Turkish Van

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  • Country: Turkey
  • Origin: Natural
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 8-9 kg
  • Colors: White (less tail and ears)
  • Coat: Long
  • Temperament: independent, athletic, intelligent
  • Litter size: 3 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Price: 200$ - 300$
Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van cat is from the Van region, Turkey.

He arrived in England in 1955 where he was told Turkish cat. Breeders have asked not to change the name to avoid being confused with the Turkish Angora .

Even so there are many who even today do confusion between the two breeds of cats.

America came in 1982 where he remained a relatively rare breed.

Turkish Van cat breed is among the few breeds of cats prefer water.

It is the first breed of domesticated cat.

Aspect Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van cat's body is compared with one swimmer's body. Despite their size they are strong and muscular. The female is smaller and lighter than the male.

It is a large cat with semi-long coat, depending on the season.

The fur is very soft and pleasant to the touch because it is different than most cats.

Both eyes are blue or orange. Sometimes it happens that one be blue and the other orange. The tail and ears are medium in size.

Can be found only in color but white ears and tail are orange, brown or black.

If the cat happens to have a splash of color on the neck is considered a divine sign, which is a good luru.

Behavior Turkish Van cat

It is a very active cat and independence. Even if a cat inside will recommend a larger house that needs space to consume energy.

He does not like to be held or comforted long arms. He prefers instead to stay with his master, sometimes on his shoulder.

Loves to climb in high places, can learn to open the door to catch objects or to walk on a leash.

Another characteristic of the breed is that loves water. Unlike other cat swims with pleasure.

Features Turkish Van cat

There is a cat difficult to maintain that brushing is a real pleasure. It is easy because it has soft fur and fluffy.

A weekly brushing is enough for this kitty. Check occasionally and teeth.

Not recommended for young children because of hunting skills and instinct independent. Instead it is recommended for older children who can not take care of torment.

Reach maturity at age 3-5 years. Kitten cost around 500 - 1000 lei, if you want a chicken price may increase depending on the breeder, parents, etc.

Diseases Turkish Van cat

Cats are very healthy with strong genes.

Some specimens may be prone to obesity, so be careful with the amount of food.

To prevent your cat to gain weight sets them a quantity of food and give him two meals a day, preferably morning and evening.

The most frequently encountered diseases are cardiomyopathy (irregular heartbeat), kidney failure or hip dysplasia.

Pictures Turkish Van cat


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