Coton de Tulear dog breed

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  • Country: Madagascar
  • Group: Toy
  • Weight: 5 - 7 kg
  • Height: Males: 25-30 cm Females: 22-27 cm
  • Colors: black, white, tri-color, gray and white
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: playful, boisterous, intelligent, loving
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 4 - 6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 14 - 16 years
  • Other names: tsvergshpitsa, Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, Pom, Pompom dog

Coton de Tulear dog

Coton de Tulear (Bichon cotton) is the city dog ​​Madagascar. It dates back about 500 years. It is named after the port city of Tulear in Madagascar. It was a dog appreciated the tallest people of Madagascar and Madagascar was the royal race.

Even though today is not so popular in the home it is widespread in many countries of the world, including in Romania. From our sources in the 2010-2011 academic year were 6-7 copies Coton de Tulear dog purebred in Romania.

Part of the family and group Bichon IX FCI and successfully represent small pet dogs and leisure.

How they got on in Madagascar not sure. As with other dogs tradition nobody knows their exact origin. More Varina, some more credible others less credible, and circulate today.

Rumor has it that pirates were brought or were brought by French nobles and royal gift made in Madagascar. The second version is assumed because of the popularity he had a little quadruped in France.

A more popular is that Coton de Tulear dog breed arrived in Tulear after a shipwreck of a vessel that were and dogs. After sinking dogs have reached the shore. Last and most logical solution is that bichon dog breeds coming from France were paired with small terriers and Maltese to give this unique breed.

Rasa has resisted for years, by changing the form of government in Madagascar have further breed popularity. It has issued a series of stamps with Coton de Tulear image. Since the beginning of the century Europeans began to handle the selection and standardization of the breed.

In 1970 Louis Petit (canine association president of Madagascar) and Raymond Triquet (FCI committee chair) proposes race toward standardization. Shortly race is officially recognized by FCI (Federation Canine International) in 1971. It had a great impact in Europe becoming popular.

How can you not love the dog that radiates energy and joy?

Food Coton de Tulear

Bichon cotton can be fed with food bought from specialty stores, as well as cooked food. If you choose cooked foods do not forget protein-vitamin-fat proportions. Many prefer the rice with carrot and meat.

Pay attention to the type of food and the effects on the dog. Dogs are sensitive especially when young. When you change the type of food you should do it gradually and track your dog's reaction. Can be allergic to certain foods or food. Fortunately there is a dog prone to obesity because it has an energy that we consume daily.

Fresh water must be provided daily and discretion for their thirst when needed.

A quality food can be seen in daily activity level, mood and coat color.

Description Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear has a height of 20-30cm and weighing 4-7kg. It's a small dog. His head slightly wide, wide, black nose and dark eyes are round and of medium size. The triangular-shaped ears do not really see because they are covered by long hair.

The coat is medium length, is slightly wavy and soft. Coton de Tulear's name (cotton comes from French and means cotton) is all about soft fur and fluffy. The body ends with a tail that carries up or left.

Coton de Tulear beard. The hair grows so large and often that, if not trimmed, she can cover the entire eye.

Bichon cotton comes in three colors: white, black, brown or black and white (tricolor).

Behavior Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear is an active dog and smart, with the mood to play and friendly. It is characterized by emotionality. Try to make pleasure to its owner and is loving and patient with children.

He does not like loneliness and loves the company of other dogs or other animals.

He likes to bounce and do various tricks, which is why we meet and the circus. Do not tolerate low temperatures. His favorite activity is to consume their energy can be hopping on the field as much.

If only dog ​​adapts and the most sedentary humans. If socialize with other dogs and with ease and a bounce ..

Training Coton de Tulear

It is a breed of dog intelligence commands and learn from easy. Try to please master how well and quickly as possible.

As in any race, even if it is sociable, even small have learned basic commands (sit, sit, wait, etc.) for not doing nonsense later. It is easy stubborn so I have to be patient with him. Training sessions are short and to the point.

It is recommended to make a place where the dog can not be distracted by other animals or activities. Do not forget the rewards and praise when making progress.

Characteristics Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear has a fancy coat that requires brushing often enough, almost every day, because it has soft fur and long tends to confuse. The wires death and they must be removed. Periodically be taken to the vet for hair removal ears and between the pads of the feet.

Is a dog that adapts easily to living in the apartment and in the yard. If kept in the apartment and went regularly outside his body gets used easily masters program.

He likes the water, likes to swim, play ball, play with children or other dogs. It has other skills such as agility, which can be developed with training and exercises.

Even if you have long hair, Coton de Tulear does not shed and do not cause allergies. If cared for properly it does not smell. It used to be a dog clean and if respected daily walks will not make a mess in the house. Even Coton de Tulear pups tend to be careful with hygiene.

FCI accept only white copies and copies accept the American bicolor and tricolor even. We do not accept this at exhibitions and competitions some specimens clipped. Brown or black spots are considered eliminating faults.

Health Coton de Tulear

It is a healthy breed. The most common disorders found among these dogs are heart disease, eye diseases, diseases of the spine or liver disease.

Coton de Tulear dog syndrome may suffer small.

Life expectancy is higher than other breeds. Can live up to 14-18 years in exceptional cases may exceed 20 years.

Pictures Coton de Tulear


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