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French bulldog

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1. Origin

French bulldog dog breed originated in England. Up here everyone agrees. The story is more complicated because the race 18th century, during which there were several variants.

The first version says that English Bulldog reached the streets of France mated with a smaller local breed of dog in the early 1800s and so was born the French Bulldog.

The second version, which differs from the first appearance and which do much confusion is that English bulldog breeds mated Terrier and Pug dog breed bulldog resulting in French.

Note that the second option is the most popular today. The two versions differ in appearance. The latter is what we describe below.

French Bulldog is very popular today, being the 4th race registered in the US in 2014 and in the top 10 in popularity.

In 1835 the British Parliament enacted the Act Against Animal Cruelty Ban. Shortly appeared French Bulldogs. In 1887 comes the first international canine exhibition in Paris. In just 10 years it is becoming popular worldwide. In 1897 he published the first standard for the breed.

2015 price is somewhere around 400 euros.

2. Food French bulldog

Before you say what you need to eat a French bulldog to be healthy should note that has high obesity trends. If not controlled amount of food that is fed tends to turn into a barrel walked.

It is very greedy and will insist how much can receive even a snack.

Unlike other breeds has a sensitivity that must be considered. Both can be fed dry food, wet food or cat and cooked food. Pay attention to fats, vitamins, minerals, and a combination of carbohydrates and protein while they made ready or buy.

Being a dog food with health problems should be of the highest quality. It can be composed of meat (various types), fats, pasta, fish, rice, liver, bones, vegetables, fruits and others.

Attention to food in large quantities (cabbage, rice, corn, etc.)

Water should be freely available for the dog to quench her thirst when needed.

Food portions should be based on activity level, age and environment. Each dog is unique and may develop allergies, so supervised early days when changing food. If you decide to choose another type of food it should be introduced gradually in 3-4 days quantities of increasingly larger.

3. Description French bulldog

French Bulldog resemble a miniature mastiff. It weighs 9-13kg height of 27-30 cm. Also called bulldog pocket.

Its unique features have made him to be appreciated and loved worldwide. These are the bat ears, the sound (that horcanit because of breathing), muscular body apart, and others.

He has short hair and muscles are well put out. Flat nose and large ears straight gives it a unique look.

4. Behavior French bulldog

French Bulldog dog is playful and lively. He likes to be involved in all activities and be in the middle of attention.

It is a brave race that respond quickly enough if challenged regardless of the size of the opponent.

There is a very active breed. The move makes good, but because they have respiratory problems because of race flattened shape of the nose is not recommended to exaggerate the effort.

Autonomy has very high compared to other breeds, relatively quickly consume their energy and sits in a place where it is possible to fall asleep if not disturbed.

It tends to jump "at stake", especially males.

5. Training French bulldog

French Bulldog is a breed of dog stubborn and independent. Even with a good training tends to settle on it first and then the master.

The focus should be on Obedience training (obedience) to be Somun easier.

It needs socialization to interact easily with other specimens or other animals. Attention to hamsters and other small animals that likes to hunt them.

They are trained to defecate outside.

6. Characteristics French bulldog

Attaches a lot of owners and, in some cases, their presence becomes addicted.

It is easy to maintain due to its small size and short hair. It can be transported easily in vacant. It has a specific pride and a great personaliate.

It lasted for almost aprtament life. Not tolerate or cold temperatures. It can not swim because it's too hard, and because muscle.

Being an excellent companion it is recommended for people age 2 or 3 of the lower level of activity. It recommends the small but supervised to avoid accident or injury.

7. Health French bulldog

French Bulldog birth has a number of chronic problems some, others not, to be taken care of. Is sensors to disease.

The most common diseases are: Willebrand, thyroid, pneumonia, cherry-eye obesity.

French Bulldog can not reproduce naturally due to body shape.

8. Pictures French bulldog

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