Caucasian Shepherd dog breed

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  • Country: Russia / Georgia / Armenia / Azerbaijan
  • Group: Working
  • Weight: 45-50 kg
  • Height: 65-75 cm
  • Colors: Almost all colors, less black and liver color
  • Training: needs discipline
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: active, calm, suspicious, strong
  • Health: is a rezistant dog race
  • Litter size: 5 - 8 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Azerbaijani Shepherd Dog, Caucasian Shepherd, Caucasian Ovcharka, Georgian Nagazi, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Sheep Dog Circassian, Armenian Khobun Dog, Kars (Kafkas) Kopegi

Caucasian Shepherd dog

In the area of ​​origin of this breed of dogs, vast and complex area (both in geographically and demographically) this noble animal is called Kavkazskaya Ovcharka briefly KO. Speaking of home, we can say Caucasian Shepherd is one of the first domesticated breeds (somewhat) of OM, dog keeping today, in the opinion of experts, many of wolves dominant traits: independence, love of freedom, courage and aggressiveness.

It supported the idea that the direct ancestor of the Tibetan Mastiff large dog is massive, described in 1845 by William Y..

After emigrating from east dogs ancestors were extended on large territories being used for fighting and guarding flocks. Until the early twentieth century, when transportation networks more efficiently covered territories occupied by different populations of Asian, Caucasian peoples lived relatively isolated, so their dogs have retained the same characteristics observable today. But began 150 years ago this territory conquered by Tsarist Empire (Russia).

Thus Caucasian Shepherd breed dogs began to be used to guard military units, especially during the Russo-Turkish conflict. Russian army adopted in the second half of the eighteenth century a special order that protects all fortresses dogs involved in military operations (1765-1774 campaign).

In 1930, at Nuremberg, are presented for the first time in an exhibition three dogs of this breed, beautiful animals gaining the attention of both the public and the press, which he called "Giants Red" (referring to Russia Red / Communist, no coat color of these dogs). The years that followed, marked by political violence practiced by the USSR in the deportations and destruction of great Of The Second World War had severely affected the race.

Many breeders of dogs made random mating, resulting animals and degenerate race lines compromised. Fortunately this sheepdog fate had other similar breeds (Mongolian shepherd or shepherd Kyrgyz) and using Russian cynologists (Ilina, Bogolyubsky, Vaysman, Mazover) managed to preserve the breed.

Reality and fiction merge regarding the origins of this dog and the amount stories about these animals is after all even the charm of this breed. Area "belonging native" today comprises Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and even parts of Iran and Turkey, where there are now natural populations of Caucasian Shepherd.

What must be clear is that these dogs are not herding and German Shepherd, Scottish, shelters, etc. are not dogs of European origin produced by human intervention in order to control the herd (this type of activity requiring a dog obedient to stature medium body cell).

Shepherd dogs are having a much older origin, having meant to protect the flock from predators (including humans), natural selection is done and is characterized by an imposing stature, aggressiveness and independence. Native name is Volkodav (wolf dog), but in Russia is known by the diminutive which means somewhere ovcharka shepherd dog.

Food Caucasian Shepherd

Feeding Caucasian Shepherd is a daily event (besides attention, tenderness and involvement in various physical activities) which commits the leading master alpha and ensure adequate food dog responsibly. Because the dog is a related species of wolf (Canis lupus) it is predominantly carnivorous.

Besides animal foods: beef, pork, chicken, horse, goose, turkey, mutton, lamb and fish fillet (not very large quantities) recommended a series of vegetables (beware of the toxic-ex.ceapa ) such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, potatoes (boiled in shell and crushed), carrots (grated), celery, parsley, green beans and cabbage (not very often).

To complete source of protein, amino acids and carbohydrates are very recommendable pork and beef organs (liver, kidney, lungs), pasta, eggs (preferably boiled), cereals, milk, cheese and fruit (occasionally). Bones and they represent a favorable source of calcium but they must be of equine origin or beef without bone chips and enough.

Given food should be well cooked for homogenization and ration should be supplemented depending on the activity level of your dog. The portions of the Caucasian Shepherd puppies are 7 in total (4 months) gradually decreasing from 3 to 2 years of age (prior to maturity). To keep your dog healthy appetite and need daily min. 30 minutes of walking in areas with clean air (forest, meadow, mountain, park).

Water should be freely available. Nutritional supplements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.) Can be administered in the growth of the dog's veterinary advice. A diet based on commercial products (mostly treated with chemicals) is avoided (leading to various skin diseases, allergies, constipation), which is in contrast to the diet of a true mountain dog.

Description Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd dog breeds is big, strong and imposing. It is thicker and stronger bones and a thick layer of moss. A Caucasian Shepherd ideal weight is between 46-82 kg.

However, some individuals can reach up to 100 kg. Minimum height of a Caucasian Shepherd is about 64 cm to 68 cm in males and females.

There are three types of Caucasian Shepherd:

Gerogian type - is asemeneator appearance with Armenian type, except that is slightly taller.

Type Azerbaijani - Armenian type is different from the fur and Georgian small.

Armenian guy - this guy has long hair and fringes on the limbs and tail shows; in the head and neck it forms a ridge.

Regardless of type, a Caucasian Shepherd fur is gray or black with different light shades like white, beige, brown or reddish.

The head is massive and strong. The dog has broad forehead and a medium length muzzle. Compared to the rest of the body, the neck is short. And left ears are quite small.

The legs are tall, thick and strong. They end up with massive paws and heavy. Dog's tail hanging down and its tip is slightly curved outward.

Behavior Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd is an active dog with mentally strong, balanced and calm. Has developed a strong defensive instinct, ferocity and distrust towards strangers are characteristic. Although it has a fairly developed sense of humor, this dog does not play when it comes to fight, no matter how harmless it may be.

Living conditions and social rules in the area where the breed was formed not have much in common with Western tolerance and democratic life. Although it seems a large dog and cumbersome Caucasian is an athlete and is extremely agile when they have to do their duty. Takes its reception area in which they live, and what dog "topografiaza" inevitably passes its property (cats in the household, the laundry out to dry .. everything).

It may be unthinkable to determine when "service" and is able to give their lives to protect their property.

FCI standard says that is leery about Caucasian and exhibits a typical ferocity opposite foreigners. This should only than subsided, which is possible through a program of socialization should begin at age 2 months and be kept constantly up to 2 years.

During this period, the dog must be trained to react Caucasian baby naturally to people, friends and strangers and to other animals. Generally show a dominant attitude towards other dogs.

Training Caucasian Shepherd

During the process of socialization and training games that I can avoid stress reactions aggressive and focus more on the "civilization" was. It is not in anyone's interest to sharpen and so pretty wild temperament of the dog. A Caucasian needs education, disciplining more, because he has to understand it is just a puppy who is the "leader of the pack" in which he lives, who is a friend, when they produce a truly dangerous situation, but more especially means harmless.

Easy to learn and can be trained for any activity. This dog can be a steward of the property, only police dog or pet dog. Cute, funny, adorable even as a puppy, it should not be trained to guard innate nurturing their property anyway because this is what dominates the instinct existence. Puppy being mature more slowly than other breeds and is not a candidate for utility contests like "Schutzhund".

They are trained to control their reactions, to develop a proper emotional balance and charge different situations in everyday life. Socialization does not inhibit his natural instincts guard at all perfect, but she develop intelligence and intuition.

Characteristics Caucasian Shepherd

A large dog who will defend his property to limit ferocity. It is a strong dog that requires little training to control the situation permanently.

If it does not socialize as any dog ​​can react differently to sounds, scare, etc.

It needs space when it comes to moving. Space because it is a big dog.

Definitely NOT a dog apartment has nego a courtyard where to move. Attach than master, it is affectionate towards other dogs and does not like strangers.

Health Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd is a very rustic breed who suffer from serious diseases. But problems can occur at the hip (hip dysplasia), eyes (ocular heterocromie ~ very drooping lower eyelids), stomach (dilation-torsion of the stomach) and less disease elbow.

Pictures Caucasian Shepherd


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