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Fila Brasileiro

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1. Origin

Fila Brasileiro, also known as Brazilian Mastiff is a dog solid, characterized by a protective instinct native. Without proper socialization and a training, some dogs can become aggressive.

Fila Brasileiro is one of two breeds of Brazilian origin, the other race being represented by Brazilian Hound. Fila Brasileiro is believed to be one of the first descendent of Spanish and Portuguese mastiff OF THE many believe the English mastiff, bloodhound and the bulldog were used in the development race.

In the eighteenth century, Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors brought these impressive dogs along with them in Brazil. In Brazil, the dogs were perfected and were used for tracking escaped slaves to their masters and to guard properties.

The breed was also used to hunt Jaguars and was even nicknamed "Onceiro" Jaguar hunter. The word "tab" translates to "grab" and refers to the tendency of a dog to attack and not let go for any price.

Finally, Fila Brasileiro was imported to the United States, but is considered a rare breed in. Due to aggressive tendencies native Fila Brasileiro has become a race in bans in some countries is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

2. Food Fila Brasileiro

Brazilian Mastiff is a breed of large dog and his diet is almost as special. It must be respected to avoid health problems.

Many owners make mistakes when choosing their diet, since it is more omnivorous than carnivorous.

Is a dog that is slightly bloated so it is best to avoid gas-producing foods such as broccoli or beans. A healthy diet for your dog is one based on beef, deer, pork, lamb, fish, chicken or turkey.

These meats of choice in combination with yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruits is best to the animal to be fed two or three times a day.

Outside of food and fresh water needs that must have unlimited access to quench thirst.

3. Description Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is a dog with a massive head, a wide mouth and powerful and almond eyes dark.

The body is muscular and the tail is long and curved at the end. Its fur is short and smooth, striped or solid colors.

Fila Brasileiro has a height at the withers 65-75 cm and a body weight of 41-50 kg.

Some males may be even heavier.

4. Behavior Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is a dog with a strong personality, dominant and can be aggressive to strangers. Early socialization, since childhood, is absolutely necessary.

The dog must be restrained by an experienced master and is not suitable for persons would not be able to control. The dog has an excellent sense of smell which makes them a formidable guard dog that attacks and defends his territory without being educated in this regard.

Fila Brasileiro is a very intelligent dog and loyal to his family.

5. Training Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is an independent and trainable breed. Dog training requires a firm but rational and early socialization.

A dog breed Fila Brasileiro well-bred and well-educated, affectionate and friendly is a giant.

Without training, Fila Brasileiro has the potential to be aggressive and constutie real danger.

6. Characteristics Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro dog has been prohibited in many countries due to its aggressive nature.

Fila Brasileiro nesocializat an uneducated and can be difficult to control. Whether trained or not, Tab Brasileiro should not be allowed to roam freely and must be kept on a leash when out in public spaces.

To short and dense fur does not require special care to keep it clean and shiny, being sufficient a regular brushing.

7. Health Fila Brasileiro

Torsion (dilation) is a disease gastric sudden life threatening dog associated filling its stomach with air and twist.

Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint that results in pain, lameness and arthritis consecutive.

Brazilian Mastiff's life expectancy is 9-11 years.

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