Estrela dog breed

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  • Country: Portugal
  • Group: Shepherd and Cattle
  • Weight: Male: 40-50 kg Females: 30-40 kg
  • Height: Males: 65-75 cm Females: 62-70 cm
  • Colors: yellow, brown, gray, brindle
  • Training: Medium
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: protective, suspicious, stubborn, vigilant
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 6 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Estrela Mountain Dog, Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog, Cao da Serra da Estrela

Estrela dog

Estrella is known as one of the oldest dogs that are found in the Iberian Peninsula, history lost in time. It is a constant friend of pastors and a dog extremely vigilant when it comes to guarding the sheep.

The breed was developed specifically Serra da Estrela mountains in Portugal, a place where dogs can be seen today at work. Estrella arrived in the UK in 1974, which took place from dissipating to the rest of Europe. At that time, he developed a connection online that this dog enthusiasts from around the world can talk to each other.

Race is part of the pastoral dogs being bred to guard supplies. In our times, although they are still used in various works, are increasingly often seen in pet dogs posture or so exhibitors and competitors from various dog shows and competitions.

Food Estrela

There are very greedy, so their maintenance in this regard will not be one that puts great material problems.

By comparison, an Estrella is able to eat almost the same amounts of food as a Dane.

It is best to avoid foods high in protein, and have noted that this dog is not picky either, acomodandu the fast with food that is given, whether it is special or master's table.

Description Estrela

A dog of this breed will have a long head and powerful jaws them and they are particularly strong, and the teeth are aligned perfectly.

The eyes are medium sized, oval, dark color is between brown and black. The ears should be high, powerful, small size, triangular in shape, short neck and thin.

The front legs are straight, muscular, with strong bones and back legs, crooked, and they will be particularly strong bones.

The coat can be short or long, flat or slightly raised, but never created, and the hair is short, especially in the head and limbs, but abundant around the neck.

Behavior Estrela

Estrella is a large dog, very strong. They are very vigilant, independent and stubborn, though at the same time, extremely affectionate, very attached to their families, and those who were near.

They are very suspicious foreigners, and it will be very difficult to accept a new owner, if it happens that old to quit them.

They get along well with children and other animals, especially if they are accustomed to small. And in terms of personal protection and to use the post watchdog, probably not very many races can do so better than does an Estrella.

Training Estrela

This dog is very intelligent but also very independent and one. The best way to train a Estrella is to become his partner, something she loves with all his heart, not a dog to enjoy when intimidated.

Like all large dogs could arrive voluntarily go deaf, but is unlikely to do everything so that orders will be heard, if you are given a higher voice.

Regarding exercise, an Estrella about 20-40 minutes are necessary per day, but the dog will not refuse to sit even more than that outside. Is a dog that loves open spaces, does not require much exercise, but is ready to give everything if it is given the opportunity.

Estrella are very agile dogs so if you yard, you have to put a fence high enough that you can not skip. They are small, must stay away from a huge amount of effort that could develop later, some bone problems, and suffer fractures.

Characteristics Estrela

Costs incurred in purchasing a dog of this breed are relatively high, especially if it is a quality dog, originated from a famous kennel or parents champions.

In terms of life expectancy, Estrella can live between 9-15 years, the average age being between 10-12 years.

At birth, a female can give birth to 12 puppies, most often being just two to three.

Health Estrela

It is a generally healthy dog, the owners have big problems in this regard.

However, like any large breed dog is prone to cancer, it can be affected by dysplasia.

Therefore, it is good to look and buy a puppy whose parents were well screened from all points of view.

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