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1. Origin

The Chihuahuas exact origin is uncertain, but many believe that his ancestors were an important part of the Toltec life, an ancient mexican civilization dating from the ninth century. The Toltecs called this dog "Techichi". After the Aztecs defeated the Toltecs, the breed has seen a rise for several centuries. The Chihuahua was so revered that archaeologists found their remains in ancient tombs.

In 1520, Hernando Cortes conquered Mexico, leaving just a few records about the fate of the Chihuahua. For centuries, the breed has been lost throughout history. In the late 1800's the breed was rediscovered and renamed Chihuahua after the northern state of Mexico where many statues representing this dog were found. Later, it was proven that a multitude of remains discovered near Mexico city belonged to the Chihuahua breed dogs.

2. Food Chihuahua

Although picky about food, greedy with their favorite foods, their weight should be monitored carefully, but also the glucose level, because they are prone to hypoglycemia. Often, they dont completely change the milk teeth at the specific age; this aspect should be checked to avoid future complications.

3. Description Chihuahua

It is a very small dog, with a well-shaped body, pretty solid, slightly longer than tall. It has a large head, round like an apple, with fine jaws, short and slightly pointed muzzle, short nose and pigmented with the fur's color. The eyes are large, round, apart, less prominent, full (no white). The ears are large, distant, "bat" like, high when moving and low on the side when still.

The tail is medium length, worn rolled on the back. There are two varieties: long haired and short haired. The first type has long hair, straight or curly, soft and may have a mane around the neck, fringed tail, ears, legs and it is rarely met. The second type has short hair, soft, shiny, straight, well attached to the body. It can be of any color or combination of colors such as black, white, blue, red, with or without white or dark spots.

4. Behavior Chihuahua

The Chihuahuas have a tiny and fragile body, they are real dogs that have all the instincts and needs of any other dog. They impress by the ability to love unconditionally and their loyalty.

The Chihuahua is an extremely loyal dog that will form a very strong relationship with his owner, he will chose one or two favorites among the family members. Sometimes it can become overprotective and jealous of the attention you're giving someone else. However these tendencies are unlikely to appear if the dog was trained firmly, but also with kindness from the beggining.

The Chihuahuas seek and claim attention from the owner, whose face they love to lick, and have a strong will. Their creative and curious nature makes them find different ways to gain the attention of others.

The owners are the sun in the Chihuahua's sky. They need to spend as much time as they can in their company, to communicate and interact with them. This dog hates to be left alone, even for a short time, and will express its loneliness by being distructive, but fortunately the Chihuahuas are quite portable and so their desire of being around people can be satisfied.

They are known for the loud barking when left alone and for the anxiety manifested in those moments. Reserved with other dogs, will take some time to feel comfortable in the presence of unknown visitors of the house, but should not be angry towards them. The Chihuahuas are excellent watchdogs, always alert and interested in everything going on. They will immediately let you know when someone unknown is approaching or if something unusual is happening on his territory. Bold and brave, will engage in any conflict regardless the size of the dog provoking him, and will risk their lives for their owner at any time without the slightest hesitation.

The Chihuahua is a delicate dog, with fine bone structure and although energetic, not a suitable play partner for young children as it can be hurt by wrong handling, especially when pup, and his vigurous personality will not tolerate teasing. For those who understand that the Chihuahuas are not toys or babies that need to be carried around all the time, that they do not like to be treated like pampered beings, the Chihuahuas prove to be smart, pleasant and true friends.

Basic Obedience training of this dog should start as early as possible for it to turn into a joy to live next to and to be well received everywhere he goes in society. Equipped with a particular intelligence they are easy to train if you use positive methods of education, food rewards and sincere praise for the progress made. Nervousness and harsh words or physical corrections will only have negative affects on its rate of learning and desire to comply with the will of his master, in which he will lose confidence. Only if you establish a relation based on mutual respect and affection between you and him, the latter shall give the best of him and will be happy to cooperate.

Chihuahua dogs get along well with representatives of the same breed, they have the clan spirit, preferring them over other breeds. Some are true solar batteries, they love to lay in the sun for hours, but this must be carefully monitored because their body does not tolerate well extreme temperatures. Their kindness and gentle nature makes them an ideal choice for the elderly and disabled.

5. Training Chihuahua

They are pretty hard to train. It requires patience, love and perseverance. They respond best when rewarded. They need to be taught to socialize with humans and other animals from youth. When you need to punish them, you can send them to the cage or hit them with a newspaper. It makes more noise and scares them.

6. Characteristics Chihuahua

The long-haired dogs' fur should be brushed regularly, and those with short hair should be brushed occasionaly with a rubber brush. Eye drops should be used in preventing the "tear stains". It is better to avoid fattening these dogs, because obesity can lead to narrowing of the airways. Teeth of the pup must be regularly checked to be sure that the milk teeth have fallen. Sometimes these remain between the permanent ones and their removal requires surgery.

7. Health Chihuahua

In general, the Chihuahua is a resistant and healthy dog, with few medical issues. however, these diseases and disorders have been reported: Hydrocephalus, a disorder characterized by accumulation of fluid in the brain; Hypoglycemia, a condition associated with dangeroues lowering blood glucose levels; Patellar luxation, a disorder that affects the kneecap(patella); Cryptorchidism, a condition manifested by the absence of migration of one or both testicles in the scrotum; Tracheal collapse is represented by reducing the diameter of the trachea that causes a persistent cough.

The life expectancy of a Chihuahua is of 15 to 18 years.

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