Curly Retriever dog breed

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  • Country: England / UK
  • Group: Sporting
  • Weight: 25 - 39 kg
  • Height: 63-69 cm
  • Colors: black, liver color, brown
  • Training: easy, it is intelligent
  • Grooming: moderate attention to curly fur
  • Temperament: intelligent, energetic, cheerful, noisy
  • Health: may have eye problems, hip dysplasia or epilepsy
  • Litter size: 7 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 8 - 14 years
  • Other names: Curly Coated Retriever, Curly, CCR dog

Curly Retriever dog

This breed more prevalent in England, Australia and New Zealand and is the result of crossbreeding between Terranova, Irish Water Spaniel, English Water Spaniel and Poodle old type, disappeared today.

Curly haired Retriever was bred for hunting small birds and environments. Today is a popular breed in Europadestul and quite rare in the United States.

Food Curly Retriever

To provide energy, food must be solid; experts recommend a natural diet based on meat and vegetables plus dog food.

2-3 hours morning and evening meals at fixed about help getting used to establish a balance and metabolism.

Fresh water must be at discretion.

Description Curly Retriever

It is a medium to large dog, well built, stronger, more long than tall.

It has a long skull, quite large, with a muzzle equal in length to the skull, trapezoidal format, black nose. The eyes are large, brown or black.

The ears are relatively small, covered with curly hair, sharp left. The tail is tapered, medium length, covered with curly hair, held up high in the back.

The coat is waterproof, created, apart from the face and legs and black or dark red to brown.

It's a big dog (has a height of 57.5 to 67.5 and a weight of 30-38 kg) with a robust and powerful body.

Behavior Curly Retriever

It is an intelligent, energetic, cheerful, noisy.

It is obedient and devoted to its master, loving and patient with children if not bothered too much, quite cautious with strangers.

Generally get along with other dogs and other animals in the household.

Under normal circumstances, the dogs of this breed get along well with other dogs and other animals in the household.

Provided it does not bother these dogs are very patient with children.

Training Curly Retriever

With a firm training, consistently varied without being harsh or severe can get good results fairly quickly because it is an intelligent, savvy quickly and wants to please its master even has a side independence and males are dominant than females.

Dogs of this breed are smart enough to understand what is expected of them.

Make the training challenging exercises for dogs and vary the monotony Since we could make him lose interest. Remember, you must be consistent.

Characteristics Curly Retriever

This dog is weather resistant, with a fairly high level of activity which likes to move, to be occupied, otherwise it may become disobedient.

Canine likes sports, especially field, swimming, to fetch. Feels best in a fenced yard where they can move freely.

The coat will be brushed during shedding to remove dead hair and scraped but not very hard to not destroy the texture of the coat.

Eventually, after brushing fur will be watered with a sponge to regain created. If it gets too long can be trimmed slightly to shorten it.

It is a hunting dog in any field, a good watchdog and a pleasant companion.

Health Curly Retriever

The vast majority of dogs of all breeds, even mixed breeds can live a long life if given the proper care and make routine visits to the veterinarian.

Yet any dog ​​can fall victim to a wide range of issues acquired or hereditary. A good breeder of race should take account of existing problems and try to reduce these problems in the future.

Some of the problems are seizures, cancer, heart problems and other possible hereditary problems.

Hip dysplasia. It is a common problem on wheels retriever breeds and other breeds of similar size or larger. It is a malformation of the hip which can be diagnosed only through X-ray

If you are looking for a young retiever find out as much information about parenting.

Cancer. Unfortunately it is a disease that can be seen and retiever. Increasingly more dogs of all breeds are diagnosed with cancer.

When you get a chicken try to find out how long they have lived parents and even grandparents and especially why it died and at what age. It has happened in some cases dogs have lived only 5-6 years which is not normal for this race.

Curly hair can be a problem if it is not maintained. Problems may arise in the work visible dog. Allow for skin problems like rashes, itching or other complications.

It is therefore recommended to be careful when you buy a puppy's health because it is easier and cheaper than walking to the vet and any medication and unwanted interventions.

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