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Cane Corso

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1. Origin

Cane Corso is an imposing dog, which resembles a mastiff but do not show typical skin wrinkled other mastiff breeds. It is a powerful and effective watchdog.

Also known as Italian Mastiff, it is thought to be an ancient breed, whose history begins in dogs molos the Romans. Another race is thought to originate from molos Neapolitan mastiff, a dog with a smaller and darker than the coat color of the Cane Corso.

Cane Corso is faster and more agile. Neapolitan mastiff is known for its strength. Besides being a dog descendant of molos novel, Cane Corso is also considered a remodeling, a recreation of Shepherd Italian, also known as the Cane di Macellaio, a dog that initially met popularity in Sicily.

Cane Corso is known that the name originates from the word cohors, which means guardian court.

It can be found under the following names: Cane di Macellaio, Branchiero Sicilian, Italian Cane Corso Mastiff or.

2. Food Cane Corso

Both can be fed dog food bought with food and home. In general Cane Corso dog is not picky and can be fed every dish respecting general food that they can digest without problems.

If you want to change your dog's diet it can do without risking the dog food allergies in 5-6 days gradually combining new type of food with the old one. Regardless of the brand and provienta food protein and calcium content is a key factor in the growth and health of the dog.

Many commercial products contain "fillers" that are detrimental cheap dog. Staff can give you recipes for eating (eg boiled chicken fillet with rice, egg (calcium), etc.), but the best is that the diet of a dog to be established with a veterinarian for it to have a long and healthy life . Each diet varies from animal to animal depending on the energy consumed daily, movement, etc.

Note that corn is not recommended for dogs in large amounts.

3. Description Cane Corso

Pedigree dog is a massive, wrinkled skin that shows no feature other mastiffs. It shows a large head, broad ears that can be cut and left to hang like two triunghiulete, near the head.

It has round eyes, neither too big nor too small spaced. Dark eyes are preferred in the breed, but eye color corresponds to coat color, from black to brown.

The coat is short and dense, being present in the following varieties: black, black-red, brown, tan, blue and striped with white spots present on chest, neck, face and fingertips. The tail is typically shortened to one-third of its natural length.

The adult shows an average height of 64-68 cm at the shoulder from 60-64 cm male and female. Body weight is around 45-50 kg and 40-45 kg male to female.

4. Behavior Cane Corso

Personality Syndrome breed has a strong, dominant and can be aggressive to strangers. Early socialization of these dogs is strongly recommended.

This breed should be mastered by experienced owners and is not recommended for people who do not control. This dog is very smart and loyal to his family.

In medieval times they were used to catch large hunting and fighting dogs. Since they have not been used to hunt were employed as pastors, serving to hand grazing animals.

It is a highly effective protector of both cattle and his family.

5. Training Cane Corso

It is a very trainable breed. Dogs are intelligent and energetic owners are happy to fulfill all requirements. It must be reined strongly and perseverance, and early socialization is absolutely necessary.

Raised and educated properly, a gentle giant and loving. Without training, the dog has the potential to become aggressive and threatening, features mastiff OF THE majority.

The breed is a natural protector and a guard dog.

6. Characteristics Cane Corso

Cane Corso dog nesocializat untrained and can be difficult to control. Whether well trained, must not be allowed to roam free and be kept on a leash when in public.

To short and dense fur does not require special care to keep it clean and shiny. Periodically these dogs brushing is enough.

7. Health Cane Corso

Torsion (dilation) is a disease gastric sudden life threatening dog associated filling its stomach with air and twist.

Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint that results in pain, lameness and arthritis consecutive.

The average lifespan of dogs Cane Corso is about 10-12 years.

8. Pictures Cane Corso

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