Norwegian Elkhound dog breed

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  • Country: Norway
  • Group: Hunting
  • Weight: 20 - 25 kg
  • Height: 45-55 cm
  • Colors: gray, silver
  • Training: Medium
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: bold, alert, loyal, playful, stubborn
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 5 - 10 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Norsk Elghund Gra, Norsk Elghund Sort, Norwegian Elkhound dog

Norwegian Elkhound dog

As archaeological evidence shows, breed Norwegian Elkhound is very old, her ancestors were bred in Norway for over 7000 years.

In the old days, these dogs were distinguished from wolves by using tail, which they kept it curled back.

Is a dog that has proven to be very adaptable and is widely known today.

Food Norwegian Elkhound

If you are thinking to acquire Norwegian Elkhound or you got a need to take into account that is a being who needs besides caressed and play carefully.

Food is an important aspaect in the life of a dog. Besides exercise, if food is balanced and contains all the vitamins, minerals and proteins it needs, your dog will be a happy animal.

If you are a dog owner who offers home-cooked meals for him or canned master who buy at the store to save time, it is good to know that it periodically is good to eat solid food, like the famous "bean" for a- and clean teeth.

It recommended a diet based on fat easily with potatoes, cereals, rice, etc. It is best to avoid foods that produce gas or loose stools (eg, cabbage, corn) or to offer them in smaller quantities.

Water must be present always fresh. Beware of toxic products (eg chocolate) and the amount of animal feed can lead to obesity.

Description Norwegian Elkhound

The head is broad and triangular nose cone, oval and dark eyes, medium size, erect ears, triangular, set high, wide and deep chest, and tail tightly curled and carried over the back.

Besides the lower layer of waterproof coat, which gives a very good protection against the cold, it has a top layer with thick fur.

Males can reach a height of 54 cm, while females can reach a height of 49 cm. Maximum weight can be between 22 and 25 kg.

Behavior Norwegian Elkhound

This dog is very brave, intelligent, bold, very strong, lively, independent and stubborn but can be.

Devoted and sensitive to master, accepts children when not pestering. Notify strangers, being reserved to them.

Accept other dogs, but can be dominant sometimes (rarely, but it happens).

Be socialized with other small household animals to treat them not as a game.

Training Norwegian Elkhound

It must be trained by an experienced person because it is an independent and stubborn dog.

The training must be firm, consistent balanced without being harsh, severe, not punish.

It is still used to hunt large wild animals, sometimes for guarding or as a pet.

Characteristics Norwegian Elkhound

This dog is weather resistant and feels best outdoors in a colder climate.

It can accommodate and in a house but needs daily exercise, but running took care of the smell can escape if hunting and is difficult to stop.

Health Norwegian Elkhound

One problem you can face if you have such a dog is progressive atrophy of the retina, leading eventually to blindness.

Before taking over of a Norwegian Elkhound, make sure it has been checked by a vet.

Pictures Norwegian Elkhound


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