Munchkin cat

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  • Country: US
  • Origin: natural mutation
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 2 - 4 kg
  • Colors: Various colors
  • Coat: short or long
  • Temperament: intelligent, playful, sociable
  • Health: No health problems
  • Litter size: 2 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
  • Other names: Cat Munchkin, Munchkin cat, cat with short legs, Stalingrad Kangaroo Cat, cat dachshund
  • Price: $300 - $500 USD
Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat is a relatively new breed of cat resulting from a natural genetic mutation. In 1940 in a veterinary report noted four generations are healthy cat with short legs. The breed disappeared along with World War II. There were traces found in 1956 in Russia and 1970 in the US

Russians called "Stalingrad kangaroo cat". In 1983 a music teacher in Louisiana saw two pregnant cats in the yard under a car. He kept one of the cats which he called a Blackberry. Half the cats had short legs. A cat born Blackberry was called Toulouse.

It is said that all copies of Munchkin breed today are descendants of Blackberry and Toulouse. Blackberry is considered the "mother" Munchkin breed.

The gene that causes short stature dwarf cat is the same breeds of dogs or Corgy dwarf Dachshund (dachshund). The difference is that cats dogs to his spine more flexible and do not suffer from diseases.

When it was officially recognized by the International Cat Association (ICA) in 1995, he has had many critics on health and mobility. There are also discussions on the race today because of genetic mutations that might be harmful to cats. The first standard published by TICA appeared in 1995.

From crossing LaPerm breed Munchkin race resulted in a new breed of cat called Skookums.

Aspect Munchkin cat

Besides short legs munchkin cat has all the features similar to a normal cat. Is loving, intelligent, playful and sociable. Short legs do not bother to run, jump or climb. After crossing with other breeds of cat fur can be long or short and can have different colors.

Regardless of the length that has fur should be soft and pleasant to the touch when caressed. The eyes are large and the ears are shaped tringhiulara. Robust body ends with a long tail that tapers not to the top.

With a weight of 3-4 kg male body they are larger and longer than females. Specimens with short coat require brushing or two a week, and those with long hair almost daily to avoid ghemotoacelor fur in the stomach or in the house and untangling the coat. Munchkin cat rarely meows.

There are three varieties: normal cat munchkin, munchkin with short legs and short legs (munchkin cat dwarf).

Behavior Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat is active, playful and sociable. Like any feline hunt diverse, gets along well with all family members and other animals.

He likes to explore new places that is curious and can be seen in two feet or climbing the heights to study the surroundings. For this reason they are called kangaroo cats.

Personality varies depending on the breed of cat that is bred.

In a mating between a munchkin cat breed and cat of another breed with short legs give half chicken and half chicken with normal feet.

Features Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat short legs makes it stand out from other breeds.

It is one of the few cats who likes traveling. It is recommended to anyone that exudes positive energy through its way of being, it is not annoying, not mind and is not afraid of foreigners, is sociable.

It easily adapts to life in the apartment. Not prone to obesity because they are playful and consume their energy in different ways.

Diseases Munchkin cat

Generally breed munchkin cats are healthy. It was found in some specimens a breathing problem at the shoulders.

Although a small chance and copies are suffering from lordosis (curvature of the spine) that can affect the respiratory system or cardiovascular system.

To avoid other diseases and parasites is recommended to control, vaccination and deworming regularly to keep them healthy and fit.

Munchkin cat's life expectancy is 11-15 years.

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