Dachshund dog breed

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  • Country: Germany
  • Group: Toy
  • Weight: Standard: over 5kg, Miniature: under 5kg
  • Height: Standard: 20-27cm, Miniature: 13-18cm
  • Colors: black, chocolate, red, blue, cream, brown
  • Training: stubborn, relatively easy
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: playful, devoted, smart, stubborn, courageous
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 4 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 13 - 17 years
  • Other names: Standard Dachshund, Miniature Dachshund, Toy Dachshund, Kaninchen, Doxi, Wiener Dog, Little Hot Dog Hotdog Dog, Sausage Dog, Long Dog, Little Burrow Dog Earth Dog, Badger Dog, Dackel, Dachshund, Tekkel Doxi, Bassotto It had arrived, Worshond, Perro salchicha, Taksis

dachshund dog

Dachshund or teckel, is originally from Germany in 1600. Raised to hunt small animals such as badgers, weasels and ierpuri, dachshund has short legs to track these animals and inside the hole where you can fight to the death . Dachshund original name, which means Badger Dachs.

Dachshunds have many similar characteristics of terriers, they are brave and versatile. And was used to track the otters and foxes. Race population has drastically decreased in the 2nd World War, but began to grow after he was imported to the USA. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Food Dachshund

If you choose a dachshund and his diet consists of food purchased and want to pass it on food or mixed homemade is better to do it gradually to avoid digestive problems. This is done by introducing mass of new dishes daily little by little. When it comes to food shopping they should preferably be dry enough in terms of nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

There are several ways supravechere the diet of a dachshund, or a dog in general. If her weight fluctuates over time, the skin is dry or observe the animal do not like eating food and hunger, it is better to choose another brand of food. Portiiloe size of food will be determined by the size, weight and activity level of your dog. To ensure optimal portion which is at a meal is best to consult a veterinarian if you let your dog to choose how much you need to eat, this will lead to obesity.

Usually two meals a day are sificiente for a dachshund. When it comes to occasional small gifts in the form of food, dachshund shows very interested. It is good to reward especially when it is growing and needs to learn some rules, but do not overdo it as do not become addicts of them.

Description Dachshund

There are 3 types of dachshund: short-haired, long-haired and wiry hair. Dachshund is a dog with more body longer than tall, muscular and with short legs.

It has elongated head with protruding eyebrows and slightly convex skull. The snout is long, teeth should meet in a scissors bite. Almond-shaped eyes were red-black color or brown-black. Ear phones and long rests on the cheek. The tail is carried in line with your back. Short-haired breed must have shiny coat, smooth and uniform.

Dachshund can be found in many colors: black, red (from strawberry blond color), brown, tan, gray-blue. They can be seen and color combinations: body may see one or two colors, stains can vary from several to 50% of his body. They appear to cross mating.

Behavior Dachshund

Dachshund is curious, intelligent, lively, affectionate, proud, brave and funny. Is devoted to the family can be difficult to train, but not impossible. This dog needs a master who knows how to impose himself as a leader, otherwise he will take your order and will appear dificulati communication can become difficult with children will clamor for toys, furniture scratch, bite and tear diverse, etc.

They are usually recommended for adults.

This race has the instinct to dig. Generally get along well with other pets, but can be jealous, stubborn and sometimes bite. If not trained properly sometimes refuse to be manipulated.

Dachshund is one of the most popular pets in the United States in 2008, ranking the 7th place is preferred by urban residents. Dachshund is a symbol of German cartoonists often using dog image. He was elected as the first official mascot for the Summer Olympics in 1972 in Munich named Waldi. There is a special running during the Dachshund, and other competitions.

Training Dachshund

Dachshunds are similar in many breeds it first of all by the body shape and behavior. When you bring a dachshund in a new house it is good to know who is the master.

Once whom should learn to obey commands will learn easily and automatically, the training will be easier. If sleeping in the house is good to be putting a towel, sponge or something where he can curl not be cold. These small details matter much in the dog's development.

It is also good to know if chicken with patience will learn where to defecate or when it will be taken out. Dachshunds are intelligent dogs that can master quickly understand the requirements. Unfortunately there will always be so because she's stubborn side.

Characteristics Dachshund

Some allergic reactions to vaccines little more often as the other races. Obesity due to which we have specified food and nutrition and to write a few words and common diseases.

Because he has a long, thin body, a large table column means more pressure on the spine, which is not seen in other breeds; Combined with gourmet appetite is a combination that has not exactly happy for animal health.

Health Dachshund

There is no truly common disease, most chickens are born healthy and live long enough, but as with any breed of dog there is a chance to be more affected by certain diseases. One of these problems is the weight. Many breeders Dachshund know if the animal is not properly injrijit food is prone to obesity.

Another problem is with the adrenal gland which is manifested by skin disorders, hair loss, diabetes. There is a chance that several eye diseases affecting dachshund. Along with aging may be some symptoms that must be treated before the disease affect the body, they can be discovered through regular exams. By far the most common disease is linked dachshund discs between the vertebrae column.

Gelatinous disc is a cushion between bones that, given ages and hardens with time or break causing problems. No disc herniation is not excluded. The signs are pain herniated disc, a reluctance to jump, paralysis of the hind legs.

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