Somali cat

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  • Country: Isle of man
  • Origin: Mutation
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 3.5 - 5.5 kg
  • Colors: Red, Brown-gold
  • Coat: Long
  • Temperament: active, curious, loyal
  • Health: generally healthy requires daily brushing
  • Litter size: 3 - 4 puppies
  • Lifespan: 11 - 12 years
  • Other names: Cat Somali, Somali cat, fox cat, cat Abyssinian long-haired Long-haired Abyssinian
  • Price: 200 - 600 Euro
Somali cat

It was alleged that this cat Abyssinian with semi-long hair would have an upward Persian.

But she has appeared in America, where a breeder, benefiting from two guys with long hair, had the idea of ​​you grow and you multiply.

After obtaining offspring using severe selection on desired characters, she managed to obtain biological material that we have today.

The breed was recognized since 1979 in the US and in 1982 by FIFe.

Aspect Somali cat

The attraction higher compared to this cat comes from fur particularly soft, thick and mottled that are.Un single hair can have up to 12 rings pigmented compared to a maximum of 4 from Abyssinian.

The breed is characterized by a round head that tapers towards the free, but not sharp as in other rase.La head can be observed ears located behind the skull, well apart, broad at the base and moderately sharp.

Eyes relatively large, almond-shaped, are decorated with black, expressive and deep, green, golden and amber.

The body is well developed, slim, elegant and dressed appropriately musculatura.Membrele suitable for developed oval in section, are solid and firm.

The tail is well set on long, thick at the base, thin at the top and bushy. The hair is thick, medium length, fine and soft, which gives the animal a particularly placut.In neck region, hair is abundant, forming so-called "collar", and some individuals are found and small bushes hair on the ears.

On the body meet two or three bands of contrasting color robe animalului.Culorile are different and they delimit several varieties.

Behavior Somali cat

Cat Somali is much agreed, because it is very lively and affectionate, less reserved and jealous compared to Abyssinian.

Breed is very playful with a whining sweet even during caldurilor.Ii like to have more space to move, but it supports very well and gaining apartment.

Very curious by nature, it is circumspect with foreigners and "weighs" well before approaching the cineva.Este but faithful to his master that he serves with faith.

Hunter excellent, full of patience and cunning, missing rarely prada.Este sensitive to strong currents of air and very low temperatures, which is why is required to assure a constant temperature and adequate.

If we keep the apartment is better to give him the opportunity to move through all the rooms and even on the terrace, where it feels really good.

Because attributes exterior and behavior, it seems that this category of cats, we expect a bright future.

Features Somali cat

Somali has an open-minded, curious, lively, skilful and pretty. The voice is smooth and pleasant. I do not like small spaces. Aporteaza with pleasure, like a dog.

Cat Somali quickly learn to walk in drawers, open cabinetry, and play her favorite is the hide-and-seek. It's very playful, even opening the tap to play with water.

Always seek the company of people, which is why pets are ideal for single people.

Fur does not require special concern, is combing easier.

Diseases Somali cat

Cats Somali haired particularly silky and very dense without being difficult to maintain.

It is recommended though brushing daily thereof, in sopul obtaining look fine, but for maintaining the health of the cat.

Maintenance coat should be started at an early age because the cat get used to it.

Cat Somali is generally a healthy cat. Average lifespan is 11-12 years.

Pictures Somali cat


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