Peterbald cat

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  • Country: Russia
  • Origin: Cross
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 4 - 5 kg
  • Colors: All colors
  • Coat: Short or hairless
  • Temperament: sociable, intelligent, active, playful
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 2 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Peterbald cat, Sphynx St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg sphinx, hairless oriental cat, Oriental Shorthair
  • Price: $ 400 - $ 1400
Peterbald cat

Peterbald is a relatively new breed of cat originating in Russia.

Peterbald cat history is simple. In 1988 in Russia is found at a cat named Vary by Irena Kovalyova. It was devoid of hair it seems part of the body. After genetic tests can see that has a gene that conveys lack of hair.

Vary was bred with other breeds of cats with short hair and resulted Don Hairless breed.

In 1993 one of the puppies of this breed, Don Hairless cat was mated with Oriental Olga Mironova Sergeyevna, a felinologista in Russia, and it appeared the first 4 kittens Peterbald early in 1994.

In 1996 Peterbald breed is recognized by Feline Federation of Russia and a year later is recognized worldwide. In 2003, the breed standard is formally adopted.

Peterbald cat can also be found under the following names: Sphynx St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg sphinx, hairless oriental cat, Oriental Shorthair.

Aspect Peterbald cat

Peterbald is a medium sized cat. The body is robust and MUSCU head is well proportioned in relation to the body, the ears are large and sharp. The eyes are relatively large and are green or blue. The skin is thin and light sheets. Weight of adult cats is 4.5 kg.

Peterbald cat can be mistaken for Sphynx is a breed of hairless cat, but has no other resemblance to the Sphynx cat. Two cats are genetically different. Even though it is listed as cats without fur most specimens have at least a fine down.

Lack of hair has a number of advantages and disadvantages. First of all body temperature is higher than cat hair. It protects hair from heat and cold cat. Cats do seem consume more energy because lose more heat.

They are always hot. Hairless cats can cool more easily, but not so sensitive as they say because the body adapts to low temperatures.

Lack remove hair brushing and some allergies. Should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun because it has sensitive skin. If you want to have to pull out the summer sun with cream that can be burned.

Behavior Peterbald cat

Peterbald cats are intelligent and sociable. They are curious animals prefer the company of other cats.

They are dedicated to their owners and are excellent companions who may be unlike other cats, chosen by lovers who have never had cats.

Peterbald cats use their paws to grab more objects. It is an active and playful cat that if he makes not bored. It is not recommended to stand alone for long periods of time. It attaches easily to people and need attention.

Peterbald is a cat aggressive. He hates to bite or scratch, but will do if disturbed.

Avoid conflicts. These cats have no clothes gift of healing.

Features Peterbald cat

Peterbald cat give birth to offspring who often have their eyes open.

Pups at birth can have 5 hair types: Normal similar to an oriental cat, velor (hair size is 1-2 cm and is rare) and down (short hair is very soft, just a few millimeters) ultrabald (cat is born hairless nor grows) or brush (hair is wavy, often wiry).

Food and meat must be low in fat to avoid oily skin and secretions from the ears. They are gourmets and will not refuse anything as tasty. Big appetite is due to large amount of energy they consume.

Peterbor cat unless it gets enough food her body temperature decreases because there has something warm. A healthy cat has a skin clean and pleasant to the touch.

Depending on the breeder is advisable to wash less often or more often adjustable single living environment. The environment must be clean, dust and other microbes go directly to the skin. The eyes can become irritated from environments that are not clean and can tear.

The standard allows all varieties of colors and patterns, including cats have as much white.

If the Sphynx requires a couple to give birth to puppies hairless at Peterbald need one parent. Today is permitted only with cats mating Peterbald cats Oriental Shorthair and Siamese breeds.

Diseases Peterbald cat

If they seem not mean they are completely exposed to colds and other illnesses. It is true that is a great cat and needs a little care atypical.

In the 20 years since the Founding race there were no diseases or conditions that out of print.

Peterbald cat is considered healthy and endurance.

Care should be taken not to sit in current and excessive sun.

Pictures Peterbald cat


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