Boerboel dog breed

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  • Country: Africa
  • Group: Molos / Working
  • Weight: 70-90 kg
  • Height: Males: 64-70 cm Females: 59-65 cm
  • Colors: mahogany, red, brown, brindle, cream
  • Training: average. It is recommended based on listening and obedience training
  • Grooming: is not for apartment, requires experienced master
  • Temperament: obedient, Confident, smart, Dominant, teitorial
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 7 - 12 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: African Boerboel, South African Boerboel, South African Mastiff, dog Boerboel

Boerboel dog

The origins of these races are still uncertain and are lost in the mists of the past. "Boer" means farmer in the African language, and it is assumed that it was a dog of farmers.

Some sources imply that this dog dates from the time of Alexander the Great, when such large and powerful dogs were used for hunting and fighting with other animals.

Other sources imply origins of this breed more late, ie when Jan van Riebeek arrived in the Cape in 1652, he had brought with him some asemantorii with the big dogs of Mastiff type.

Later, European settlers also brought such dogs that crossed with local dogs resulted Boerbeolul today. In 1830 these cups were more bloodhound since European settlers accompanied in Great Journey over a distance of more than 1400 km (870 miles) from Cape to Gauteg.

Boerboel today has kept in great physical, but is now a family dog ​​with a gentle and protective behavior, not a hunting dog or fighting.

It is known under various names: Boerboel, Boerboel African, African Mastiff, South African or South African Boerboel Mastiff.

Food Boerboel

Some breeders believe that proper nutrition for Boerboel consists mostly of bone and raw meat. They think that this way of feeding your dog do not become aggressive but is the best way to feed a carnivore. Dogs and puppies better absorb nutrients from raw meat because it has been designed so species of dogs k9 stomach.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons has been banned in several countries, including Romania. It is true that if the food is cooked at high temperatures much of the nutrients are lost. Vitamin compensate breeders but unfortunately this synthetic vitamins.

If you are fed poor quality commercial food can get sick, their stomach is prone to bloating. Feeding dogs bones that offers not only calcium, but toughness chip has the same effect as brushing helps remove plaque.

If you can not afford the cost of feeding your dog with food based on raw meat bones and think that when not fed properly you have to pay to go with him to the vet.

If we fed cooked food (improper) or commercial products have to buy your mouth does not smell particularly due to plaque and take it to a veterinarian to be her clean, so no other money.

Rather than channeled money into drugs, surgeries and other miracles, better not make them very healthy at the beginning? The dog, in general, not pretentious, does not want only food, water, a place to play and to do exercises (yard) and affection.

Description Boerboel

It is a large dog, massive, vigorous, well-built body with a strong, muscular and graceful. The head is short, broad, deep, square and muscular.

It has a moderate stop and a black nose and wide nostrils and apart. Mandibles are strong, white teeth with a deep, well developed, it is scissor bite.

The eyes are dark, usually brown and blue ever. Ears are V-shaped, medium size and pa left near the head. The body is compact, strong and solid with a deep chest.

Is heavily pigmented nose, eyelids, lips, eyes, cushions, claws; Also the skin is black. The legs are strong, vigorous and muscular.

The tail is thick, strong and sharp at the tip and can be cut. The coat is short, smooth, shiny and can be beige, reddish brown, brown, brown, dark brown or brindle. It has a black muzzle to muzzle what sometimes can spread to the eye.

It does not require a lot of care. An occasional brushing and a bath once a month is enough. It has an average shedding.

Behavior Boerboel

This dog is attentive, quiet, playful, courageous, highly intelligent, balanced and responsive that adapts easily and quickly understand. He loves his master and his family enormously.

It's loyal and tolerate toughest games of children. If there is a dog trained magnifier is very peaceful, quiet, tolerant, loving and not at all aggressive.

But if it is trained to fight then it becomes a beast, a very dangerous enemy, strong and aggressive. An ancient story circulating among specialists about this dog breed: "King of Albania, desiring to show his appreciation to King Macedonia - Alexander the Great as a present time gives a large dog, impressive in appearance and stature.

It becomes very happy but disappointed when they realize that this four-legged giant refuses to fight with a bear, a boar and then later with a deer.

Considering it unnecessary ordering his subjects to kill instead. Hearing this sad Albania's king sent because the dog was just a companion dog. Thus King Macedonia sends back a second dog almost identical to the first.

Alexander the Great throws him into battle with a lion and then an elephant. King becomes very pleasantly surprised and amazed by the ferocity, dog agility and courage in fighting wild animals "

It is an excellent watchdog and protection. If it is not trained for combat is an excellent companion.

Training Boerboel

This dog is very difficult to train but still it is recommended that the training be done by an experienced person. Dressage needs a gentle, balanced, consistently with patience.

We recommend a training based on obedience and submission.

It should not be trained for battle. Agiliate is good at competitions, flyball and contribution.

Characteristics Boerboel

Not recommended for apartment life. Is a dog that needs a large yard where he can run and play.

Can and left to sleep outside without any problems, it is a large dog, muscular.

Due to the size and strength it has is not recommended to be left alone because sometimes can react to strangers.

Health Boerboel

The Boerboel is a breed known to be generally healthy. For old age are likely to have one of the diseases: hip or elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia or epilepsy.

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