Cairn Terrier dog breed

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  • Country: Scotland
  • Group: Terrier
  • Weight: 6 - 8 kg
  • Height: 23-33 cm
  • Colors: red, brindle, black, gry, cream
  • Training: necessary, it is the hunter instinct
  • Grooming: requires regular brushing
  • Temperament: cheerful, alert, sociable
  • Health: small genetic problems with joints
  • Litter size: 2 - 10 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Cairn Terrier dog

Cairn Terrier dog

Cairn terriers are native to the western island, Scotland, with the benchmark Skye, and is known since 1500. The dog was named after rocks (cairns) that were placed to mark a territory or grave.

They have become the favorite in hiding foxes or other harmful animals and a small terrier, brave and fast was all you had to fight with them trance. A wide variety of terriers, it was more outcrossing occurring four distinct races: Cairn, Skye, West Higland White and Scottish.

By the time that Cairns was accepted as a breed in 1910, not many had heard about him and no outside Scotland were not found.

When they were first brought to expozitiek were called Short Haired Terriers Sky (Short-haired Skye terriers), given that they already gained international recognition Skye. But that race fans protested this name and the dog was named Cairn. In 1913, he arrived in the United States, where its development has never known limits.

Food Cairn Terrier

Feeding a Cairn is not hard.

It is customary equally well both with special food for dogs, and with that you provide at your own table.

Thus, the Cairn is a low maintenance dog, food was draining very little funds they have available.

However, be careful because it can develop a tendency to gain weight.

Description Cairn Terrier

Cairn is a well-built dog with short legs, a girl fox, a thick fur and pointed ears.

Although not very strong or heavy, have a strong muscular system, being fit at any time to work hard, no matter what land extends their work.

Their double coat is weather resistant worse, the first layer of fur is thinner, thicker second. Such a dog can reach a height of 31 cm and a weight of 7.5 kg, there are cases where, because of tendencies to gain weight, this weight can be overcome.

Normal males are taller and stronger than females.

Behavior Cairn Terrier

This dog is very cheerful, always alert, extroverted. It is ideal for families with children radius, which attaches great.

Moreover, their gestures tolerate little tougher as strange humor that children sometimes give evidence.

In general, dogs will get along well with others, if present, although some individuals might very well to guard the territory.

The others in the house, cats or hamsters or whatever, have used small, that once raised, will live to hunt them.

Training Cairn Terrier

Rasa oozes energy and enough time needs to play and run. 40-60 minutes a day would be enough time for a Cairn consume their energy at its disposal, but will not mind if you pass that limit.

Take extra care, their hunting instincts are alive, so that will tend to go next to you or that times will be. And if you garden, one of their natural instincts is to dig, so keep an eye on roses!

The training must begin early, especially in terms of trying to make him comply with all commands.

Characteristics Cairn Terrier

This dog is lively, cheerful, playful, alert, watchful, intelligent and brave.

It is affectionate and devoted to its master. Loving and tolerant with children is not aggressive to strangers.

Gets along well with other animals in the house, even with other dogs, especially if socialized little with them.

Health Cairn Terrier

There are several problems specific to the breed, which can be avoided by looking for a dog to a kennel that closely held their disposal.

Among them they can mention problems with joints, like those hereditary eye, which may include glaucoma or ocular melonoma.

Otherwise, it can be considered that once rid of these problems, Cairn is a healthy dog, why not give many headaches holder.

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