Braque Francais dog breed

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  • Country: France
  • Group: hunting dog (gun dog, pointing)
  • Weight: 17-25 kg
  • Height: 48-63 cm
  • Colors: white or brown-brown
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: easy, short hair
  • Temperament: gentle, friendly, loyal, active
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 6 - 10 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: French Brac, French Pointing Dog, Braque Francais de Grande Taille

Braque Francais dog

French Brac can be recognized under the names: Brac Bourbonnais, Bourbonnais Pointer, Bourbonnais Pointing dog, dog timekeeper French, pointer French or French brac.

French Brac has its origins in France Southwest and central Pyrenees. French is one of the races pointer oldest, dating from the seventeenth century. There are two types: Gascogne and Pyrenean.

Pyrenean type, lighter and leaner, more popular and is considered to be closer to the original French Brac.

Food Braque Francais

Feeding a dog must be adapted in a row priml age and waist. It must contain vitamins and minerals that a dog needs. A proper food must contain both vegetable and animal products varied.

Each race has a banlanta minerals, vitamins, and fats that owner should know. It is best to avoid food containing dyes and chemicals and some of the food of the commercial origin.

There is a theory which any hunting dog must have menu fresh raw meat, preferably venison.

It is a dog without much pretensions so smoothly consume proteins from rabbit, turkey, chicken, pork, or other animals. Water should have the discretion to drink when thirsty.

All dogs are not allowed chocolate, ice cream or other similar sweets, chocolate for them, they can eat some more, and others less, is toxic. 2-3 meals a day are recommended.

Description Braque Francais

The average dog is as waist, powerful, with a lot of free skin. The eyes are yellow to brown nose is brown and the ears are left. The tail is short naturally or can be cut, although there are some examples of long-tailed Gascogne.

The coat is short, thick, brown, brown and white, brown and white speckled, brown or tan. As I said above this breed has two types.

Gascoane type has a height of 56-58cm and weighing 25-35kg, and the guy has a height of 46-59cm pyreanean and weighing 18-25kg.

Behavior Braque Francais

Both are gentle, friendly. Enjoy work and are intelligent and eager to please. Because they are sensitive, the best is the training positively.

A dog can be characterized as hardworking, loving and loyal to its owner, would do anything to thank him.

He likes to run and play with children or other dogs, gets along well with other animals, but beware that has a strong hunting instinct is very intelligent and easy to train, what makes a good dog to all .

Training Braque Francais

It's a dog with character gentle, intelligent, with excellent qualities of hunter timekeeper which says that "came into the world ready to train."

However, TLS is required to be trained to teach discipline and liveliness of her temper too high.

Not sensitive to heat and cold, good support setea.este used for hunting birds, has an excellent pointers and a very fine smell.

Hunt both in the mountains and in the plains.

Characteristics Braque Francais

It do best with an active family that enjoys long outs in nature.

I recommend strict hunters that needs more space to run and do not adapt to apartment life, needs this kind of activity to manifest as hunter instincts, under no circumstances recommend it for beginners.

Lord must be firm and have experience in raising dogs, I recommend as much exercise is quite tied together and it is not daylight that suffer more.

This breed needs attention that will reward you with love.

Health Braque Francais

The most common diseases are Brac frances: Estropion, entropion, hip dysplasia.

Pictures Braque Francais


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