Pixie-Bob cat

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  • Country: USA, Washington
  • Origin: Natural
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 5-8 kg (11lbs)
  • Colors: brown-gray speckled
  • Coat: medium-long
  • Temperament: social, intelligent, loyal, playful
  • Health: healthy and active
  • Litter size: 1 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 13 - 16 years
  • Other names: Short-haired pixie-bob, Pixie
  • Special features: can have up to seven toes on one foot!
  • Price: $ 600 - $ 800 USD
Pixie-Bob cat

Pixie-Bob cat is native to the United States.

The two stories circulating on the internet about the origin of these cats are:

A wildcat mated with one domestic and giving birth to the first specimen of the breed. It's a genetic mutation in one of the cats after mating gave birth to a cat who called Pixie. Thus was born a new breed of cats. The fact is that in 1985, Carol Ann Washington acquired a cat that had several unique features which you can see below features.

Though it looks like a wildcat (exactly as the American Bobcat) is domestic and can be bought for $ 600.

Breed name comes from the first copy of the breeds named Pixie.

Aspect Pixie-Bob cat

May have long or short hair. Regardless of length coat is double and has specific colors of wildcat. Stains are required.

The eyes may be golden, brown or green. The fur is thick and soft. The female is smaller than the cat.

Like any feline has kept looking animal predator. Although it is now a domestic cat instincts are well developed.

Many of the rare cats use their paws like hands more than the feet to move. Almost 50% of the Pixie-Bob cats are polidactile (have more fingers).

A normal cat has five toes on the front paws and four toes on the back paws. Pixie can have seven toes on one paw, meaning all four paws 28.

This feature polydactyly dating back to the first cat Pixie, it appears that the gene is not lost.

Today similarities with wild cats (such as Linx CPC) are: up to 10cm tail and coat color.

Behavior Pixie-Bob cat

It's a water lover. Except for exceptions, of course. This water pleasure for allegedly remained since he was wild cau .. have the personality of a dog.

It is a very active cat that likes to play good company than tolerate children who play whenever they could. Gets along well with other cats, dogs or other animals.

The high degree of socialization makes many to agree that -Bob Pixie is a dog in cat skin. He likes to walk on a leash and owner greets you coming home just like a dog.

Create legaturiputernice with owners. They are active cats who love freedom, but prefers time spent with the master. Loves to be caressed or to spend time with family.

If you plan to raise your family by purchasing a cat Pixie-Bob must arm yourself with toys for a cat is active.

Features Pixie-Bob cat

Particularities are many when it comes to cat Pixie-Bob. As we remember them easier we made a list:

Is a cat polydactyly (has more fingers).

Stomach has a bag they have only some wild cats. It is used when killing a large animal and must eat it.

Tail has a length of 3 to 13 cm. Nails must be cut twice a week

Diseases Pixie-Bob cat

It is generally a healthy cat needs routine care only. Since it is cutting the nails , regular brushing and daily attention.

It is said that cats polidactile their nails grow faster, so keep an eye on them. Brushing helps remove dead hair long.

We recommend periodically cleaning ears and brushing teeth to prevent dental diseases.

Pictures Pixie-Bob cat


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