Alabai dog breed

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  • Country: Central Asia / Soviet Union
  • Group: Working
  • Weight: Male: 55-80 kg Females: 40-65 kg
  • Height: Males: 65-80 cm Females: 60-70 cm
  • Colors: white, black, gray, brindle, rusty, mottled
  • Training: relatively easy, requires patience
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: courageous, adaptable, curious, strong, independent
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 5 - 7 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 14 years
  • Other names: Middle Asian Ovtcharka, Mid-Asian Shepherd, Sheepdog Central Asian, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, dog Alabai, Sredneasiatskaïa Ovtcharka, Turkmen Alabai, Zentralasiatischer Ovtcharka

Alabai dog

Imagine a huge and beautiful dog, a guard who can make decisions unrivaled in complex situations, a good friend whose loyalty is first class. Although his physical structure is impressive, gentleness this dog in front of children is unbelievable.

This dog was liked in the past by the Huns as his need to be fed was not so much noise that made him this dog was tolerable but it was very agile, always on the lookout and never tired. This has influenced for centuries oraganismul this dog and have always tested resistivity and especially wisdom.

On provenance no more speculation. They say that was used by shepherds as guard dog in Central Asia .Some even say that originates in Tibet and some even say that in Turkmenistan where thousands of years ago were raised by shepherds to protect the flock. The fact is that later came to be spread worldwide.

Over the centuries this breed had a both natural and artificial selection. When the shepherds were bred, their offspring were often left to die because they did not intervene at all in the natural evolution because they believed that their entire life cycle takes place in nature.

The origins and characteristics of these dogs are especially closely related to geography and landscape. In Tajikistan and Pamir mountain dogs are longer, more developed. Instead Uzbekistan, a place that is characterized by drought, dogs are less developed, smaller. In the 90 Alaba race was declared a national treasure and was banned export of the country with these dogs.

Shepherd of Central Asia is one of the oldest breeds, a typical mastiff. It was formed as a popular breed that has a selection of nearly 4000 years and now extends from the Caspian Sea to China and from South Urals up in Afghanistan.

Food Alabai

If you are not experienced breeders and are not able to compile a balanced diet for your baby, it is best to feed them with first class food industry.

This helps prevent diseases caused by nutritional deficiency in the body of animals. And thus avoiding various diseases and infections of internal organs. Food offer is very wide but should find written on the packaging of food if you what you need.

In order to properly feed the puppy food must manage them at the same time and especially in one place. This type of treatment is beneficial for digestion. Fresh drinking water should always be a place always accessible puppy. The best hours of dog food are at eight o'clock in the morning, at noon and at eight o'clock.

Dogs should not be fed before going for a walk or run to avoid vomiting. Your dog does not manage various dietary supplements consisting of vitamins without the doctor because they can cause metabolic load and therefore a number of diseases.

How do you decide which foods are right for your pet? Very simple! It should be glad to coat should be glossy eyes bright, clear appetite to be great and seat or be normal. If you give your dog food that makes good, do not change a year before, because, unlike us, the regime food need not be so varied.

Never give your puppy NEVER chocolate, very salty or very spicy food, smoked foods because they are extremely harmful to the body or! Never attempt to diversify your menu! Those healthy dogs are fed every day at set times, with food they do have bines with special foods industry.

Do not ever give puppy food when we sit at the table as this will become a beggar or steals food from our plate. Feeding chicken with chicken bones or bone hollow is prohibited because it can choke because of them and also to choose a rupture of the stomach or intestines. Cooked bones can not digest and slows digestion, which causes constipation.

Description Alabai

The severe living conditions that these dogs were subjected, continue the fight against predators made them resistant, strong, fearless. This dog is tough, well-developed, voluminous. The skin is thick, is quite flexible and mobile.

Its highly developed muscles helps in fighting and thus becomes vulnerable or adversary. Both males and females of this breed are courageous. Males breed reach 70 cm in height and not less than 65 cm long. Males are larger than females. The length of the front leg up ala elbow is 50-52% of height.

Bot short (less than half but more than a third of the length of the head). In profile, the nose or seen almost rectangular. Its nostrils are wide. Lower jaw is massive and his chin is well defined.

The eyes are small with rounded shape. They are usually brown with various shades of brown to blue. Eyelids heavy. Their look is tough, strong and dignified. Ears and neck are medium in size. The neck is solid and muscular. The back is straight with well developed muscles. The chest is large, round and convex edges. The tail is thick at the base. It can be found in the combination of colors.

Behavior Alabai

Strong, balanced, calm, independent and proud. Sometimes hostility towards foreigners.

It has great strength and is "equipped" with instinctual birth to defend territory and owner.

It is also very brave in battles with predators.

Training Alabai

Puppy training and education should begin when he stepped into the house. The most important thing is to manage to develop them obedience and willingness to execute your orders. Try not to always raise the tone from them and not to hit him because then they will seek refuge in dogs weakest people in the house.

First of all, create a ritual of feeding. Try it while you're trained to do the food fed and offered a reward when you listen. During the meal it is ideal to teach him basic commands such as "sit, lay down, stay".

It is necessary to understand that the little puppy will immediately feel the slightest indulgence that show when he makes a mistake somewhere and will take full advantage of it. You have to always accustomed to situations that will hit every day. To do this you need to expand the space where to go and change always walk route. Visit with him train stations, markets, marginal spaces, make travel by public transport.

Because they have lived since the beginning of their race in quiet spaces and quiet places, may occur panic when they get out in a crowded space, so we must try to remove them since they are small this fear. Remember, though, the most important thing that underlies the relationship between you and your dog that you master it and this condition can not never teach or learn.

Characteristics Alabai

There are some deviations from the requirements of the breed standard does not affect the general impression the dog does not act negatively on the quality of working dogs.

Qualities: well proportioned anatomy, narrow head, long snout, eyes very bright (blue eyes), the tail may be held back or bent into a ring.

Weaknesses: cowardice, uncontrolled anger, soft fur, problems with joints.

Health Alabai

Constipation, obstructive bowel, hemorrhoids, rectal fistula, intestinal parasites or infectious diseases are the most common diseases of the Central Asian Shepherd Alabai.

Pictures Alabai


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