7 - 7 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Brac german, Deutscher kurzhaariger Vorstehhund, Deutsch Kurzhaar, Kurzhaar, German Shorthaired Pointer, GSP

German Shorthaired Pointer dog

BRAC German pointer comes from the Spanish, which was made in Germany in the 1600s Brac history begins with German shorthaired dogs were used to hunt game birds with nets, especially in Mediterranean countries, in combination with Falconer. Pointers came to the German courts via France, Spain and Flanders.

The most important feature of these dogs was Arete performance. After the 1750 firearm was invented by two pipes need Pointing dog has become urgent. Feather hunting dog was shot in the face. This was the beginning transition from a mere timekeeper to a dog pointers versatile.

In 1872 when the race already had a development and were many breeders began tracking dogs in a book of origin. The first dog registered in the book of Hektor I was a brown and white male breeder and owner Hess, of Zienitz / Goehrde, born in 1872 from Diana and Hektor.

Paul Kleemann was one of the promoters of the race, putting his mark its influence on business growth Brac German shorthaired. His name is immortal passionate race - since 1939, the most prestigious and elitist exam breed bears his name.

Food German Shorthaired Pointer

German Brac is a good diet should be based on a type of age-appropriate nutrition, specific dynamics and waist and sustain us, it is ideal to be represented by food cooked with vegetable intake, flour and animal products treated well.

It is true, I said it and on another occasion, preparing feeding, healthy dog ​​(keeping the balance of vitamins, minerals, salts, fats) can be considered a practice that will consume time, in times in which this resource it becomes increasingly insufficient.

Sometimes it can be considered and expensive, but this opinion can be easily refuted. But it is undeniably very healthy, avoid much of the chemicals (additives, preservatives, dyes, etc.) included in the manufacturing of commercial dog food provenance and, very importantly, strengthens the emotional tie master-animal.

Those who love hunting and a long practice will support the theory that any hunting dog must be included in the menu and raw meat, preferably game.

Description German Shorthaired Pointer

Kurzhaar has dark brown (the color of liver) or black (mono) or combinations of white and one of the two colors mentioned above, or on a white background, stains and splatter colored or uniform mixture of white hair and colored, with or without spots or dark brown wider. These dogs are distinguished by flexibility, athletic, a certain elegance in attitude and movement.

Not too hard, Kurzhaar dog is strong, muscular thighs, capable of quick movements and frequent changes of direction in running and jumping. Hunting dog par excellence, it has a long snout and strong, which allows it to engage fight hard hunting. The eyes should be as dark. Light colored eyes are considered defect in the breed. Breeders prefer to amputate the tail few days after birth, leaving about half of the natural length.

The fur of a German shorthaired Brac is smooth but not thick enough to become waterproof. Wiry haired hunt is recommended in areas with undergrowth, bushes and dense vegetation, and the short-haired for hunting marsh. These special dogs fall into one of the few breeds of hunting that can fulfill all the roles field.

German Brac is any pointer (that indicates where is hunting), but retriever dog track (bring hunted after being shot). This animal proves resistant supple but very good resources in rough terrain or swampy lowlands, is a good swimmer. It can be used for big game. This dog is tenacious, strong and reliable.

Behavior German Shorthaired Pointer

Brac right temperament for a standard German dog is intelligent, brave, affectionate with his owner and his family, cooperative and easy to train. Hunting dog family is able and willing to accompany the master in a game hunting, but happy spending the remaining time with other family members.

It is very good with children, but because it has a high predisposition to play must be tempered and guided towards education and training. Shyness, fear, obedience exaggerated or unprovoked aggression are considered deviant and are not purebred.

This dog appreciate active families and possessing experience in interacting with dogs. Not recommended for families with no experience or those with sedentary tendencies. Outsiders are alert to the territory, with barking sound (are dogs with a remarkable voice), but can not be categorized as a watchdog.

It used to interactions of large and heterogeneous groups of hunters, so sociable and calm will treat foreigners. Strong hunting instinct is right, so pay attention to small animals in the household. Kept isolated and inactive this dynamic and energetic dog will become surly and develop destructive behaviors.

Training German Shorthaired Pointer

German shorthaired BRAC is an intelligent, easy to train, but can also be stubborn and disobedient. Training firm, consistent and correct as necessary. If trained properly, this pointer can excel in obedience and hunting. This dog has a natural protector instinct and should have at least one obedience training, basic. [3]

It is well equipped for a complex and high-risk can be considered as hunting, this dog talented should, in principle, initiated in training people with experience. The first training exercises and lessons of social behavior in dogs race begins Kurzhaar in the general standard of any breeds.

For three months the little puppy will be inoculated them with patience, tenacity and affection rudiments training, will teach the first orders (NOT / IS NOT ALLOWED HERE, and sit, lie down, PAS, etc. STAI) and will be socialized with decor elements with certain people, focusing on areas where it individualizes each item (identify phobias and taboos each puppy, very early, will give you a chance to correct them avoiding deviant behavior).

But from the age of 6 months (and the late onset 8 months) dog breed Kurzhaar must be initiated into what we can call "vocation" to: the training of hunting. It is true, and many lovers of this breed can confirm, a native dowry Kurzhaar makes quite useful in the hunt without a specific training assiduously. In other words, can qualify and to "work".

But as I said, hunting is an activity with significant risk and high stress levels, so any hunting dog must go through a specific training internship. There are many certified instructors able to educate high standard a hunting dog, but the good news is that, theoretically amassing a huge bag (available from many sources, books, Internet sites, etc.) can even you to take care of training in case of a German Brac, this dog is, we repeat, very clever and especially created for the domain.

Less good news is that you must provide a suitable ground, very large, varied mandatory hunted him. We refer to a hunting camp, or at least a large space, or conducive to sustaining wild game (underbrush marsh, forest edge, hills grazing, harvesting or fallow field). In other words, for effective training with this dog, you need a "laboratory" where orders can be understood and instinctive reactions of the dog can be discovered, monitored and educated.

Characteristics German Shorthaired Pointer

The breed is relatively easy to maintain, but must, necessarily, to be provided daily movement.

If left alone, BRAC German shorthaired will find something to do and tends in general to become destructive.

German shorthaired Brac has a short coat that requires minimal care.

Weekly, wiping with a damp cloth will keep the coat clean and shiny.

Health German Shorthaired Pointer

In general, Kurzhaar dog - whether we are talking about vaietatea with short hair or the wire-haired is a healthy animal with fewer medical problems. However, vets and compelling, authorized breeders and those involved in monitoring and preserving the breeds reports about these diseases and conditions whose frequency is higher:

Torsion (dilation) stomach - a sudden condition that can endanger the life of a dog associated filling its stomach with air and twist;

Hip dysplasia - is a malformation of the hip joint that results in pain, lameness and arthritis consecutive. This condition is common to many breeds and has a higher incidence in dogs with intense activity level.

How Kurzhaar dog is prone par excellence (and created) for intense exercise, like hunting dog with powerful qualities, attention must be intensified this disease. In general, if a puppy is fed in excess in the first 8 months of life and is stimulating thus a sharp increase and disproportionate danger of hip dysplasia will be considerably higher;

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not work properly. In the absence of sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone, it can cause illness. Regular visits to a veterinarian and careful consultation by specialist can prevent onset of the disease;

Otitis externa - is an infection of the dog's ears. If you have a German Brac to take part in hunting and double check your dog's ears after close of business, especially if it was the case of intake of water. The ears should be kept dry and clean of eventual parasites or dirt;

Granuloma - caused by excessive licking is considered a behavioral disorder that can occur in response to a variety of stressors that can influence the dog. Watch carefully the reaction of your dog Brac German influences external environment, follow a moderate level in the meetings of training and socialization avoiding to put too much animal in tense situations, give them rewards every time you realize positive performances and, most importantly, make sure your dog a proper and varied pace of activity.

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