Akbash dog breed

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  • Country: Turkey
  • Group: Working
  • Weight: 40 - 60 kg
  • Height: Males: 71-86 cm Females: 69-81 cm
  • Colors: White
  • Training: relatively easy
  • Grooming: easy to groom
  • Temperament: loyal, brave, independent
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 7 - 9 puppies
  • Lifespan: 10 - 11 years
  • Other names: Kopegi Coban, Coban Kopegi Akbas, Akbash dog

Akbash dog

Akbash breed is a breed of PASZ. They are commonly used at the sheepfold. Those who want such a dog must have a good temperament, because their subject and humble attitude in Stanele sheep and dominant aggressive against wild animals.

The caeea, they need to master to provide a continuous socialization if used as pets. Akbash breed is a breed aggressive nature. If you are held in a city filled with sounds and visual signals, outputs frustrating and aggressive will be inevitable.

It is a working breed really the place where they are required. It is a dominant breed and tend to take control.

Barking and patrolling are the main means of defense, that means they bark all night if left outside. Like breed of guard dogs, trained and socialized specimens will defend his master and be friendly when it is present, but also aggressive with strangers when it is lacking.

Intelligent, courageous and loyal. They are completely dedicated and devoted to his own master and are responsible for its sheepfold. Are independent dogs with strong defensive instincts.

In sheepfold Akbash dogs are some defenders of hope that will attach to the sheepfold from a very young age. Maternal intincte have highly developed, that often they will allow to achieve sheep lambs born again, and will reposition themselves immediately behind or in case of danger. Those maternal instincts make him be affectionate with children.

Akbash name comes from the word "Akbas" which means "white head".

Food Akbash dog

Akbash is a large dog with energy and you probably thought it as a consumer when it comes to food. Well it is wrong.

Akbash breed dogs know how to conserve energy. Gorgeous fur to keep them healthy and glowing white dog must be part of a balanced meal.

When it comes to food must be small meet the requirements of complete food (proteins, minerals and vitamins) to avoid paying the doctor a much higher bill.

If you ask me to store food in a more casual is feeding the dog but does not cover all his needs.

Home-cooked food can be prepared depending on the activity and age of the dog. Outside food needs fresh water to drink to dicretie when I get thirsty.

Like the other breeds do not recommend chocolate, cocoa, grapes, etc.

Description Akbash dog

The coat is white dog Akbash, waterproof, being the length short to medium harsher and stronger. Have a massive head with powerful jaws and V-shaped ears that are placed above the tip slightly rounded, broad head and worn by bedpans.

His eyes is almond shaped and are well placed. Eye color varies from light brown, golden brown to very dark. Akbash-ii have strong and muscular neck. They elastic and long tail and walking briskly.

This race is the exact copy of Great Pyrenees French, it's Kuvasy Hungarian, the Italian Maremma Sheepdogs and other white breeds. Akbash dog is weak and muscular with an apparent elegance and verve.

It was increased as guardian dog whose task is to protect the sheep from predators. Its characteristics are a combination of the Mastiff and Gazehound.

Behavior Akbash dog

Learn quickly and often adapts to the environment in which stand. This breed female is smaller, more feminine traits, while the male is harder, stronger and taller. Akbash breed dogs are very good for guard dogs are strong, courageous and intelligent.

Besides these dogs are affectionate and very loyal and protective. Attach than their family and are dedicated not only a singru memebru but gets along well with all family members, children and other pets.

Training Akbash dog

It needs regular exercise, such as running neandrumat even so its activity level is low.

It should remember that training must be loose and bad habits can just point at an early age.

Socialization should begin at an early age and the owner must establish himself if their relationship will be in alpha or dominant.

Characteristics Akbash dog

Their protective instinct makes them suspicious of strangers or aggressive and sometimes. They can also attack other dogs that enter their tritoriul.

These features coming and instinctual desire to protect his family alleged assault may be tempered by antrenamet and training, and through good socialization.

In these conditions breed dogs Akbash become ideal family dogs who will provide their owners, besides affection and fidelity and real protection against burglars or attackers.

Health Akbash dog

Despite the size big enough Akbash breed is not recognized generally as a breed with health problems. As with any dog ​​are some diseases that over time we can say that affect them often.

One of such diseases is the hip dysplasia.

It is an emotional race that attaches than master.

With healthy eating and daily exercise animal lives with a long life and beautiful master on average 10-11 years.

Pictures Akbash dog


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