Oriental Shorthair cat

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  • Country: United Kingdom / USA
  • Origin: crossing
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 4 - 6 kg
  • Colors: All colors (white, black, brown, blue, etc.)
  • Coat: short and long
  • Temperament: energetic, curious, cuddly affectionate
  • Health: robust and resistant
  • Litter size: 3 - 6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 15 - 20 years
  • Other names: Oriental cat, Oriental Shorthair cat
  • Price: 500 - 1000$
Oriental Shorthair cat

Oriental cat is called "Rainbow Cat" that is available in over 300 colors.

The breed was created in the years 1950 - 1960 in the UK by mating the following breeds: Siamese, Shorthair, Russian Blue and Abyssinian. 70s had been stabilized in the US

Currently there are two types of oriental cats: Cat Oriental Shorthair and Oriental Longhair cat.

Aspect Oriental Shorthair cat

East must have the same morphology as the Siamese: type longilin. Thus, the body should be long, slender, with shoulder same width as hips.

It is supported by long limbs and fine, the rear is slightly higher than the front. The paws are small and oval and long, thin neck.

The length may reach about 1 meter. These feline tail is always long, pointed more towards the top and thin. The hair of these cats is short or semi-long and very silky.

The profile is straight from the forehead to the nose, without pinch or stop. The nose is long, chin strong enough. Nose and chin should be in the same vertical plane. Almond-shaped eyes, slanting towards the nose, are pretty far are green albaltri say.

Long ears protrude. The coat is very short and dense hair and slept fine. Cats of this breed should not be brushed often, which will not take away long.

They are very easy to maintain with a single layer of fur, but must take care not to expose them because they fluff low temperatures that should keep them warm.

Despite the seemingly fragile body is athletic and powerful cats.

Eyes are always green emerald, except cats having white color or two colors that the eyes are green or blue or one blue and one green.

Behavior Oriental Shorthair cat

Behave like dogs: love people and are very smart. Learn things easily and is easy to train.

We can say that East is a whimsical cat, make much noise and is always alert, he likes to know what is happening around.

Unlike most cats Oriental is "talkative". His voice is friendly and likes to be heard.

They have distinct personalities. It is very energetic and curious. He likes to be involved in all activities.

It is very fond of his master, but also very possessive, which leads us to say that behaves between the dog and the cat's. Orientals Shorthair follows his master everywhere, sleeping on his lap or in bed with him, if allowed this approach.

Orientals are cats who will not accept being ignored, attention must always be the master, which should show them all my love, caressing them. They love to play and we do not miss a chance to have the opportunity to participate in the action.

They can be very jealous and possessive with their owners, so if you have other pets is not really advisable to take an Oriental, but in some cases may even be sociable and friendly, especially with children or other cats.

Mature cats weight exceeding 3 kg, and males over 4 kg.

Features Oriental Shorthair cat

Being very active and "communication" are recommended for children, especially those with autism.

Oriental Longhair cat requires weekly brushing.

Easily adapts to change, but like all cats do not like low temperatures.

Oriental cat with short hair, silky easy to maintain if it is brushed. Scrub with a damp cloth is useful for removing dead hair.

Oriental Shorthair cat needs cutting nails and cleaning ears. Clipping nails is done every two weeks. To prevent teeth problems, it is important to brushing with toothpaste approved by the vet.

Oriental cat is active and needs 80 calories per kilogram of weight every day. This rare cat will eat more than it needs and will let you know how much food needs.

Eat a food 80 kcal / kg / day.

Diseases Oriental Shorthair cat

Oriental cat is a cat healthy in general. The health problems most common in Oriental cats are the same as Siamese cat: strabismus, liver problems, cardiomyopathy, kidney stones and cancer.

Pictures Oriental Shorthair cat


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