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1. Origin

Azawakh slender greyhound is known for centuries in the desert regions of the Sahel, Niger basin, where it has always been a proud partner of the Tuareg population.

In fact, the name comes from the name of the Azawakh valley, Niger and Mali, the valley where the specimens were found with the best characteristic of this breed. The official name is established in 1982, but still do a lot of confusion around the name of this breed, also known as the "greyhound of Mali", "Greyhound Sahara" and even "Hound of the Sudan".

This dog African arrived in Europe via the French and is now obviously in France.

The breed originated in the arid Sahara. It was raised and used for hunting, the animal guard and company. Today it is rarely met.

2. Food Azawakh

The daily diet is weighing 400-500 g of food.

Food must be comprehensive, balanced and healthy.

Food quality must be the best possible, because it affects the health of animal feed and nutritional poor diet inevitably leads to health problems.

Remember that water should be freely available and fresh.

3. Description Azawakh

It is a large dog, more than long tall, slim, slim. It has a rather small head, narrow, a long snout, tapered black nose.

The eyes are oval, medium and dark. The ears are medium sized, triangular, folded near the head.

It has a long, thin neck, a very deep chest that climbs sharply to the stomach very narrow.

The coat has short hair, fine and can be red, yellow or red mixed with white and black. It has white paws and sometimes white forehead and chest.

4. Behavior Azawakh

It is an intelligent, independent, proud, brave, vigilant, very strong physically. It is gentle, affectionate, playful even just family, accept children if you do not bother.

It is reserved, even aggressive to strangers. Gets along well with other dogs but considering feel powerful or hunting other animals in the household may be in danger around him.

It is a dog used for hunting small animals and large animal and as a guard.

5. Training Azawakh

Is an independent dog that dreseaza harder. It's good to be trained by an experienced person.

Training must be done with patience, be firm, but gentle, friendly dog ​​to earn the trust and respect.

With a corect attitude can get good results.

6. Characteristics Azawakh

This dog feels best in a fenced yard where it can move freely and they can consume at least some of the energy they possess.

It is recommended for active people who like to make long rides a bicycle, accompanied by their dog.

It is not recommended to be left free because you might go after cats or other animals they hunted considered. It recommends at least minimum orders dressage.

7. Health Azawakh

The average life expectancy is high ranging from 11 to 14 years.

With short hair, does not require any special care.

As with other pet dogs veterinary examination should be conducted periodically and made vaccinate against the most dangerous infectious diseases (parainfluenza, parvovirus, distemper, rabies).

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Azawakh dog breed - Stoida

Azawakh dog breed

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