Borzoi dog breed

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  • Country: Russia
  • Group: Hounds
  • Weight: 25 - 48 kg
  • Height: 68-88 cm
  • Colors: All colors
  • Training: hard, it is not obedient
  • Grooming: Medium
  • Temperament: intelligent, courageous, energetic, gentle
  • Health: increased sensitivity to some drugs and food
  • Litter size: 1 - 11 puppies, the average is 6
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Borzoi, Russian Wolfhound, Russian Sighthound Hunting, Russkaya Borzaya Psovaya, Psovoi

Borzoi dog

It is an ancient breed raised by Russian nobles who possessed the whole crew with such dogs to hunt wolves, foxes and rabbits. Their origin is very old and there are many opinions about their lineage. It may be a descendant of Russian Deerhound, hare hounds of Tatra and Ovcharka.

Other opinions say that during the eighteenth century a Russian grand duke has imported a few copies of Greyhound Saluki of Arabia and crossed them with dogs Collie type, then the Crimea and the Caucasus Greyhounds.

The most famous loft of this breed was in the Perchino the Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia, which had over 200 copies of Greyhounds Barzoi very beautiful.

In Western Europe it appeared only in the mid-nineteenth century. Queen Victoria of England was the first who possessed a copy. Then it became a very popular and widespread in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and other countries.

The breed almost disappeared in Russia with Revolution of 1917 because it was associated with the ruling class, the Russian nobility. Fortunately, there were enough copies in Europe at the time.

Food Borzoi

Dogs of this breed completes its growth between the ages of 9-12 months, so it is essential to establish a diet that will help in the development of bones and fur available.

Very important it is to not indulge in too many preservatives or other special food because they are greedy and you will hardly understand them.

A lower-calorie meal should not scare you because, although larger dogs of this breed are lighter, therefore, properly educated, are not big consumers of food.

Description Borzoi

It is a large dog, supple, yet graceful and strong. The head is long, narrow, flat skull, slightly elongated muzzle straight, long, narrow, almost without stop, big black nose. The eyes are almond-shaped, fairly close, dark.

The ears are set high, back, relatively small, thin, sharp tips. When the animal is resting sit above the neck as rose, and when the animal is in action are worn with the tip pointing straight ahead.

The neck is long, muscular and slightly curved back is rounding towards the loin. Hind legs are more muscular than the front, allowing it to achieve considerable speed. The tail is set down long form of sickle or saber, left to stand or high up in the back in action.

The coat is medium length hair, soft, slightly wavy or with large loops. It is especially abundant around the neck, chest, on the back legs and tail. It is shorter on the head, ears and front of the legs. It can be any color or combination of colors.

Behavior Borzoi

It is an intelligent, courageous, energetic, proud, gentle, reserved, quiet, calm in the house, sometimes independent, stubborn.

It is devoted to its master, reserved and suspicious of strangers, but accepts children without being playmates.

If you are small socialized with other dogs or other animals in the household tends to accept them, but will hunt any animal (dog small, cat or whatever) that run.

Barks less, even from strangers.

The coat needs regular brushing and combing. We need to remove hair between the pads of their feet.

Training Borzoi

Training this dog should be done by an experienced person, because it is very obedient.

A training firm, consistent, without being harsh or severe satisfactory results are obtained.

Characteristics Borzoi

Is a dog that feels good in a fenced space where it can move freely and to accommodate harder in an apartment. It recommended an active person with experience in raising dogs.

If the house is quiet, moving out needs, likes walks, loves to run (run with a typical gallop in great leaps) in the open or in addition to a bicycle.

Bear in mind that the habit to grasp any prey shows. It needs socialization.

It is used for hunting small animals or older can participate in dog racing is a good watchdog and a quiet companion.

Health Borzoi

Health problems often encountered at a Barzoi are swollen joints and metabolic bone diseases. They are known to be very sensitive to barbiturates, anesthetics or substances to combat fleas.

You will need to prepare a soft bedding to prevent bone inflammation caused by sleep on a surface harder.

Otherwise, susceptibility to being sick is extremely low, as I said, dogs that are extremely resistant to disease.

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