American Foxhound dog breed

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  • Country: USA
  • Group: Hunting
  • Weight: 30-35 kg
  • Height: 50-65 cm
  • Colors: white-brown, red, blue, white, tricolor, cream
  • Training: easy to train
  • Grooming: needs exercise
  • Temperament: loyal, intelligent, independent, courageous
  • Health: robust and resistant
  • Litter size: 5 - 7 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
  • Other names: Foxhound, American Foxhound dog

American Foxhound dog

Dog for foxes American English is a descendant of dogs brought into the promised land, America, half of the eighteenth century to hunt foxes.

The breed was originally developed in Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky. French and Irish hunting dogs were also used to refine race, thus being created for foxes American dog today.

There are several different types of dogs to foxes Americans have formed over the years. Walker type is most frequent. Others are the type July, Trigg, Calhoun, Hudspeth and Goodman.

Over time, the dog was used for American foxes to hunt wild animals and, initially, it seems that was used to track the American Indians.

In 1886, for foxes American dog was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a member of group hunting breeds.

Food American Foxhound

At least 2-3 meals are recommended for proper digestion. Cantiatea the dog food we eat depends on the size, metabolism and activity level.

Like humans, dogs are unique, each individual can consume a greater or lesser amount of food and it is possible to be allergic to one food or another.

The quality and accuracy with which it is fed by a dog sees the activity or after glow coat. Like other dog breeds Foxhound site is prone to obesity.

That means you have to be careful what you give and how to eat.

On specimens with low levels of activity recommended less fat. Otherwise the animal must consume foods that contain vitamins and minerals. Proteins are found mainly in meat.

Remember that sweets are not good for dogs, especially chocolate. If you want to pamper and reward him with something good you can opt for "sweets for dogs" in stores.

Description American Foxhound

American Foxhound Dog for foxes is a medium sized dog with a long snout and legs long and straight. The feet are as small as a cat, the ears are below the brow line and pendulous.

The eyes are large, well spaced, brown, earnestly. Although similar in appearance to the dog for English foxes, foxes dog for the US is more slender and taller. The tail is carried slightly curved at the end.

Foxhound dog for fox fur is short and glossy, can be of any color.

American adult dog for foxes can weigh around 29-34 kg and can reach a height at the withers of about 53-64 cm.

Behavior American Foxhound

For foxes Foxhound Dog is an intelligent and brave, with a pleasant personality.

This breed loves hunting and can run for hours. Compared with the dog for foxes English, American race is a little more slender and more agile.

It is a very active breed, who often prefer to spend time in a "gang" with other dogs. Families who want to purchase a dog for American fox as a pet, it must turn to lines than for the hunting exhibition.

American dog for fox needs a lot of movement and is a companion and loyal subject. Friendly people and a good companion for children, but tends to prefer the company of other dogs.

Like the English dog for foxes, foxes American dog is not recommended for people living in apartment buildings because it requires too much movement. This dog would prefer to live in rural areas where they can run free and unhindered.

American foxes dog to let go of the leash he can only in a safe, fenced because it tends to track any scent that tempts him, exposing themselves to various hazards.

Also, make sure that, like other hounds, foxes dog for American likes to bark and howl. Some people believe that their voice is melodious, but the neighbors are not of the same opinion.

Training American Foxhound

American Foxhound dog for fox hunter is innate, but with a little patience, and can be trained to be a vigilant watchdog.

This breed can be difficult to make educated physiological needs outside the home.

Characteristics American Foxhound

American dog for foxes, does not like to be left alone without having something to do or to be closed for long periods of time.

They are intelligent dogs who need mental stimulation to prevent faulty behavior and development of an appropriate exercise regime to consume energy overflowing.

Its fur is short and smooth easy to maintain. Combing and brushing with a brush bristles and bathing when the situation requires are the only things you should keep in mind to have a dog for fox fur US with well-kept. Sheds moderate.

Health American Foxhound

American Foxhound Dog for foxes breed is robust and resistant with little known sensitivities of a medical nature.

Deafness and hip dysplasia have been reported. Feeding this breed must be done rationally because it is predisposed obesity, especially if you do not receive appropriate exercise regime.

The average life expectancy for foxes American dog is 10-12 years.

Pictures American Foxhound


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