English Mastiff dog breed

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  • Country: England
  • Group: working / mastiff
  • Weight: 65 - 115 kg
  • Height: 70 - 76 cm
  • Colors: peach, brown and striped
  • Training: intelligent, must have patience
  • Grooming: easy, short hair
  • Temperament: intelligent, flexible and courageous
  • Health: prone to obesity, hip dysplasia and gastric torsion
  • Litter size: 5 - 10 puppies
  • Lifespan: 9 - 12 years
  • Other names: English Mastiff, Old English Mastiff, English Mastiff, Mastiff

English Mastiff dog

Mastiff or English Mastiff is a breed of dog originally from England. Being an old breed exact origin is not known, but presumably the origin of the English Mastiff Tibetan Mastiff stand.

It is a popular dog that has left its mark in history through various activities. It was raised to fight other dogs or wild animals, participated in wars.

At the moment it is more prevalent in North America than in Europe. It can be seen easily by the shape and head size and number of colors reduced.

During the world wars that breed was disappearing from starvation.

Food English Mastiff

Food quantity to any dog ​​is calculated according to the marine, weight, activity level. Mastiff is a large dog and must take into account the financial aspect. Often it happens to cost more than an adult's food.

The feed should be based on bones (calcium) and meat (protein). It is recommended daily intake of solid food to be served in 3 meals to prevent intestinal diseases. If your dog has a healthy diet and daily exercise makes you have a healthy and beautiful.

Today many brands have emerged for different types of food canine dogs. Puppies should be fed vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins for a healthy development.

To find out the optimal amount for each mastiff depending on the level of activity should go to a veterinarian. do not be surprised if chickens eat much or more than normal, their level of activity is normal.

When adult mastiff gets taken care REBU the amount of food that is prone to obesity. Do not forget mscarea and water daily.

Fresh water is a necessity for a healthy development. It should not be served with the meal. Water should be freely available for the dog to quench your thirst when needed.

Description English Mastiff

English Mastiff is a large dog. It is among the largest breeds and weighs as equal to a man of medium size.

Males weigh 70-113 kg and females 50-90 kg. The largest mastiff weighed 156 kg and was called Aicama.

It was the size of a donkey smaller and have a length of 251cm from nose to tail tip. The height of a normal mastiff is 76cm. The three colors of the coat are peach, brown or brown-striped in chis.

The head is big and heavy, square head wide. Muzzle relatively short ends with a big black nose. The eyes are dark, V ears rounded at the top left.

The tail is of medium length, thicker at the base tapering to the top. The coat is short and dense.

Behavior English Mastiff

English Mastiff dog is calm, intelligent, docile and courageous.

The only reason it is not recommended for young children to play with his mastiff is due marimiii impresionalte, not to be hit by mistake. Mastiff loves and tolerates children well is a family dog.

Over time mastiff breed has appeared in numerous publications, commercials (McDonald's) and movies (Rocky, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers, Marmaduke).

If you want to buy a young mastiff and do not forget to test the thyroid and hip dysplasia.

Training English Mastiff

Training Mastiff should not be exhausting. Although chicken is still recommend it be done with patience and consistency to a certain limit. The dog is in development and due to the weight the bones become deformed if required repeat the exercises improperly or excessively.

It is appreciated that responds well to training although for him it is a difficult process.

After learning basic commands and mastered them well can proceed to the next step of socialization.

This can be done most simply walking with your dog in areas of increasingly crowded. It is recommended to gradually move from quiet zones in areas crowded with both people and dogs.

In general it is a dog who likes to socialize so after it gets used will appreciate if often led among peers.

Characteristics English Mastiff

Mastiff is a very active dog that needs exercise and daily exercise. They are required to keep at a distance and avoid health problems.

Care is easy due to short coat. It requires regular brushing with exceptional moulting period that should be brushed daily.

Cage or place that stands to be most comfortable to peveni calluses, arthritis others.

At first the breed was prized for defense and security. Today it is called gentle giant that is peaceful and loving with children.

Health English Mastiff

At birth took care of the puppies because they have soft bones. It happened cases where the female sat on them, and the heaviness and said the word.

The underlying block (I hope that is not the case) have problems with washing, drooling and snoring (more or less depending on the item). Thoroughly clean the ears, eyes and nails.

Special care should be taken to hip dysplasia and gastric torsion. Other minor problems are obesity, heart, eyes, allergies or rupture of ligaments.

English Mastiff's life expectancy is 9-12 years.

Pictures English Mastiff


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