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Airedale Terrier

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1. Origin

First Aird terrier dogs looked totally different from those whom we know. They were originally known as Bingley terrier. They are descendants of a species that no longer exists terrier. later Otterhound breed was bred with terriers to give a better swimmer.

This race was created about 100 years ago. It is also called Kings terriers (The king of terriers). Their name comes from the valley of Aire in England. Aird terrier was used to hunt in India, Africa and Canada.

The breed was used in police guard and in the 2nd World War. Some of the qualities of this dog: a guard dog, hunting, used in police and military.

2. Food Airedale Terrier

A correct feeding is essential for your dog's health. Most prefer feeding morning and evening, but there are some who leave it to the dog needs much food.

Get rid of the problem of forgetfulness feeding the dog, but is likely to have an obese animal. Aird terrier-uli makes the meat over and vegetables: carrots, potatoes, cabbage, preferable to gradually enter them in food. Recommended and potatoes, beef, wheat and oats. Avoid rice, beets, soybeans because it may harm the dog.

Asemnea are recommended vitamins and minerals.

3. Description Airedale Terrier

It is the largest of the terriers. The skull is about the same length as the muzzle. The head is long and flat, the nose is black. The eyes are small dark, V-shaped ears are easily targeted before.

The chest is deep, tail gate usually high. The coat is hard, dense and wiry touch, but the skin has a short coat and soft.

The most common colors are black and tan, but there are shades of gray. The head and feet are brown and the neck and the rest of the body is generally black. The height is 56-58 cm with a weight of 20-30 kg.

4. Behavior Airedale Terrier

Aird terrier gets along well with children, but it is advisable to be in their prajm for better socializing. It is quite friendly with strangers, intelligent, pleasant and loyal. Sensitive and responsive, and will be trained easily.

They are loving and playful amusement especially when they are puppies. It turned out that a dog is extremely loyal, but because of their hunter who has it must be a good trainer to convince him to come to you when chasing squirrels, other dogs or when eating his favorite food.

5. Training Airedale Terrier

Being an energetic dog, if you do not consume energy can be very noisy. It is not difficult to train a dog; not responding tough, intelligent and quickly perceive what is needed and if asked something often refuse.

Must be treated with calm, confidence and determination. It can be a very good-dog, gets along well with cats in the house and try to dominate other dogs sometimes, it depends on the people around him, the trainer and how it is taught.

6. Characteristics Airedale Terrier

Not recommended for apartment life. Dogs are very active and they need at least a medium sized yard to develop normally and have place where to consume energy.

The breed was created for active work, so it needs a lot of movement and exercise daily. Long walks make them better. Most loves to play ball, swim, or ride along bike.

Without attention and movement bored, it becomes agitated and can create problems. The need for movement begins to decline from the age of 2 years, as most dogs.

7. Health Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is a breed strong, may have eye problems, hip dysplasia and skin infections. If you find that your skin is too dry should be introduced fatty acids in their diet.

Life expectancy is 10-12 years. The female gives birth on average to 9 puppies.

It has trimmed about twice a year, but for specimens exposed to competitions need more attention.

If he is allowed to grow fur balls will be formed. It may be good for some people who suffer from allergies.

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