Border Terrier dog breed

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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Group: Toy/Terrier
  • Weight: Males: 6-7 kg Females: 5 - 6.5 kg
  • Height: Males: 33-40 cm Females: 28-35 cm
  • Colors: red, brown, beige, brown and blue
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: relatively easy
  • Temperament: alert, obedient, intelligent, fearless, loving
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 4 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Border Terrier Dog

Border Terrier dog

Border terrier is a dog that was initially raised in Cheviot Hills area, on the border between England and Scotland to help farmers to chase and kill foxes that Prada poultry. This dog small but sturdy legs long enough and has enough power to keep pace with a horse, even though it is much smaller. Bordet bold Terrier was used for hunting wolverines, otters and badgers.

It is undoubtedly closely related to other dogs terriers, created in the same area, such as the Bedlington terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier. These working with Border Terrier Foxhound-cops for foxes. They were created so as to be able to run long distances by horse and pursue foxes in the hills.

Like all hounds to hunt foxes created, Border Terrier is very powerful and strong just. Like other terriers, Border Terriers gradually began to enter the house as a pet.

Today, thanks to his winning personality, adaptability and friendly behavior, the breed is highly prized as a companion, although it can still be used by farmers as a working dog, helping to control vermin.

Border Terrier was officially recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1920, when it was founded and Border Terrier Club and the American Kennel Club in 1930. Among its abilities include hunting, tracking, security, agility, obedience for competition.

Food Border Terrier

Being a smaller dog, Border Terrier will require smaller quantities of food, which will lead to substantial savings in the amounts needed for its growth.

Not greedy, but have a good appetite, so their diet should be monitored, because otherwise it will gain weight.

Adapts equally well both with special food, and with what they get from their masters table.

Description Border Terrier

A dog is powerful, robust, well-proportioned frame, oozing agility and endurance, but the chest, narrow thorax and basin rather than wide. The body is covered with short hair, very rough next to the body.

The head of this dog breed characteristic, similar to that of an otter, with piercing eyes and body posture is to keep alert, which gives a look fearless, relentless, determined, feature race.

The size of this dog is 33-41 cm at the withers males and females 28-36 cm, weighing 6-7 kg and 5-6 kg.

The head is like the otter, moderately broad and flat, but with enough width between the eyes and between the ears. The ears are small, V-shaped, fairly thick, preferably black. There are clamped high on the head, but rather are caught sideways before falling apart cheeks.

The eyes are hazel, but darker stink as nuanto with a passionate and intelligent expression. They are moderate in size, not prominent, nor sunken. The muzzle is short but well defined with black truffle. Teething is strong, with scissor bite with teeth loose.

Dog's neck is muscular, well-defined, long enough to be proportional to the body, well caught by the shoulders, widening at their level. Shoulders are well held back long enough, with shoulders gradually converging to the withers. Forelegs are straight with skeleton quite fine and placed farther away than when Fox Terrier. The feet are small and compact.

The fingers should be removed before moderately arched with thick pads resistant. The trunk is deep, fairly narrow, long enough so as not to create the impression of a lack of agility.

Ribcage of this dog is well sprung ribs, facing the rear. Loins are strong, and relatively ventral midline right. The tail is moderately short, thicker at the base and gradually thinned toward the top, not too caught up in the alert carried gaily, but not over the back. In repose, the tail can be left down. Hind legs are muscular and agile, with long and well fomats thighs. The stifle and hock well is well inclined raided. Roba has a dense undercoat covered with a coarse hair, kind-looking roan who sits glued to the trunk without corrugations trends.

The color of this dog can be red, gray with copper, black copper or grain color (gold). Small white signs are allowed on the chest, but the States, if they occur, white signs are penalized. Mersurile straight rhythmic impulse with a smooth, great length, elastic, with good flexion of the stifle and hocks. Custom dog trainer must develop an easy walk, elastic and quick. Personality

Border Terrier dog is alert, lively but not very gentlemanly. Extremely affectionate with children, he is a dog that wants to please humans and is relatively easy to train. It's a little terrier, the back strong and bold hunter. These dogs must be socialized and accustomed chicken with loud noises of the city and unusual situations that may occur in the city, to avoid excessive shyness. Puppies are very active, as are small, but they behaved as adults. Border Terriers love to dig holes.

Behavior Border Terrier

Border Terrier breed is very sociable and can be an excellent companion for a child. However, due to overflowing energy they have, and how tough to play, it requires a continuous surveillance, constant, especially when chickens are allowed to play with young children 7-8 years.

This is recommended not only for the child's safety, and the chicken because even small children can unintentionally hurt a baby.

Never take a dog to empower a child because, at a young age, both children and adult dogs need to direct them, and parents must understand this. It takes several years of training for a dog to reach maturity and become a devoted family member and quiet that someone wants him.

The biggest problem that can occur in children and these dogs is that children tend to leave doors or doors open all the time and the dog can escape outside, can lose or be run over by cars. Therefore it is implemented strict rules about closing doors and gates, protection dog.

Training Border Terrier

Border Terrier dog is quite subdued, which wants to make nice. This will make it easy to train in terms of manners, ie to defecate outside, to walk on a leash, not to dig in the trash or in the closet with clothes, not to steal children's toys, do not jump on furniture to sit or to come to order.

If you want to make a more advanced training, obedience, then the training procedures may become more challenging, but will offer much more satisfaction. For this it is imperative to find an instructor who understands and knows Border terrier terriers in general and in particular.

Brutal training methods may destroy the goodwill of this dog and can make training more difficult than the future. Border Terriers respond best to positive motivational methods, using praise, reward and toys.

Characteristics Border Terrier

Roba stiff resistance and a Border Terrier needs weekly brushing, trimming and trimming about 2 times a year.

Is a dog that does not leave much hair and is puti allergenic. Bathing will be made only if necessary, otherwise it is not mandatory.

Health Border Terrier

Border terrier is a healthy breed in general. A balanced diet, maintaining an optimal weight, exercise enough, regular brushing and routine veterinary checks should be enough to keep a Border Terrier in a good health.

One of the reasons that this breed enjoys good health if it is a long and careful selection of breeding specimens, over the years.

Thus, conscientious breeders regular checkups for hip dysplasia and hereditary ophthalmic diseases. Other hereditary defects are cardiac malformations that may occur, hypothyroidism, dizziness, epileptiod canine syndrome, allergies, intestinal obstruction, patellar luxation or necoborarea scrotal testicles in bags.

All these hereditary diseases are not widespread in the race but due to careful selection performed by breeders. This breed quite resistant to pain. The average lifespan is 15 years or above.

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